• Man Who Ate Lincoln Road

    Man Who Ate Lincoln Road
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    ISBN: 9780473391713
    Title: Man Who Ate Lincoln Road

    He went looking for New Zealand.
    He got as far as McDonald’s.

    The discovery that one street in Auckland was lined with 55 food joints – mostly fast food, soaked in fat and salt and good, sweet sugar – got Steve Braunias to thinking: could one man eat the lot in a single year? Was it possible, was it wise, and was it something that might actually provide an understanding about a nation devoted to eating junk food? This is the journal of his quest. It’s a rich comedy set in McDonald’s, Burger King, Pizza Hut, Subway, Dunkin’ Donuts and other franchises, one after another, one step at a time, told by a hero for our times – The Man Who Ate Lincoln Road.

    Steve Braunias reassembles his cult series from the New Zealand Herald and adds extra value footnotes to tell the full story of his wild ride along “heart attack alley”.

    Format: Paperback
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