• Scarfie Flats of Dunedin

    Scarfie Flats of Dunedin
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    ISBN: 9780995110441
    Title: Scarfie Flats of Dunedin

    In April 2018 the stars aligned and Sarah Gallagher, of the Dunedin Flat Names Project, and Dr Ian Chapman, Senior Lecturer in Performing Arts at the University of Otago, teamed up to create Scarfie Flats of Dunedin – a highly colourful and pictorial work featuring a fine, witty, sometimes edgy, selection of Dunedin’s well known and less well known named flats. Featuring a selection of back stories of flats, photos and associated ephemera, as well as chapters by subject matter experts, readers will appreciate the changing scene of student culture and society in Dunedin from the 1930s to the present.

    Format: Hardback
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