• Journal of Urgent Writing Vol.2 2017

    Journal of Urgent Writing Vol.2 2017
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    ISBN: 9780994141569
    Title: Journal of Urgent Writing Vol.2 2017

    Great minds share great ideas and strong views

    This annual journal of provocative, passionate and argumentative essays is made for anyone who thinks there’s little to stimulate intelligent well-informed debate in the media anymore and who hungers for some brain food.

    Featuring: Morgan Godfery on identity • Jess Berentson-Shaw on social investment • Andrew Judd on racism • Carys Goodwin on climate change • Conor Clarke on dirt • David Cohen on Popper, Plato, Hegel and Marx • Emma Espiner on a tikanga Maori world • Gilbert Wong on growing up Chinese • Giselle Byrnes on why universities matter • Jo Randerson on dying • Mamari Stephens on our threatened marae • Victor Rodger on being actually brown • Maria Majsa on Johnny Rotten • Max Harris on dreams • Mike Joy and Kyleisha Foote on dams • Raf Manji on a new progressive agenda • Sarah Laing on menstruation • Sylvia Nissen on youth and politics • Teena Brown Pulu on three Tongan funerals • Tim Watkin on explaining Trump • Simon Wilson on a radical centre.

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