• 28 Maori Battalion: Second NZ Expeditionary Force
    28 Maori Battalion: Second NZ Expeditionary Force
    ISBN: 9780987667519
    Title: 28 Maori Battalion: Second NZ Expeditionary Force
    Author: CODY J F

    John Douglas Publishing is delighted to be able to produce this work with kind permission from Manatu Taonga Ministry for Culture and Heritage and the 28 Maori Battalion Association. This is the official history of one of the greatest fighting infantry units of World War II, the 28(Maori) Battalion. We have done everything possible to ensure the book is as close to the original, printed in 1956. As Lieutenant-General Bernard Freyberg wrote in the Foreword to the book: "In this history you will read the whole story - how they went overseas from New Zealand in 1940, with the Second Echelon to England, to take part in 'The Battle of Britain'. When the threat of invasion diminished they re-embarked for the Middle East, and arrived in time to take part in the disastrous campaigns in Greece and Crete. Later they fought in the 1941 Libyan Campaign and in the battles in 1942 in defence of Egypt. Later, when the tide changed, they took an active part in the victorious Western Desert Campaign, under Generals Alexander and Montgomery. They finished the war in Italy on the 2nd May 1945. "In all these many campaigns this Battalion took a great part, often a decisive part, in the fighting, as in the counter-attacks at Maleme and 42nd Street in the Cretan Campaign, or again in the Battle of Tebaga Gap, where gallant and young Ngarimu gained his posthumous Victoria Cross, or in the capture of Takrouna. But as glorious as these battles were, and as gallant and brave as was the Maori part, it is not only of their bravery but what fine fighting men they were. "To know and appreciate their great qualities you must understand their background and their tribal traditions. Maori are a fighting race, and according to their traditions and in keeping with the laws of New Zealand, they did not come under the National Service Act, which called up men when they reached the military age. The Maori was always a volunteer. For them it was an honour to serve.

    Format: Hardback
    Price: $65.00
  • Albatross Too Many: a Sequel to as for the Godwits
    Albatross Too Many: a Sequel to as for the Godwits
    ISBN: 9780908990559
    Title: Albatross Too Many: a Sequel to as for the Godwits

    Life in the remote community of Te Kuaka.

    Format: Paperback
    Price: $25.00
  • Always Song in the Water: An Oceanic Sketchbook
    Always Song in the Water: An Oceanic Sketchbook
    ISBN: 9781869409340
    Title: Always Song in the Water: An Oceanic Sketchbook

    Beginning in Northland and heading into the blue beyond, Always Song in the Water is a book of encounters and epiphanies, a dinghy ride through New Zealand's oceanic imagination.Every spring on Gregory O'Brien's front lawn, on a ridgetop in Hataitai, an upside-down dinghy blooms with flowering clematis. In this book, O'Brien takes his metaphorical dinghy to the edges of New Zealand - starting with a road trip through Northland and then voyaging out into the Pacific, to lead us into some under-explored territories of the South Pacific imagination.With creative spirits such as Janet Frame, Ralph Hotere, Robin White, John Pule and Epeli Hau'ofa as touchstones, O'Brien suggests how we New Zealanders might be re-imagining ourselves as an oceanic people on a small island in a big piece of water.Always Song in the Water is a book of encounters, sightings and unexpected epiphanies. It is a high-spirited, personal and inventive account of being alive at the outer extremities of Aotearoa New Zealand. 'This is my field notebook, my voyaging logbook,' Gregory O'Brien writes, 'this is my Schubert played on a barrel organ, my whale survey, my songbook.'Among the many artists whose work is featured are John Pule, Robin White, Phil Dadson, Fiona Hall, Euan Macleod, Laurence Aberhart and the Sydney-based painter Noel McKenna, who produced numerous works specifically for this book.

