• How to Walk a Dog

    How to Walk a Dog
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    ISBN: 9781988547206
    Title: How to Walk a Dog
    Author: WHITE MIKE

    The highs and lows, joy and heartache of owning a dog are told in this beautifully written story of life in and around a dog park.
    'This wryly affectionate portrait of dogs and their people is a tail-thumpingly delightful read.' Jane Clifton

    'So charming and funny and sincere - this is dog lit at its best.' Steve Braunias

    'Mike White, for decades one of the country's most persuasive journalists, makes a case here as irrefutable as it is moving: throw a stick, make a dog happy, be a better person. He has convinced me.' Vincent O'Sullivan

    Mike White began walking his SPCA-rescue huntaway, Cooper, at Wellington's dog parks ten years ago, and since then has become part of a remarkable community of people and their pets.

    Written with wit, wisdom and heartbreaking poignancy, How to Walk a Dog is a story anyone who has ever owned or loved a dog will relate to. You will laugh, you will cry, and you will learn some of the secrets of living with a dog.

    Illustrated with drawings from acclaimed cartoonist Sharon Murdoch.

    Format: Hardback
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