• Good Dog! NZ Writers on Dogs

    Good Dog! NZ Writers on Dogs
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    ISBN: 9780143770114
    Title: Good Dog! NZ Writers on Dogs

    "Funny, insightful, lyrical and touching, this is the perfect book for every dog lover. that night a wet nose in the dark sniffed me awake From good dogs to bad, adored pets to hard-working sheep dogs, canine companions have not only settled into New Zealand hearts but also into their books. Author Stephanie Johnson : herself an owner of a long line of mutts : has brought together an entertaining mix of writing. This collection includes both the old and new, and ranges over poetry, short stories and non-fiction. You'll meet Kevin Ireland's little hound, Mighty Sid, Sue Orr's Lakeland terrier, Buddy, and Michelle Leggott's guide dog, Olive. You'll learn about the early delicacy served up to Captain Cook, what the Cote D'Azur smells like to Charlotte Grimshaw, and Joe Bennett's advice that The correct way to teach your dog not to climb on to your bed is to sleep on the floor.'"

    Format: Hardback
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