• Dawnhounds

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    ISBN: 9780473496814
    Title: Dawnhounds

    Come here, my dearest calamity. I’ve a story to tell—
    it starts with a shipwreck, and ends with a kiss.

    A ship rolls through the fog, its doomed crew fallen victim to an engineered plague. Yat Jyn-Hok—disgraced cop, former thief, long lost love to a flame-haired street girl—stumbles across its deadly trail, but powerful men will do anything to keep it secret.

    They kill Yat.
    It doesn’t stick.

    An ancient intelligence reanimates her, and sends her out to enact its monstrous designs. She has her own plans: to find her lost love, and solve her own murder before the plague tears the city to pieces. But what are the golden threads she sees running through the city walls? What does her inhuman saviour want from her? Why can’t she die?

    Set in Hainak Kuay Vitraj—where lost gods live in the cracks in the sidewalk, where the miracle of alchemical botany makes flesh as malleable as clay—The Dawnhounds is a story of rebirth, redemption, and the long road home.

    “Beautiful and breathtaking; an epic adventure full of hope and fire, resilience and ingenuity. Every character will open a door in your head and make a home deep in your heart.”
    —Tabatha Wood, author of Dark Winds Over Wellington

    “The Dawnhounds packs hard-hitting, mind-bending weirdness into a story that’s still touching and human. If you’re looking for gritty queer spec fic that isn’t unrelentingly grim, you’ve found it.”
    —Casey Lucas, author of Into the Mire

    Sascha Stronach is a Wellington-based author and journalist whose writing has appeared in The Spinoff, Esquire, 4th Floor Journal and Breach. He is a graduate of the Iowa Summer Prose workshop and a recipient of the Wellington prize for NFFD 2017. The Dawnhounds is his debut novel.

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