• Busy As F*ck

    Busy As F*ck
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    ISBN: 9781775541448
    Title: Busy As F*ck
    Author: NIMMO KAREN

    When did busy become a badge of honour?

    In 10 on-the-couch sessions, New Zealand clinical psychologist Karen Nimmo diagnoses, explains and treats Busy as F*@K syndrome, the condition that's consuming us all, whether we realise it or not.

    If we are going to squeeze the most from ourselves and our all-too-short lives, we need to be able to gauge when our Busy as F*@kness is compromising (or drip-feed destroying) our physical and emotional health, when we're hurting people we love, when we're becoming that person others want to hide from.

    In these pages you'll meet people who are facing the problems most commonly reported in our Busy as F*@k worlds. Some will resonate with you - or you'll spot traits of people you know. Whenever you get an 'aha' moment, you'll find tips, tools and tactics to guide your own journey

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