• More Miracle Than Bird

    More Miracle Than Bird
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    ISBN: 9781947793767
    Title: More Miracle Than Bird
    Author: MILLER ALICE

    On the eve of World War I, twenty-one-year-old Georgie Hyde-Lees--on her own for the first time--is introduced to the acclaimed poet W. B. Yeats at a soirée in London. Although Yeats is famously eccentric and many years her senior, Georgie is drawn to him, and when he extends a cryptic invitation to a secret society, her life is forever changed.&
    A shadow falls over London as zeppelins stalk overhead and bombs bloom against the skyline. Amidst the chaos, Georgie finds purpose tending to injured soldiers in a makeshift hospital, befriending the wounded and heartbroken Lieutenant Pike, who might need more from her than she is able to give. At night, she escapes with Yeats into a darker world, becoming immersed in the Order, a clandestine society where ritual, magic, and the conjuring of spirits is practiced and pursued. As forces--both of this world and the next--pull Yeats and Georgie closer together and then apart, Georgie uncovers a secret that threatens to undo it all.

    In bright, commanding prose, debut author Alice Miller illuminates the fascinating and unforgettable courtship of Georgie Hyde-Lees and W. B. Yeats. A sweeping tale of faith and love, lost and found and fought for, More Miracle than Bird ingeniously captures the moments--both large and small--on which the fates of whole lives and countries hinge.

    Format: Hardback
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