• Archaeology of the Pouerua
    Archaeology of the Pouerua
    ISBN: 9781869402921
    Title: Archaeology of the Pouerua

    This important book on Pacific archaeology studies the extensive pa (native village) site on and around the volcanic cone at Pouerua, Northland, New Zealand. Superbly researched and presented with photographs, maps and figures, this work will be a major reference tool on the archaeology of Polynesia for years to come and will stimulate much academic debate.

    Format: Trade paperback
    Price: $50.00
  • Are Angels Ok: The Parallel Universes of NZ Writers & Scientists
    Are Angels Ok: The Parallel Universes of NZ Writers & Scientists
    ISBN: 9780864735140
    Title: Are Angels Ok: The Parallel Universes of NZ Writers & Scientists

    New Zealands top writers and physicists collaborate to create a provocative and fascinating discussion on the most strange and fantastic aspects of physics. With topics that include the curvature of space time, wave particle duality, the untimely death of Schrodinger's cat, Heisenberg's Uncertainty Principle, dark energy, and the end of the universe, this extraordinary guide artfully blends philosophy and literature with science.

    Format: Paperback
    Price: $30.00
  • Are We There Yet? the Future of the Treaty of Waitangi
    Are We There Yet? the Future of the Treaty of Waitangi
    ISBN: 9780987666680
    Title: Are We There Yet? the Future of the Treaty of Waitangi

    Three questions:
    'Where have we got to with the Treaty of Waitangi?'
    'Is where we have got to a good place?'
    'Where do we go from here?'

    Simple questions we thought. But nothing is simple when you start asking questions about the Treaty of Waitangi. Two years later we have emerged battered and bruised but with something we want to say. 'Fellas, we might be about to crash the truck and you're not even looking!'

    Maori leaders aspire to more political power for Maori, more Maori community autonomy and more economic assistance for Maori. It has become accepted practice among Maori, lawyers and politicians to use the Treaty to progress these aspirations. But there is a limit to the issues the Treaty can credibly be used to resolve. We think the strategy of couching these contemporary Maori aspirations as promises implied in the Treaty is flawed. It is not going to lead to agreement. It also risks undermining the status of the Treaty among non-Maori. Contemporary Maori aspirations are very important and must be debated, but they must be debated openly and honestly, each on their own merits, without looking to the Treaty for legitimacy.

    We think embedding unique political rights for Maori at the centre of public life is highly risky, and for that reason to be avoided. But we also think there's a lot that can be done to improve the lives of Maori. Rethinking the role of central government is essential. The role of government in a diverse society is to help people live lives they value, not some 'one size fits all' typecast. Shifting authority from central government to communities can help with this. But devolution will only improve people's lives if there is widespread collaboration across diverse communities within our society.

    What we've ended up with, and what we present here, is a personal assessment of the way New Zealand is governed. We focus, in particular, on recent changes to political rights and community authority that have been introduced in response to pressure to honour the Treaty. It's really about New Zealand's constitution but don't be put off by that word. This stuff matters and we could be doing a whole lot better than we are.

    Format: Paperback
    Price: $35.00
  • Arranging a Funeral: What You Can Do Yourselves: a NZ Guide
    Arranging a Funeral: What You Can Do Yourselves: a NZ Guide
    ISBN: 9780473237745
    Title: Arranging a Funeral: What You Can Do Yourselves: a NZ Guide

    Two men have made it their mission to spread the acceptance of DIY funerals, and to aid those who choose to go that way.

    They are Philip Tomlinson of Timaru and Paul Briggs of Nelson.

    The pair are in open rebellion against the funeral industry because both feel the New Zealand funeral industry has become too commercialised and demands too much money from families.

    Tomlinson, a retired mathematician, has even published a book on the subject, Arranging a Funeral, to give people some pointers on doing it themselves.

    Tomlinson warns it would be a big ask for someone to just pick up his book after a death and begin organising the funeral, though it has been done.

    Instead, both Tomlinson and Briggs insist the key to DIY send-offs is pre-preparation, especially as there will be risk-averse family members who will insist a funeral is not cobbled together.

    "Unless preparations have been put together, a funeral director is almost certainly rung," Tomlinson says.

    Broadly speaking, there are seven key areas that need to be done to organise a funeral.

