• Excerpts from a Natural History

    Excerpts from a Natural History
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    ISBN: 9781877441509
    Title: Excerpts from a Natural History

    When the 17th
    century British philosophers founded modern
    natural history, they proposed finding a poet to compile a
    poetic account of everything that existed in nature, very
    broadly defined. Four hundred years later, the work is
    ongoing, made modern and rigorous with rules and style-
    guides, managers and research-poets.
    This collection follows a year’s worth of submissions by
    one such researcher-poet, but the poems are only half the
    story. The rest lies in the revisions and comments written in
    the margins—both of a professional and personal nature—
    between the poet and the editor back at corporate offices.
    As the relationship unravels, Natural History becomes a tool
    of the heartbroken and obsessed.

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