    Format: Paperback
    Price: $45.00
  • Always Speaking: The Treaty of Waitangi & Public Policy
    Always Speaking: The Treaty of Waitangi & Public Policy
    ISBN: 9781869694814
    Title: Always Speaking: The Treaty of Waitangi & Public Policy

    This is a collection of papers that examine the current place of the Treaty of Watangi in core public policy areas. The authors analyse the tensions and dynamics in the relationship between Maori and the Crown in their areas of expertise, detail the key challenges being faced, and provide insights on how these can be overcome. The policy areas covered in the collection span the environment, Maori and social development, health, broadcasting, the Maori language, prison and the courts, local government, research, science and technology, culture and heritage, foreign affairs, women's issues, labour, youth, education, economics, housing and the electoral system.

    Format: Paperback
    Price: $45.00
  • Are We There Yet? the Future of the Treaty of Waitangi
    Are We There Yet? the Future of the Treaty of Waitangi
    ISBN: 9780987666680
    Title: Are We There Yet? the Future of the Treaty of Waitangi

    Three questions:
    'Where have we got to with the Treaty of Waitangi?'
    'Is where we have got to a good place?'
    'Where do we go from here?'

    Simple questions we thought. But nothing is simple when you start asking questions about the Treaty of Waitangi. Two years later we have emerged battered and bruised but with something we want to say. 'Fellas, we might be about to crash the truck and you're not even looking!'

    Maori leaders aspire to more political power for Maori, more Maori community autonomy and more economic assistance for Maori. It has become accepted practice among Maori, lawyers and politicians to use the Treaty to progress these aspirations. But there is a limit to the issues the Treaty can credibly be used to resolve. We think the strategy of couching these contemporary Maori aspirations as promises implied in the Treaty is flawed. It is not going to lead to agreement. It also risks undermining the status of the Treaty among non-Maori. Contemporary Maori aspirations are very important and must be debated, but they must be debated openly and honestly, each on their own merits, without looking to the Treaty for legitimacy.

    We think embedding unique political rights for Maori at the centre of public life is highly risky, and for that reason to be avoided. But we also think there's a lot that can be done to improve the lives of Maori. Rethinking the role of central government is essential. The role of government in a diverse society is to help people live lives they value, not some 'one size fits all' typecast. Shifting authority from central government to communities can help with this. But devolution will only improve people's lives if there is widespread collaboration across diverse communities within our society.

    What we've ended up with, and what we present here, is a personal assessment of the way New Zealand is governed. We focus, in particular, on recent changes to political rights and community authority that have been introduced in response to pressure to honour the Treaty. It's really about New Zealand's constitution but don't be put off by that word. This stuff matters and we could be doing a whole lot better than we are.

    Format: Paperback
    Price: $35.00
  • Before Hobson
    Before Hobson
    ISBN: 9780473312848
    Title: Before Hobson
    Author: SIMPSON TONY

    Preliminary description: This book deals with the Treaty in its British political context and the economic background to the South Pacific in the four decades leading up to it. It arrives at rather startling conclusions. It's not quite at the Dirty Politics level but it certainly suggests some fairly comprehensive skulduggery in the relationship between the British government and the New Zealand Company at the time as its principal motivation). The missionaries don't come out of it too well either.

    Format: Trade paperback
    Price: $38.00
  • Beneath the Maori Moon: an Illustrated History of Maori Rugby
    Beneath the Maori Moon: an Illustrated History of Maori Rugby
    ISBN: 9781869693053
    Title: Beneath the Maori Moon: an Illustrated History of Maori Rugby

    This is the complete story of the New Zealand Maori rugby team, including analysis of the politics behind the side. With unique photographs, memorabilia, cartoons, statistics and player interviews, this book offers something for everyone. This is a must-have for all rugby fans.