    These are:

    1. The interim care of the deceased.

    2. Completing the legal paperwork.

    3. Transporting the deceased.

    4. Informing the community of the death.

    5. Acquiring a coffin.

    6. Organising the burial, or cremation.

    7. Organising the funeral service.

    Only the first, and possibly the third, areas present any real difficulties.

    Cremations and burials can be arranged directly once the paperwork is done, and do not require a funeral director. Death notices can be placed in newspapers without aid. A hall, church or other reception place can be arranged, catering planned, flowers ordered.

    To achieve these things just requires organisation and a little knowledge, and that, says Briggs, is not something you want to be learning when there's a body in the bedroom.

    "Very few people do want to think about it or do any planning, so when a death happens they are totally unprepared," says Briggs, who was prompted into his stance after his father's funeral, which felt totally out of keeping with the man. With the stress and grief, it is a terrible time to be thinking about DIY.

    He says it is entirely possible for professional funeral directors to do as little as 20 per cent of the work in the funeral process - picking up the deceased and storing them in preparation for the burial or cremation. The family can do the rest.
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    Some funeral directors may be resistant to being hired to do so little, Briggs says, and they may even try to insist that people pay a "minimum" package price for the service that's the same as their no frills cremation package, sometimes in the region of $2500.

    Negotiating may be hard, and both Tomlinson and Briggs say they have had "wrestles" with funeral directors to get what they consider to be fair and transparent pricing.

    Some families even prefer to store and transport their loved ones' bodies themselves, though Tomlinson cautions care both in regards to the dignity of the deceased, as well as the risk to the backs of those lifting bodies which are quite literally dead weights.

    Dealing with dead bodies is something our society has made unfamiliar to most of us, says Tomlinson, but it is entirely possible. However, how hot the weather is and the length of time until the deceased is buried or cremated are both factors that need to be considered. Some keen DIYers even buy dry ice to help keep bodies cool, Tomlinson says, removing the need for contracting a funeral director to store the body.

    A possible hitch to managing a body is it can be hard to organise a coffin in a short space of time as not all funeral directors may be happy to sell you a casket on its own, Tomlinson says.

    If a casket can can be bought in advance - and the internet makes sourcing one easier - a great deal of pressure is taken off the DIY funeral arranger. Once a body is in a coffin, it is easier to manage.

    Tomlinson says the cost of a traditional funeral is a big burden for many families, and prices of $8000 to $10,000 seem relatively common.

    And he bridles at some of the things that have come to be seen as normal, such as the standard practice to burn or immediately bury an immaculately finished expensive coffin.

    People may think that is a fitting way to show respect for the dead, and if that is people's choice, so be it, says Tomlinson. But for others a home-made MDF coffin, on which loved ones have written and drawn messages and tributes to the dead may be an equally valid choice.

    Similarly, Tomlinson believes much of the embalming that is done before burials is unnecessary, and just adds to costs.

    Both however warn that people who wish to do things themselves may find hurdles in the way.

    Tomlinson says he's fought with funeral directors to get quotes for the provision of limited services such as body collection and storage.

    Crematoria may even try to insist only funeral directors can arrange cremations. But Tomlinson says you can insist that you are a funeral director and legally so. If need be, quote from the Internal Affairs brochure, "A funeral director means a person whose business is or includes the burial and/or cremation of bodies."


    Why people do funerals themselves, according to Philip Tomlinson in his book Arranging a Funeral:

    You may be disenchanted by the social pressure to purchase a "standard funeral".

    You may feel the obligation to "present" an entertainment-oriented funeral while carrying grief is an awful ordeal.

    You may feel professional services are inordinately expensive or even unaffordable.

    You may find that purchasing a full funeral package, in which everything is done for you, leaves you "wringing your hands", wanting to do something.

    Format: Paperback
    Price: $10.00
  • Art of Business
    Art of Business
    ISBN: 9781472139757
    Title: Art of Business

    When we look at Chinese history for a guide to business, we commonly reach for Sun Tzu's The Art of War, but that is a military text. It focuses on an enemy, not a trading partner, and it certainly doesn't mention customers and their role in strategy.

    To come to terms with Chinese commerce, we don't need to know the Art of War. We need to know the art of business. This book explains Chinese business in history: its practices, values and achievements. As we explore business through time, we discover the strategies which enabled Chinese merchants to become rich and gain insights into how Chinese business evolved, and continues to evolve.

