• Our Future Is in the Air

    Our Future Is in the Air
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    ISBN: 9781776561179
    Title: Our Future Is in the Air

    In the larger sense, perhaps, they were trying to make a future. Somehow, all around, they felt vaguely that things were collapsing. All they could do in the midst of that was create something.

    It’s 1975. A time of protest and upheaval is ending.

    A few years earlier, the world was in disarray. While protesters filled the streets, the Soviets disseminated time machine images of 9/11. Plans for jet air travel were shelved and the Twin Towers were never built. When time travel was made illegal, it moved underground – into a world of time travel machines servicing a demimonde of addicts, spies, bankers and activists.

    And now? In the fragile peace that follows, a few people isolated at the bottom of the world are starting to make their own clandestine journeys into the future.

    Our Future is in the Air is a captivating work about the invisible forces that make us who we are: science, politics, power – and our hoped-for futures.

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