• City of Circles

    City of Circles
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    ISBN: 9781473656697
    Title: City of Circles

    A captivating story of love between two circus performers by the Costa-shortlisted author Jess Richards. Danu, in mourning for her parents after a disease ravages the circus she calls home, begins a high-wire act with Morrie, a charismatic hunchback who wants to marry her.But her mother entrusted her with a mysterious locket, that will lead her down a path Morrie cannot follow.When the circus visits Danu's birthplace, the magical city of Matryoshka, she goes in search of a stranger who may hold the answer to her past. And when the circus leaves, Danu stays behind.Will she and Morrie ever be reunited, or will something unexpected be waiting for her in the mysterious heart of the city of circles?

    Format: Trade paperback
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