    The Art of Business goes beyond the Silk Road, Marco Polo and the opium trade to examine how the many different Chinese businesses made money. It asks how merchants mastered the spatial and temporal dimensions of the market and built substantial wealth in doing so. It explores the commercial revolutions that occurred in the Tang and Song dynasties and the late Ming, and reveals business practices carried into the Ching dynasty. It explores salt merchants, the porcelain industry, Huizhou and Shanxi merchant groups, and Howqua, who became the world's richest man.

    The evolving nature of world commerce will place new demands on tomorrow's businesses. By examining the past, we can better understand the future in which China will once again stand like a giant.

    Format: Trade paperback
    Price: $38.00
  • Art of Facilitation
    Art of Facilitation
    ISBN: 9781869418175
    Title: Art of Facilitation
    Author: HUNTER DALE

    Dr. Dale Hunter's classic guide includes all the latest findings and research on facilitation. It's the go - to sourcebook for people involved in human resources, management, mediation, team leadership, performance management and individual and team coaching. If you're someone who is responsible for effective group and inter - personal dynamics, ..

    Format: Trade paperback
    Price: $37.00
  • Art of Recovery : Six Personal Journeys
    Art of Recovery : Six Personal Journeys
    ISBN: 9780473417451
    Title: Art of Recovery : Six Personal Journeys

    Format: Paperback
    Price: $34.00
  • Art of Simple
    Art of Simple
    ISBN: 9780143771234
    Title: Art of Simple

    When Eleanor Ozich moved to the outskirts of the city with her husband and young family she set about enjoying a much calmer way of life. Shedding unnecessary clutter and adopting a simpler style of living, Eleanor found herself with more time and energy to appreciate her family and friends and the natural beauty that surrounded her ... Eleanor shares recipes and ideas she has embraced in her quest to cherish lifés simple pleasures. Alongside recipes for nourishing meals yoúll find practical ideas to declutter your home, get your children to sleep and bring order to your day.There are also instructions for making natural beauty products and household cleaners, which promise to cost you less and be kinder to you and the environment.

    Format: Hardback
    Price: $40.00
  • Asians & the New Multiculturalism in Aotearoa Nz
    Asians & the New Multiculturalism in Aotearoa Nz
    ISBN: 9781877578236
    Title: Asians & the New Multiculturalism in Aotearoa Nz

    Asians and the New Multiculturalism in Aotearoa New Zealand presents thought-provoking new research on New Zealand's fastest-growing demographic: the geographically, nationally, and historically diverse Asian communities. This collection examines the unresolved tensions between a dynamic biculturalism and the recognition of other ethnic minorities by looking at such questions as What kind of multicultural framework best suits New Zealand's rapidly expanding ethnic diversity? Can the Treaty of Waitangi, initially set up to accommodate British settlers and to recognize the tangata whenua, serve as the basis for New Zealand's immigration policy in the new millennium? And Can all citizens embrace multiculturalism? Multiculturalism and Asian-ness are addressed together for the first time in this articulate addition to the ongoing debate about the population diversity of Aotearoa New Zealand.

    Format: Trade paperback
    Price: $40.00
  • At the Turning Point My Life With David Lange
    At the Turning Point My Life With David Lange
    ISBN: 9780473190255
    Title: At the Turning Point My Life With David Lange

    The old model of politics was smashed in the 1980s and a new one took shape in circumstances that are still debated today. Margaret Pope, who was Prime Minister David Lange's speechwriter and later his wife, writes an eyewitness account of the turbulent 1980s and the brilliant, elusive figure at their political centre. AT THE TURNING POINT throws new light on the policy and personalities of the fourth Labour government. It describes the diplomatic struggles behind the government's adoption of a nuclear free policy and its breach with the United States. It examines the origins of Labour's revolutionary economic policy and the strain imposed by its adoption, and illuminates the increasingly bitter contest between Lange and his finance minister Roger Douglas. The author recalls a government that was met with acclaim on its election in 1984. ""The government took power with high hopes. It had many able, talented and well-meaning individuals in its ranks, yet it ended despised and discredited in 1990. After a quarter of a century there is still room for argument about what happened: why and how Labour took a radical turn to the right in government, why it did so well in its first term and so badly in its second, why the champions of the revolution turned on each other and what exactly they were fighting about... This is how I saw it."" AT THE TURNING POINT is an essential companion to David Lange's autobiography, My Life.

