• Unreliable People

    Unreliable People
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    ISBN: 9780143773566
    Title: Unreliable People

    Is all love doomed under a heartless regime?

    Antonina is a student at the prestigious Academy of Art in St Petersburg. At times, though, she feels she might be a better fit at the Centre of Nonconformist Art across town. She knows she stands out as different, being neither Russian, Korean nor Kazakh - and yet she embodies all three. She is Koryo-saram- a descendant of the exiled population that Stalin labelled the Unreliable People. But what does that mean? And who was the strange, elegant woman who came to the window when Antonina was a young child? And why did she entice Antonina to climb out and go on a long train journey through Kazakhstan?

    This is a compelling story where love and loss intersect unexpectedly with a Korean fable about a crow king and a rice farmer's wife.

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