• NZ's Prime Ministers: From Dick Seddon To John Key

    NZ's Prime Ministers: From Dick Seddon To John Key
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    ISBN: 9781927305294
    Title: NZ's Prime Ministers: From Dick Seddon To John Key

    Collective biographies have been written for
    Britain’s and Australia’s Prime Ministers, and
    for America’s Presidents. Until now New
    Zealand has had no comparable overview.
    Based on extensive, careful archival research,
    interviews with recent Prime Ministers, many
    of their colleagues, and with their opponents,
    this major work is the product of decades of
    appreciative and insightful observation. It is
    essential reading for anyone interested in New
    Zealand politics.
    New Zealand’s Prime Ministers discusses the
    evolving environments within which our
    twenty-four Prime Ministers from Dick Seddon
    to John Key operated. It also examines their
    styles, thinking, successes and failures and
    looks at what worked with the public and what
    didn’t. Besides being both biographical and analytical, the book notes the events that gradually
    altered political life and the conduct and performance of our politicians.
    The book also deals with the changing economic circumstances in the country since the
    beginning of the twentieth century, when the term Prime Minister was officially gazetted, and
    the efforts that Prime Ministers have made to tackle economic and other challenges thrust at
    Michael Bassett has been in a unique position to observe many New Zealand Prime Ministers,
    having himself been in Parliament with eleven of them. He spent six years as a Minister of the
    Crown, kept cabinet and caucus notes throughout his time in Parliament, then regular notes
    thereafter, and produced substantial biographies of four Prime Ministers. He has been on a
    first name basis with all occupants of the Prime Minister’s Office since 1957. Michael Bassett is
    New Zealand’s best-known political historian, having lectured at the University of Auckland
    before entering Parliament and having written or co-written fourteen books, nearly all of them
    with political themes.

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