    Format: Paperback
    Price: $40.00
  • Athens to Aotearoa: Greece & Rome in NZ Literature & Society
    Athens to Aotearoa: Greece & Rome in NZ Literature & Society
    ISBN: 9781776561766
    Title: Athens to Aotearoa: Greece & Rome in NZ Literature & Society

    What do ancient Greece and Rome have to do with New Zealand? More than you might think. Athens to Aotearoa collects essays from some of New Zealand’s most important artistic and critical voices reflecting on their engagement with Greece and Rome and taking aim at New Zealand’s ongoing, sometimes fraught, and always complicated take on its classical heritage.

    Athens to Aotearoa is an illuminating and provocative collection for any reader interested in the various relationships between classics, art, literature and New Zealand identity.

    Format: Paperback
    Price: $40.00
  • Attracting Birds & Other Wildlife to Your Garden
    Attracting Birds & Other Wildlife to Your Garden
    ISBN: 9781869664671
    Title: Attracting Birds & Other Wildlife to Your Garden
    Author: ELL GORDON

    Discover, identify and attract birds and other wildlife to yoursuburban garden. Colour photos and illustrations with ideasand projects to make the home garden more attractive towildlife.Repackaged and redesigned popular guide made availableto a new audience, this book will appeal to the huge birdlovingmarket in New Zealand, as well as the general public- anyone who has a garden, be it big or small, and an interestin wildlife will find something in this book.The title tie's-in with the annual 'bird survey' held byLandcare Research.

    Format: Paperback
    Price: $35.00
  • Audrey Story
    Audrey Story
    ISBN: 9780473449926
    Title: Audrey Story
    Author: EWAN JOHN

    Format: Paperback
    Price: $35.00
  • Australasian Business Statistics 3e Core Concepts & Australasian Business Statistics 3e Istudy Version 1 Card
    Australasian Business Statistics 3e Core Concepts & Australasian Business Statistics 3e Istudy Version 1 Card
    ISBN: 9780730310211
    Title: Australasian Business Statistics 3e Core Concepts & Australasian Business Statistics 3e Istudy Version 1 Card
    Author: BLACK

    Format: Paperback
    Price: $143.00
  • Australia Nz Closer Economic Relations Agreement & Regional Integration
    Australia Nz Closer Economic Relations Agreement & Regional Integration
    ISBN: 9789814279970
    Title: Australia Nz Closer Economic Relations Agreement & Regional Integration

    Format: Paperback
    Price: $61.00
  • Autism Spectrum Disorder in Aotearoa NZ: Promising Practices & Interesting Issues
    Autism Spectrum Disorder in Aotearoa NZ: Promising Practices & Interesting Issues
    ISBN: 9781927231760
    Title: Autism Spectrum Disorder in Aotearoa NZ: Promising Practices & Interesting Issues

    Autism spectrum disorder (ASD) is a complex and increasingly prevalent condition which most educators will encounter during their career. This book aims to help teachers and other education professionals provide for children and young people with ASD at all levels of education.

    This is not a compilation of academic research but an evidence-based practical resource that grew out of the experiences of students doing a postgraduate specialist teaching course. These experienced educational professionals had to implement and evaluate an intervention aligned with Aotearoa New Zealand’s own ASD Guideline, with some constraints and in real classrooms and early childhood settings. These are their accounts of promising interventions and challenging issues. They are intended to motivate other professionals to give new ideas a try and explore a range of interventions to meet the specific needs of children and young people with ASD.

    The second part of the book addresses wider issues in the education of individuals with ASD, such as dual diagnosis, narrative assessment, sensory interventions and transition from secondary education. One chapter tackles the little discussed issue of the role culture plays in the lives of children with ASD and their families and whanau.

    Format: Paperback
    Price: $45.00
  • Awa Book of NZ Science
    Awa Book of NZ Science
    ISBN: 9780958262996
    Title: Awa Book of NZ Science

    From early naturalists' musings on flora and fauna to modern breakthroughs in nanotechnology, this book traces the development of all branches of New Zealand science. With contributions from respected scientists from all over the nation, this anthology places each fascinating piece of scientific history in its broader context.

