• Milk Island

    Milk Island
    Unity Wellington Stock : 11
    ISBN: 9730473397949
    Title: Milk Island

    ?A freelance farming journalist travels south with the Press Gallery on a behind-the-scenes tour of New Zealand's reconstructed South Island.
    A new inmate inside Christchurch Men's dairying prison wails a tale of blood and milk to the interactive avatar of comedian Billy T James.
    A private agri-prison operator juggles two escapees and a political hit, with far too much of her money and pride riding on a prison fight.
    A rogue Twitter account wanders the wilderness of Milk Island, reporting on environmental collapse under accusations of domestic terrorism.

    ?As the 2023 New Zealand election approaches, four cruel and unusual stories expose the inner workings at the heart of Milk Island (former South Island) where a fifth-term Government's legacy project is going very well or very poorly, depending on who you ask. On Milk Island, patriotism and prosperity trumps all else and life matters very little unless you're Milky Moo, the nation's favourite cow.
    Milk Island is the absurd and unhelpful first novel by Wellington-based writer Rhydian Thomas. It is 100% pure fiction.

    Format: Paperback
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