• Tahuri: Limited 2017 Edition

    Tahuri: Limited 2017 Edition
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    ISBN: 9780473385552
    Title: Tahuri: Limited 2017 Edition

    This Limited Edition is a revised and expanded
    version of Tahuri, which was published by New
    Women’s Press in 1989. It includes one new story,
    and three pieces that were published elsewhere.
    Ngahuia Te Awekotuku was born and raised in the
    thermal village of Ohinemutu, Rotorua, where
    most of these stories take place.

    "Tahuri is strongly located in a Maori world in Pakeha New
    Zealand. I would love to have had a book like this to read when I was a teenager, because it validates lesbianism (but certainly does not romanticize it), being young and uncertain and eager, and (again without romanticizing) being Maori."
    Pat Rosier, Broadsheet, March 1990
    "Simple, clear, colloquial and unique…the Tahuri stories capture the thrill and romance of the young adolescent girl watching and adoring older girls and women…what it’s like to grow up Maori, lesbian, intelligent in the ‘50s, effectively told – vivid, sensuous and at times shocking…"
    Aorewa McLeod, Sunday Star, March 1990

    Ngahuia te Awekotuku was born and raised in Ohinemutu, Rotorua. She is a veteran cultural activist, scholar and LGTQI advocate. As principal author of Mau Moko : the World of Maori Tattoo (2007), she won many prestigious awards, including Nga Kupu Ora-the Inaugural Maori Book of the Decade. Her book E Nga Uri Whakatupu : weaving legacies (2015), focuses on traditional textiles. Awekotuku also writes poetry and fiction; Ruahine : Mythic Women (2003) are crafted retellings of popular Maori legends about heroic women.
    She gained a PhD in Psychology in 1981, and retired from professing in 2014, to undertake more creative work.

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