    Format: Hardback
    Price: $50.00
  • Buying the Land Selling the Land Governments & Maori Land on the North Island 1865-1921
    Buying the Land Selling the Land Governments & Maori Land on the North Island 1865-1921
    ISBN: 9780864735614
    Title: Buying the Land Selling the Land Governments & Maori Land on the North Island 1865-1921

    Studying Crown Maori land policy and practice in the period 1869-1929, from the establishment of the Native Land Court power until the cessation by Gordon Coates, this investigation chronicles the bleak and grim tidal wave of Crown purchasing that dominated the Maori people under very difficult circumstances. Avoiding the assumption that the government purchasing of Maori land was in its own way driven by genuine, if blinkered, idealism, this work's deep research on land purchasing policy gives renewed insight on the significant politicians of the era, such as Sir Donald McLean, John Balance, and John McKenzie who were strong advocates of expanded and state-controlled land purchasing.

    Format: Trade paperback
    Price: $60.00
  • Collaborative & Indigenous Mental Health Therapy: Tataihono - Stories of Maori Healing & Psychiatry
    Collaborative & Indigenous Mental Health Therapy: Tataihono - Stories of Maori Healing & Psychiatry
    ISBN: 9781138230309
    Title: Collaborative & Indigenous Mental Health Therapy: Tataihono - Stories of Maori Healing & Psychiatry

    This book examines a collaboration between traditional M ori healing and clinical psychiatry. Comprised of transcripted interviews and detailed meditations on practice, it demonstrates how bicultural partnership frameworks can augment mental health treatment by balancing local imperatives with sound and careful psychiatric care. In the first chapter, M ori healer Wiremu NiaNia outlines the key concepts that underpin his world view and work. He then discusses the social, historical, and cultural context of his relationship with Allister Bush, an adolescent psychiatrist. The main body of the book comprises chapters that each recount the story of one young person and their family s experience of M ori healing from three or more points of view: those of the psychiatrist, the M ori healer and the young person and other family members who participated in and experienced the healing. With a forward by Sir Mason Durie, this book is essential reading for psychologists, social workers, psychiatrists, and students interested in bicultural studies. "

    Format: Paperback
    Price: $40.00

  • Corruption of Nz Democracy a Treaty Overview
    Corruption of Nz Democracy a Treaty Overview
    ISBN: 9781872970257
    Title: Corruption of Nz Democracy a Treaty Overview

    In his book THE CORRUPTION OF NEW ZEALAND DEMOCRACY: A TREATY OVERVIEW the author contends that Maori society was in disarray in the early nineteenth century. While slavery in the deep south of the USA was terrible, in New Zealand it was brutal, with unexpected death and cannibalism a constant threat. There was mass killing. In the years that followed the signing of the Treaty of Waitangi, British forces imposed peace, bringing an end to intertribal warfare, torture, slavery and cannibalism. The Maori population steadily recovered from the ravages of a terrible past. That was a great achievement, to be celebrated. The way ahead could then be based on common identity and equality. John Robinson argues that the outcome for Maori was not catastrophe but demographic recovery. It is shown here that the decrease of population after 1840 was entirely a consequence of the initial abnormal population distribution, with a lack of young and a shortage of women, as well as continuing female infanticide. However, the rewriting of history in support of separatist claims is demanded of 'scholars'. The repetition of causes for grievance then increases racial tensions while turning attention away from the worsening economic and social conditions of so many ordinary Maori. This book explores that background and outlines some of the consequences of the insistence of grievance, with a people becoming ever more divided. Racial privileges based on the accidents of history are now part of New Zealand law and are dividing a nation that was built on the worthy aspiration of "one law for all". The continuing division of the land and writing of new law in back room deals, from which the public are excluded (as described here), is corrupting our once proud democracy.

