• Working the Tang

    Working the Tang
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    ISBN: 9780995110724
    Title: Working the Tang

    About the book

    From the Orkney Islands to Coastlands shopping mall, Working the tang is liberally seasoned with salt and spit, kelp and wrack, and the creatures who live within coo-ee of the sea.

    Nicola Easthope writes of the ghosts of her British ancestors, and the ocean between them and the life she lives in Aotearoa New Zealand, where people tweet and spat, go camping and kitesurfing, and freewheel the shore on TradeMe roller skates.

    And David Bowie is here too!

    Tangi | Tang | Tangi | Tang

    Dinner is served
    on a spit of salted land.

    Our company in tongues—
    hear us singing! The tip

    of the fork faces into
    the knife, and the air

    is on point. Life stirs
    in kelp and wrack

    on the rocks above low tide.

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