    Format: Hardback
    Price: $50.00
  • Baby Moves
    Baby Moves
    ISBN: 9780473108014
    Title: Baby Moves

    Format: Paperback
    Price: $39.99
  • Baby Whispering: Secrets for a Settled & Contented Baby from Nzs Leading Baby Expert
    Baby Whispering: Secrets for a Settled & Contented Baby from Nzs Leading Baby Expert
    ISBN: 9780143566991
    Title: Baby Whispering: Secrets for a Settled & Contented Baby from Nzs Leading Baby Expert

    This is the practical handbook that every mother needs when preparing for a new baby. Broken down into easy-to-follow timeframes from preparing for arrival and& birth right through to 12 months, you'll quickly find answers to everything you& need to know.& Find out all about:••your baby's basic needs and development•common problems and solutions•techniques for breast feeding AND bottle feeding (expressed milk and formula)•crying and settling, plus dealing with colic•Sharlene's technique to bring up wind•sleeping patterns and suggested routines•developmental playFor years, Sharlene has been helping new parents. Now& Baby Whispering will give you the same& skills, confidence and information which you can personalise to suit you and your baby.

    Format: Trade paperback
    Price: $40.00
  • Babymoves - A Step by Step Guide to Enhancing Your Baby's Development (5th ed)
    Babymoves - A Step by Step Guide to Enhancing Your Baby's Development (5th ed)
    ISBN: 9780473291136
    Title: Babymoves - A Step by Step Guide to Enhancing Your Baby's Development (5th ed)

    Babymoves. A 'must have' item for all parents of new-borns and babies.
    Babymoves describes and illustrates with photos, the ideal development of babies.
    It explains the importance of this, and what parents or others can do to enhance it, or what hinders it.

    The book also includes advice on equipment for babies.

    It is a must have book for parents of new-borns and babies; it gives them an understanding not found elsewhere. This makes it the best gift around for new parents.
    Babymoves was first published in 2002.

    Format: Hardback
    Price: $40.00
  • Backyard Poultry in NZ
    Backyard Poultry in NZ
    ISBN: 9780958233217
    Title: Backyard Poultry in NZ

    A very practical non-technical book about how to keep poultry successfully in backyard and smallfarming settings. The major emphasis is on fowls but there are also useful sections and chapters on ducks, geese and turkeys.

    Format: Paperback
    Price: $25.00
  • Barefoot Years
    Barefoot Years
    ISBN: 9781927277676
    Title: Barefoot Years

    The myriad of the living in all of their many forms, defunct, mutant, revenant or otherwise; traversing memory’s infinite field.

    Martin Edmond’s Barefoot Years is a memoir in which the author attempts to re-inhabit the lost domain of childhood. It is evocative and poignant, detailed yet fragmentary, full of half-forgotten things: what may be recovered also reveals that which is gone forever. These remembered beginnings, both familiar and strange, take us back to when a world was being made.

    This BWB Text forms the first part of a full memoir by Martin Edmond to be published by Bridget Williams Books in 2015.

    Format: Paperback
    Price: $15.00
  • Bark But No Bite: Inequality & the 2014 NZ General Election
    Bark But No Bite: Inequality & the 2014 NZ General Election
    ISBN: 9781760461355
    Title: Bark But No Bite: Inequality & the 2014 NZ General Election

    Based on New Zealand Election Study (NZES) data from a sample of 2,830 eligible voters, A Bark But No Bite explores a puzzle. While there was a lot of talk about inequality before the 2014 general election in New Zealand, and during the campaign, concern about inequality appeared to have no tangible effect on the election outcome. This book shows that, by its attention to the concerns of middle ground voters, the National Government had reduced the potential of policy differences to drive voter choices. Perceptions of competence and effective leadership were National’s strongest suit, crowding out voter concerns over matters of policy. When voters did consider policy, inequality and related concerns were second to the economy. Traditional priorities about health and education, and perceptions of party differences on these matters, had faded into the background.

    Meanwhile, voters doubted the opposition Labour Party’s ability to govern effectively in an alternative coalition to that of the National-led government. Labour’s policies were too many. In various ways, they would have chipped away at inequality, but lacked a coherent narrative and presentation. This book confirms that Labour’s proposal to increase the age for receipt of New Zealand superannuation gained Labour no new votes.

    Hopes that the ‘missing million’ people who failed to turn out to vote in 2011 would vote in 2014 and give an advantage to the left were unfulfilled. A comprehensive study of the 2014 election, this book provides a detailed account of all these findings, and a host of others.

