• Tough
    ISBN: 9780864738936
    Title: Tough
    Author: HEAD AMY

    Most of the players were hunched and drawn. Those who had recently crossed the Alps from East Canterbury sported lumps of skin on their lips. Sunburn on their cheeks, noses, and foreheads lent them an air of manic health. Tough played against men whom fortune had favoured and those it had deserted. Who would speak up and tell an anecdote? Who would laugh the loudest? Men wake floating in their tents as a river scales its banks. Four girls gather around a Ouija board as a boy crouches at a window. A woman visits the man who took her prisoner as a girl. A boy decides to become a sinner as he tramps out of Reefton in the last of daylight. The remarkable stories in Tough tunnel back and forth between the West Coast's present and its gold-mining past. They explore rugged lives lived out against rugged landscapes. But the stories also find moments of grace, solace and unlikely triumph. With unflinching honesty and dramatic flair, Amy Head gives us a new view of a place and a people on the margins.

    Format: Paperback
    Price: $30.00
  • Trouble With Fire
    Trouble With Fire
    ISBN: 9781869793593
    Title: Trouble With Fire
    Author: KIDMAN FIONA

    A collection of long short stories, exploring the ways people are burned by emotion. The collection begins with stories set back in colonial times, working forward to contemporary pieces. While mourning for her dead baby, Annie finds solace in burning off the old stubble. An early Premier takes an interest in a Maori child who is lost, but his interest leaves his wife distraught. A couple have a passionate affair, until they are found out. And a strange light in the sky makes Simon's heart freeze. The stories, written by one of New Zealand's foremost writers, are subtle and beautifully crafted, intriguing and evocative.

    Format: Trade paperback
    Price: $37.00
  • Turn of the Tide - Te Huringa O Te Tai: More Stories of the Hokianga
    Turn of the Tide - Te Huringa O Te Tai: More Stories of the Hokianga
    ISBN: 9780947493769
    Title: Turn of the Tide - Te Huringa O Te Tai: More Stories of the Hokianga
    Author: POINTON SUSY

    The tide reminds us that nothing is constant and secure, unless it’s the knowledge that things seldom turn out the way we plan them.

    In these colourful and entertaining stories:
    A millennial couple on a Tinder date turn up in search of Local Colour and get more than they bargained for on a pig-hunting expedition
    A broken cowboy is persuaded by his daughter to get his mojo back by entering one more race
    A good mate tries to support his friend as he freefalls after a lapse in sobriety
    A grieving teacher believes his wife has returned to her garden in the form of a skylark
    Four old friends reunite for a David Bowie tribute that raises ghosts of their wild years
    Bumbling drug smugglers imagine their actions on a far north beach will go unnoticed and much more from this land of legends and larger-than-life characters

    Format: Paperback
    Price: $30.00
  • Twenty Four Caprices for Violin and Caprice D'adieu
    Twenty Four Caprices for Violin and Caprice D'adieu
    ISBN: 9781927178201
    Title: Twenty Four Caprices for Violin and Caprice D'adieu

    A collection of whimsical, fantastic, poignant, macabre and capricious tales, each of which features the violin. Set in wide-ranging locations and milieux, from Vienna to Nashville, Florence to New York, Venice to New Zealand, they capture the bittersweet and ridiculous nature of human follies - romance, repression, vanity, fidelity, ugliness, adultery, mischief, mastery, innocence and betrayal.

    Format: Paperback
    Price: $15.00
  • Two Girls in a Boat
    Two Girls in a Boat
    ISBN: 9780864738851
    Title: Two Girls in a Boat
    Author: MARTIN EMMA

    If sometimes Hannah wondered whether this was the life she wanted, at least it wasn’t obvious to her that it was not.

    A woman hacks at a tree while her daughter chases her targets deep into the bush. A visitor walks up the path towards razor-topped gates. A man drives his nameless passenger towards a fractured city. At the reservoir, dark shapes move in the depths of the water.

    Traversing England, the Balkans, and New Zealand past and present, these stories trace the unexpected paths of people’s lives. From the winner of the 2012 Commonwealth Short Story Prize, Two Girls in a Boat is a debut of clear-eyed, unnerving brilliance.

    Commonwealth Short Story Prize judge’s comment:
    “There were so many brilliant short stories on our shortlist but ‘Two Girls in a Boat’ rose to the top as it fulfilled the judges’ brief that the winning entry have linguistic flair, originality, depth and daring. The story was chosen for its gorgeous, elegant and spare writing; its nuanced handling of time, place and relationships; its daring, provocative subject matter and clear-eyed exploration of the choice of heterosexual conformity in the face of sexual mutability. Until we had decided on our shortlist, all entries were anonymous. So it is also great that this prize, I think we can claim, has discovered Emma Martin, who has not yet published a book, and brought her to an international audience. With her considerable talent we hope to see more of her work in the future.” - Bernardine Evaristo, Chair, Commonwealth Short Story Prize

    Format: Paperback
    Price: $30.00
  • Wide White Page Writers Imagine Antarctica
    Wide White Page Writers Imagine Antarctica
    ISBN: 9780864734853
    Title: Wide White Page Writers Imagine Antarctica

    An Antarctic anthology like no other, this book is about the imaginative uses writers have made of Antarctica. It spans eight centuries of writing.

    The Wide, White Page is Bill Manhire's icy passion; it includes writing by Jules Vern, Ursula Le Guin, Denis Glover and Monty Python; this is a collection of international standard.

    Format: Trade paperback
    Price: $35.00
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