• Man Runs into a Woman

    Man Runs into a Woman
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    ISBN: 9780473213992
    Title: Man Runs into a Woman

    The poems in Barnett’s collection are confronting, funny, and curious. The collection looks at the different ways we tell a person's story. It is a book full of voices: two middle-aged men strike up an unlikely friendship; one couple reconnects after the war, while another couple leave the worst unsaid; a cross-dressing man talks with his daughter. In an unsettling sequence, nine poems explore the gap between the heartfelt last words of Texas death row inmates, and the grim police reports of their crimes. Barnett’s poems dig into the sometimes flimsy relationship between story and event, and the way we use language to create our world. This is a book of illness, violence, and love; disconnection, transition and reconciliation.

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