• Rich Enough? 8 Steps for the Laid-Back Investor

    Rich Enough? 8 Steps for the Laid-Back Investor
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    ISBN: 9781775541332
    Title: Rich Enough? 8 Steps for the Laid-Back Investor
    Author: HOLM MARY

    The only money guide New Zealanders will ever need Read this one book, set up your money, and then get on with what makes you happy! Laid-back investing is not only easier, it can actually make you richer - in time and money. In this lively, jargon-free book you'll learn how to kill off debt, curb spending, find your best KiwiSaver fund, save painlessly, buy a house - or be happy not buying one, and move confidently towards and through retirement. You'll also learn why setting and forgetting your investments is the best strategy. Find out what many banks, KiwiSaver providers, financial advisers, fund managers, stockbrokers, real estate agents, mortgage brokers, payday lenders and scammers don't want you to know - although the good ones will be happy enough. Unlike many writers of finance books, Mary is not selling any products or services (except this book!). She doesn't want to sign you up for costly advice or courses or investments. She just wants you to do well. She's on your side. 'Mary has that rare ability to cut through the jargon to what really matters. She combines expert wisdom and real-world insights, with fantastic results!' Diane Maxwell, Retirement Commissioner 'Mary Holm is in the first rank of New Zealanders offering simple and wise advice to those who want to take effective steps to secure their future financial wellbeing. This straightforward guide should help ordinary Kiwis navigate their way through the various traps they can fall into.' Michael Cullen, former Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance

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