    Format: Trade paperback
    Price: $65.00
  • Barker's of Geraldine 50 Years Preserved
    Barker's of Geraldine 50 Years Preserved
    ISBN: 9780473488833
    Title: Barker's of Geraldine 50 Years Preserved

    At a time when consumers are looking for more and more connection with the foods they eat, Michael Barker proudly shares the Barker's of Geraldine journey, the people, the innovations and the philosophies that still guide them.

    This is a story of entrepreneurial spirit, creativity, fun, dedication to community and finding a way to bring it all together to build a strong, profitable values-based company. The journey wasnt always straightforward but the founders never gave up and always empowered those around them to help. It is a 50-year story of relentless innovation, humble tenacity and risk-taking to create a lasting future on the family farm for the brand that means so much to the entire Barkers team.

    Format: Hardback
    Price: $60.00
  • Barry Brickell Reader
    Barry Brickell Reader
    ISBN: 9780947493349
    Title: Barry Brickell Reader

    A Barry Brickell Reader illuminates not the pottery Barry Brickell is known for, but another facet of his genius: his ‘wrertings’. Reflecting the extrusions, bulges, crevasses and bobbles, his poetry — like his pots — can be mildly offensive, but they contain the same virtues Barry associated with rail travel: sensuality, rhythm, vibration and warmth.

    Here, Barry’s great creative output is laid out expansively, accompanied by a photoessay of Barry doing what he did best: working.

    The real me

    Why do you
    keep on
    telling me
    I’m something
    that I’m not?
    not an engineer,
    not an artist,
    Not even
    a real man —
    just a wrerter,
    a ceramiccissist,
    and an oddity —
    which is
    to the actual

    Format: Paperback
    Price: $30.00
  • Beach Life: A Celebration of Kiwi Beach Culture
    Beach Life: A Celebration of Kiwi Beach Culture
    ISBN: 9780143770022
    Title: Beach Life: A Celebration of Kiwi Beach Culture

    A fascinating account of how the beach has influenced New Zealand lifestyle, culture and identity.

    Experiencing beach life is simply part of being a New Zealander. It has helped shape our annual summer holiday, the games we play, the clothes we wear and the houses we build. It has also played an important role in the development of Kiwi identity.
    In this compelling and generously illustrated exploration of beach life over the last 90 years, writer, historian and style commentator Douglas Lloyd Jenkins examines how attitudes towards the beach have evolved and how the beach – a hot bed of hedonistic pleasures as well as a magnet for holidaying families – has in turn brought about important social change. Open to all, yet increasingly fringed with expensive property accessible only to the rich, the New Zealand beach has always been a place of extremes

    In Beach Life, Lloyd Jenkins provides a colourful account of the pioneering trends and pivotal influences that have shaped Kiwis enduring attraction to the beach and the lasting impact the beach has had on every aspect of New Zealand society.

    Format: Paperback
    Price: $60.00
  • Beaut Little Book of NZ Slang
    Beaut Little Book of NZ Slang
    ISBN: 9780143009955
    Title: Beaut Little Book of NZ Slang
    Author: ORSMAN HARRY

    It's a well-known fact that Kiwis have their own way of talking, and without a guide you can easily come a greaser. Have a gink at this beaut little book, and you won't need to feel a nong any more. In fact, you'll be away laughing. You can put a ring around that!

    Format: Paperback
    Price: $13.00
  • Beauty Guide
    Beauty Guide
    ISBN: 9780473436094
    Title: Beauty Guide
    Author: WEAVER LIBBY

    In a world where so many women feel deflated by what they see in the mirror, tempted into the realm of ;enhancements; or drawn to anything that will help mask their flaws;, The Beauty Guide shines a spotlight on what it means to be beautiful and acts as a guide to help the reader feel and look their best—at any age. With a degree in nutrition and dietetics, a PhD in biochemistry and 20 years of clinical practice, Dr Libby's knowledge of what works and doesn’t work for our bodies is extensive. In this stunningly illustrated book, she explains the nutritional, biochemical and emotional basis to beauty challenges such as acne, cellulite, and rosacea, and teaches you how to heal them by deciphering the messages your body is sharing with you. But more than this, The Beauty Guide will help to reframe the way you look at beauty. Learn how to stop worrying about what others think of you, improve your relationship with your body and explore ways to inspire a new generation of girls with an innate belief in their inner beauty.

