• Journal of Urgent Writing Vol.1 2016

    Journal of Urgent Writing Vol.1 2016
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    ISBN: 9780994130068
    Title: Journal of Urgent Writing Vol.1 2016

    * Mike Joy on the making of a river radical
    * David Hall on whether Green Growth is an oxymoron
    * James Chapman on why so many kids can’t read
    * Ridvan Firestone on why we have to think differently about Pasifika people and obesity
    * Mike Grimshaw on why Christchurch has got it all wrong
    * Richard Shaw on why the kids don’t vote
    * Claire Robinson in praise of grey hair
    * Wayne Barrar on the fascinating world of diatoms (with extraordinary photos)
    * Peter Meihana on why Maori have never been privileged
    * Krushil Watene on a different way to think about who owns water
    * Jeffrey McNeill on the secrets of the Messines battlefield
    * Chris Gallavin on a new way of looking at murder
    * Teena Brown Pulu on the complicated life of young people who are of Pasifika and Maori heritage
    * Jarrod Gilbert on gangs, lies and statistics
    * Paula Morris on the end of long road in Denmark
    * Paul Thomas on our slide into shallowness
    * David Slack on turning 60
    * Dan Salmon on why you shouldn’t eat tuna
    Famous voices. Fresh voices. Impassioned writing. Lyrical writing

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