    Format: Paperback
    Price: $20.00
  • Culture Speaks Cultural Relationships & Classroom Learning
    Culture Speaks Cultural Relationships & Classroom Learning
    ISBN: 9781869692797
    Title: Culture Speaks Cultural Relationships & Classroom Learning

    Format: Trade paperback
    Price: $45.00
  • Decolonizing Methodologies
    Decolonizing Methodologies
    ISBN: 9781877578281
    Title: Decolonizing Methodologies

    This essential volume explores intersections of imperialism and research - specifically, the ways in which imperialism is embedded in disciplines of knowledge and tradition as 'regimes of truth'. Concepts such as 'discovery' and 'claiming' are discussed and an argument presented that the decolonisation of research methods will help to reclaim control over indigenous ways of knowing and being. Now in its eagerly awaited second edition, published in New Zealand by Otago University Press, this bestselling book has been substantially revised, with new case-studies and examples and important additions on new indigenous literature, and the role of research in indigenous struggles for social justice, which brings this essential volume urgently up-to-date.

    Format: Paperback
    Price: $45.00
  • Encircled Lands: Te Urewera 1820-1921
    Encircled Lands: Te Urewera 1820-1921
    ISBN: 9781877242441
    Title: Encircled Lands: Te Urewera 1820-1921

    For Europeans during the nineteenth century, the Urewera was a remote and savagely enticing wilderness; for those who lived there, it was a sheltering heartland. This history documents the first hundred years of the ""Rohe Potae"" (the 'encircled lands' of the Urewera) following European contact. Early in the period the terrain was criss-crossed by missionaries and (from 1866) by government troops. In 1866-67 large areas were taken by confiscation of forced cession. At the end of the fighting in 1872, by the agreed terms of peace, the Urerewa became an autonomous district, governed by its own leaders. It's existence as a separate tribal district was formally ratified in 1896.

    Format: Hardback
    Price: $90.00
  • Footsteps of Fire #1 Ngati Dread
    Footsteps of Fire #1 Ngati Dread
    ISBN: 9780473135225
    Title: Footsteps of Fire #1 Ngati Dread

    Format: Paperback
    Price: $34.00
  • From Tamaki-makau-rau to Auckland
    From Tamaki-makau-rau to Auckland
    ISBN: 9781869402594
    Title: From Tamaki-makau-rau to Auckland

    The history of the Auckland region from the beginning of Maori settlement about 800 years ago up to 1840 when Captain William Hobson purchased it as his site for the new capital. The book uses parallel and often corroborative versions drawn from Maori oral traditions and Land Court records, and from the work of archaeologists and pre-historians. Includes black and white and colour illustrations.

    Format: Trade paperback
    Price: $60.00
  • Great Divide: the Story of Nz & Its Treaty
    Great Divide: the Story of Nz & Its Treaty
    ISBN: 9780987657367
    Title: Great Divide: the Story of Nz & Its Treaty
    Author: WISHART IAN

    Format: Paperback
    Price: $39.00
  • He Whakaputanga Me Te Tiriti : the Declaration & the Treaty: the Report on Stage 1 of the Te Paparahi O Te Raki Inquiry
    He Whakaputanga Me Te Tiriti : the Declaration & the Treaty: the Report on Stage 1 of the Te Paparahi O Te Raki Inquiry
    ISBN: 9781869563080
    Title: He Whakaputanga Me Te Tiriti : the Declaration & the Treaty: the Report on Stage 1 of the Te Paparahi O Te Raki Inquiry

    Format: Paperback
    Price: $114.00
  • Healing Our History: The Challenge of the Treaty of Waitangi
    Healing Our History: The Challenge of the Treaty of Waitangi
    ISBN: 9780143567691
    Title: Healing Our History: The Challenge of the Treaty of Waitangi