    Format: Paperback
    Price: $40.00
  • Beekeeper's Field Guide: a Pocket Guide to the Health & Care of Bees Rev 2ed
    Beekeeper's Field Guide: a Pocket Guide to the Health & Care of Bees Rev 2ed
    ISBN: 9781472138477
    Title: Beekeeper's Field Guide: a Pocket Guide to the Health & Care of Bees Rev 2ed
    Author: CRAMP DAVID

    This is a unique beekeeping resource because it provides beekeepers with a fully operational toolkit of advice, method and calculation both at home when planning and in the field.

    Format: Paperback
    Price: $38.00
  • Beekeeper's Year: Choosing the Right Hive to Keep Bees in Your Backyard
    Beekeeper's Year: Choosing the Right Hive to Keep Bees in Your Backyard
    ISBN: 9781869664565
    Title: Beekeeper's Year: Choosing the Right Hive to Keep Bees in Your Backyard
    Author: LUKE JANET

    Keeping bees is becoming increasingly popular around the world as concern grows that bees and their environments are threatened by global warming and climate change. For beginners, this guide follows three beekeepers using different hives through their first season.

    Featuring three different popular beehive designs: Top Bar, Warre and Flow, Janet Luke interviews the keepers and carries out inspections of their hives, looking at where to locate beehives, how to introduce the bees, comb management, varroa control, disease inspections, feeding bees, requeening, harvesting honey and preparing hives for the winter months.

    Format: Paperback
    Price: $30.00
  • Being a Doctor: Understanding Medical Practice
    Being a Doctor: Understanding Medical Practice
    ISBN: 9781877578366
    Title: Being a Doctor: Understanding Medical Practice

    Sometimes caring for patients can leave clinicians feeling overwhelmed with the daily tasks of doctoring. As an antidote, this book explores principles and assumptions of modern medicine seldom taught in medical school. Starting with the meaning of suffering and how the 'science' of medicine has evolved, the authors use many clinical stories to provide a fresh perspective on the work and roles of the modern doctor. Based on many years of teaching family physicians, the book argues that being a doctor is much more than simply knowing biomedical facts and having good clinical skills. It explores some of the major challenges facing physicians, including the doctor-patient relationship, the 'heartsink' experience, and unwell patients for whom no disease can be found. The authors also introduce patient safety and self-care, two important issues for modern health professionals. For experienced doctors as well as for students and doctors in training, Being a Doctor moves beyond biomedicine, providing useful insights that explain how both doctors and patients think and behave. 'It is good medicine!' Glenn Colquhoun

    Format: Paperback
    Price: $35.00
  • Being a Great Dad for Dummies Aus & Nz Ed
    Being a Great Dad for Dummies Aus & Nz Ed
    ISBN: 9781742169729
    Title: Being a Great Dad for Dummies Aus & Nz Ed

    Created especially for the Australian customer! Your essential guide to being the best dad you can be Have you just found out you're going to be a dad, or perhaps you're already a brand new dad? Being a Great Dad is a comprehensive and practical guide to For Dummies dadhood, with advice on topics ranging from conception to looking after your baby, connecting with your little one and helping your child develop and grow. Know what to expect during pregnancy and birth -- be prepared as your baby grows and enters the world Prepare for a baby in the house -- find out the essential gear you'll need Keep baby safe and sound -- tips on how to baby proof your home and keep junior safe Be a hands-on dad - learn practical solutions to common parenting challenges Manage the work-life balance -- find out how to balance your work commitments and life outside work Be a stay-at-home-dad -- discover how to combine being primary care-giver for your child with paid work Choose the right school for your child -- examine the education choices available and what's best for your little one

    Price: $46.00
  • Being a True Hero: Understanding & Preventing Suicide in Your Community
    Being a True Hero: Understanding & Preventing Suicide in Your Community
    ISBN: 9780473471903
    Title: Being a True Hero: Understanding & Preventing Suicide in Your Community

    Too often we exclusively associate suicide with depression, Being A True Hero looks at the many causes of suicide, from depression, bullying, brain injuries, psychosis, lack of sleep, childhood trauma, the cluster effect, loneliness, failure and many more. This book will help the reader to know more about suicide, whether they are a concerned parent, a friend, an employer, a counsellor, sports coach or a doctor. The book is the result of over 10 years research. Michael Hempseed effortlessly merges scientific research with real world examples, he presents complex scientific information in a way so that anyone can understand it. Being A True Hero, is full of possibilities for recovery and the sheer number of options for help will astound many readers. More importantly he shows that no matter how bad the situation is there is always hope.

