• Ambition: What NZers Think & Why it Matters

    Ambition: What NZers Think & Why it Matters
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    ISBN: 9780473458157
    Title: Ambition: What NZers Think & Why it Matters

    Many commentators say New Zealanders lack ambition, and that aspects of the New Zealand character or our comfortable lives limit our achievements. We are said to be too keen on time off, too concerned about everyone fitting in, suspicious of people who try too hard, enthusiastic about humility, afraid of risk and failure, and relatively unmotivated everywhere but on the sports field.

    And yet Kiwis achieve at the very highest levels, both at home and overseas. This book looks at what ambition means to New Zealanders. It reviews what has been said about us over the years, and compares these comments with the results of a national survey of nearly 1,300 people conducted in mid 2018. Along the way it explains the connections between ambition and economic performance, and the science of ambition and achievement.

    The book is part of a broader project, AmbitionNZ. The authors have filmed interviews with more than 150 people from all walks of life, from farmers and teachers to entrepreneurs and former Prime Ministers. A selection of these interviews will be shared on the ambition.nz website when the book is released.

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