• Fishing for Maui

    Fishing for Maui
    Unity Wellington Stock : 6
    ISBN: 9780473437541
    Title: Fishing for Maui

    Valerie reads George Eliot to get to sleep - just to take her mind off worries over her patients, her children, their father and the next family dinner. Elena is so obsessed with health, traditional food, her pregnancy and her blog she doesn't notice that her partner, Malcolm the ethicist, is getting himself into a moral dilemma of his own making.
    Evie wants to save the world one chicken at a time. Meanwhile her boyfriend, Michael, is on a quest to reconnect to his Maori heritage and discover his own identity. Rosa is eight years old and lost in her own fantasy world, but she's the only one who can tell something's not right.

    Format: Trade paperback
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