    Format: Paperback
    Price: $25.00
  • Best Leaders Don't Shout
    Best Leaders Don't Shout
    ISBN: 9780473418380
    Title: Best Leaders Don't Shout

    Quotes, lists, stories, summaries and questions. If you want a quick business quote to round out the company newsletter or a theme for tomorrow mornings sales meeting, there is something in these pages to get you underway

    Format: Paperback
    Price: $40.00
  • Best of e-Tangata
    Best of e-Tangata
    ISBN: 9780947518455
    Title: Best of e-Tangata

    The celebrated digital magazine e-Tangata is home to some of the most incisive and profound commentary on life in New Zealand. Maori, Pasifika and Pakeha writers grapple with topics that range from politics and social issues to history and popular culture. The best of these are collected together here into this BWB Text by the magazine’s editors, Tapu Misa and Gary Wilson.

    Format: Paperback
    Price: $15.00
  • Best Shots Youve Never Tried
    Best Shots Youve Never Tried
    ISBN: 9781440536175
    Title: Best Shots Youve Never Tried

    Sick of the same ol' shots? Raise the bar!

    Bored to tears with tequila shooters? Kamikazes make you wanna go all hari kari? Time to turn your Friday nights up a notch with The NoLita, test your limits on the Whiskey Buck Hunter, and make happy hour that much happier with a Double Entendre.

    In this homage to booze and creativity, mixologist Andrew Bohrer combines his bartending knowledge with his flair for the dramatically creative to invent more than 100 recipes for shots you've never, ever tried--or even heard of--along with a photo of each and every crazy concoction.

    Whether you're in the mood for a banger and slammer, a shot apropos for the dinner table, or the perfect shot to raise in tribute and solidarity at the ultimate drinking event (an after-funeral get-together),The Best Shots You've Never Triedis sure to be the most fun you'll ever have, 1 1/2 ounces at a time.

    Format: Paperback
    Price: $25.00
  • Better Classroom Relationships
    Better Classroom Relationships
    ISBN: 9781927231968
    Title: Better Classroom Relationships

    Format: Paperback
    Price: $45.00
  • Better Lives Migration Wellbeing & NZ
    Better Lives Migration Wellbeing & NZ
    ISBN: 9781988533759
    Title: Better Lives Migration Wellbeing & NZ

    Better Lives provides a comprehensive overview of immigration in New Zealand, showing how immigration is not just an economic imperative that needs to be managed, but an opportunity to enhance people's lives.Migration is at historically high levels and more than a quarter of the New Zealand population was born overseas. Yet immigration remains a deeply contentious issue, with the debate more often shaped by emotion than evidence.Julie Fry and Peter Wilson have developed a new framework that broadens the scope of how we consider migration policy. Rather than just considering the effect of migration on GDP, they look at factors such as the Treaty of Waitangi. Their goal? Migration policy that acknowledges the complexity of the world we all inhabit.

    Format: Paperback
    Price: $15.00
  • Between Heaven & Earth
    Between Heaven & Earth
    ISBN: 9780957818309
    Title: Between Heaven & Earth
    Author: IRWIN SALLY

    Freda Du Faur's story is not only about her conquest of Mount Cook in 1910 and her daringly brilliant later climbs in the Southern Alps but it also recreates the world of a woman born in the 19th Century who aspired to live as if she had the choices available today. It takes the reader into the realms of Federation Sydney, early mountaineering in New Zealand, suffragist London then, during the later backlash against independent women, into the frightening domain of the first lethal 'deep sleep therapies'. Freda's life was one of great promise, of ambition thwarted, lost love and a pride that refused to compromise.

    Format: Trade paperback
    Price: $25.00
  • Between the Flags: 100 Years of Surf Life Saving in Nz
    Between the Flags: 100 Years of Surf Life Saving in Nz
    ISBN: 9780473176860
    Title: Between the Flags: 100 Years of Surf Life Saving in Nz
    Author: HARVEY BOB ED

    A remarkable story of dedication, courage and pride is told in Between the flags. It is a story of 50,000 lives saved. A story of a rich beach culture that developed on the gold and black sands of New Zealand beaches. It is about ordinary people doing extraordinary things. ... This is their story. It is told in the words and photos of the characters and competitors that were part of this great and grand history.

    Format: Paperback
    Price: $25.00
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