    'Based on years of Treaty work experience, [this book] is essential reading.'--Claudia Orange& The Treaty of Waitangi is the most important document in New Zealand's history.& Current Treaty issues and Maori/Pakeha relationships can only be understood within the wider story of New Zealand. As we understand and honour our history, we can acknowledge the need for restoration, healing and right relationships.& The public response to previous editions of this bestselling book by Robert Consedine and his daughter Joanna Consedine has been strong and overwhelmingly positive. & This 2012 edition updates and expands on the critical issues: the foreshore and seabed debate, Maori access to political power, and the emergence of the Maori Party; the remarkable growth of the Maori economy, self-determination, Maori language and the developments in Maori education; constitutional issues, and the benefits of the Treaty settlement process. New Zealand and all New Zealanders have much to celebrate-and many challenges ahead.& Drawing on Robert's unique experience as a leading Treaty educator, the powerful message of this book illustrates how each and every New Zealander across all cultures can discover a new sense of personal and national identity, grounded in an authentic Treaty relationship.& 'this is one of those books New Zealand needs.'--Michael King

    Format: Paperback
    Price: $30.00
  • Hikoi: Forty Years of Maori Protest
    Hikoi: Forty Years of Maori Protest
    ISBN: 9781869691011
    Title: Hikoi: Forty Years of Maori Protest
    Author: HARRIS AROHA

    What have Maori been protesting about? What has been achieved? This book provides an overview of the contemporary Maori protest 'movement', a summary of the rationale behind the actions, and a wonderful collection of photographs of the action ' the protests, the marches and the toil behind the scenes. And it provides a glimpse of the fruits of that protest ' the Waitangi Tribunal and the opportunity to prepare, present and negotiate Treaty settlements; Maori language made an official language; Maori-medium education; Maori health providers; iwi radio and, in 2004, Maori television.

    Format: Trade paperback
    Price: $45.00
  • Hone Heke Nga Puhi Warrior
    Hone Heke Nga Puhi Warrior
    ISBN: 9780908990764
    Title: Hone Heke Nga Puhi Warrior
    Author: MOON PAUL

    A captivating account of the life of Hone Heke, first to sign the Treaty of Waitangi, then feller of the flagpole who at one stage seemed to hold the future of the young colony in his hand.

    Format: Paperback
    Price: $30.00
  • Hongi Hika: Warrior Chief
    Hongi Hika: Warrior Chief
    ISBN: 9780143770732
    Title: Hongi Hika: Warrior Chief

    'Hongi is a shrewd, thoughtful man, very superior to any other native I have yet seen. he is gentlemanly in his manners, and has ever proved the missionary's friend. I esteem him the greatest man that has ever lived in these islands. His name carries terror with it throughout the whole of New Zealand.' - Rev. Richard Davis

    Format: Trade paperback
    Price: $50.00
  • Hui: A Study of Maori Ceremonial Gatherings
    Hui: A Study of Maori Ceremonial Gatherings
    ISBN: 9780143203025
    Title: Hui: A Study of Maori Ceremonial Gatherings
    Author: SALMOND ANNE

    When Maori people gather for a Hui, they have immediate access to an ancestral world which remains a living reality for as long as the hui lasts. Hui incorporate all Maori ceremonial gatherings: openings of new marae, tangihanga (funerals), hurahanga kohatu (unveilings), birthdays and anniversaries, and tribal policy making. This book introduces us to all aspects of the hui and its significance to Maori. It is a definitive study of ceremonial gatherings and the rituals that are the life blood of the marae.

    Format: Trade paperback
    Price: $41.00
  • Huia Come Home
    Huia Come Home
    ISBN: 9781877487996
    Title: Huia Come Home
    Author: RUKA JAY

    Once the sacred guardian of New Zealand¿s native forests, the huia was a symbol of the land¿s unique beauty and spirituality. The rare bird¿s tragic extinction in the early 1900s represents a shot to the heart of Aotearoa and is a potent metaphor for a country¿s conflicted history. Using the story of the untimely extinction of the huia, Jay Ruka offers a fresh perspective on the narrative of Aotearoa; a tale of two cultures, warring worldviews, and the things we lost in translation. Revisiting the early missionaries, the transformative message of the gospel and the cultural missteps of the Treaty of Waitangi, Huia Come Home invites us to reconnect with the unique story offered by the indigenous Maori lens.

