• Freerange Vol. 10: Feminism & Technology Wor(l)ds

    Freerange Vol. 10: Feminism & Technology Wor(l)ds
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    ISBN: 9780473327989
    Title: Freerange Vol. 10: Feminism & Technology Wor(l)ds
    Author: VARIOUS

    Freerange Vol. 10 takes a look at the state of our world through two of the most powerful agents of change we have: feminism and technology. Contributors consider how these two dynamic and potentially disruptive spheres of thinking and doing interact – for better or worse.

    Contributions include insights into the equivocal status of technology and how it interacts physically with the human body (in reproduction, childbirth and identity politics); explorations of how technology and those who control it can both hinder and advance careers and choices; examination of the effects, advances and changes that the internet and computers continue to have on feminism and the state of the world at large.


    Voices of the tides: exploring feminism’s fourth wave by Susanna Fiore

    An interview with Mani Mitchell

    By their thousands: what Ada Byron knew by Melissa Chambers

    Technology & birth by Rosie Downing

    A tale of two mummies by Huia Welton

    A kidnapping on Facebook by Marianne Bevan

    Sipping champagne in cyberspace by Felicity Scarce

    Say what? Feminist, queer and revolutionary vocabulary by Jessie Moss

    Hey Girl: the faces and voices of the new online fourth wave feminism by Paula van Beek

    Cheap ‘n’ choice: the Wikibomb by Byron Kinnard

    Beyoncé, Björk and beats by Estère Dalton, Melody Thomas and Jessie Moss

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