    Format: Paperback
    Price: $25.00
  • Huia Histories of Maori: Nga Korero Tahuhu
    Huia Histories of Maori: Nga Korero Tahuhu
    ISBN: 9781775500094
    Title: Huia Histories of Maori: Nga Korero Tahuhu

    This comprehensive history of Aotearoa New Zealand written entirely from Maori viewpoints using Maori customary structures takes a fresh look at what Maori history is and how it is different from that formerly portrayed. As a postcolonial history, it provides a range of fresh views on events in the past. Written by sixteen Maori scholars, including two Knights of the Realm, all specialists in their fields, the book covers histories of descent, the land, people, and autonomy and includes writing on customary law, ancestral law, the natural world, Maori urban protest, customary language, health, politics and cultural expression. The book is richly illustrated with over 100 photographs.

    Format: Paperback
    Price: $50.00
  • International Indigenous Rights in Aotearoa NZ
    International Indigenous Rights in Aotearoa NZ
    ISBN: 9781776560486
    Title: International Indigenous Rights in Aotearoa NZ

    Notwithstanding the progress made through all the tribunal reports and court cases from the 1980s, and the consequential changes in legislation and official policy, I would still rank the day that New Zealand gave support to the Declaration as the most significant day, in advancing Maori rights, since 6th February 1840.

    —Sir Edward Taihakurei Durie

    Over the past four decades, international indigenous rights have become a prominent aspect of international law and are now enshrined in the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples. Yet, while endorsed by Aotearoa New Zealand in 2010, little remains known about how these standards came about, how the international movement that created them was established, and the implications of these standards on national reforms already protecting Maori rights.

    International Indigenous Rights in Aotearoa New Zealand seeks to answer these questions. This collection of essays places the Declaration in the context of New Zealand rights around such issues as Treaty settlements, mining policy and the status of Maori children. Crucially, it also asks how Maori can hold New Zealand to account against international indigenous rights.

    Contributors: Natalie Baird, Claire Breen, Claire Charters, Sarah Down, Andrew Erueti, Kirsty Gover, Justice Matthew S R Palmer, Matthew S Smith, Fleur Te Aho, Linda Te Aho, Tracey Whare

    Andrew Erueti lectures in indigenous and Maori rights at the Law Faculty of the University of Auckland. Prior to joining the faculty, he was the adviser to Amnesty International on indigenous rights and has worked with Maori and other indigenous communities in advancing their rights through various UN and regional human rights treaty bodies.

    Format: Paperback
    Price: $40.00
  • Ka Mate Ka Ora: Spirit of Te Rauparaha
    Ka Mate Ka Ora: Spirit of Te Rauparaha
    ISBN: 9781877448362
    Title: Ka Mate Ka Ora: Spirit of Te Rauparaha
    Author: COLLINS HENI

    The story of Te Rauparaha and his times continues to intrigue, provoke and inspire Maori and Pakeha alike. Heni Collins describes Te Rauparaha's life from the time his birth was foretold, through inter-tribal conflict, migration, settlement in the south (Kapiti Island), and into the period of colonization. Te Rauparaha and his nephew Te Rangihaeata welcomed Europeans living among them in the 1820s and 1830s, for the trade and technology they brought. But they never gave up their rangatiratanga or mana whenua. They tried European systems of justice such as the courts and the Land Commission, but were soon frustrated by the ponderous processes and toothlessness of these bodies. To retain their independence and authority, Ngati Toa eventually turned to military resistance. Reappraising original material, including sources in te reo, Heni Collins enlivens events and adds cultural understanding and authenticity to a dramatic story of Aotearoa New Zealand. Ka Mate, Ka Ora! The Spirit of Te Rauparaha includes comments by kaumatua Te Puoho Katene and other tribal members, and an epilogue by former Maori All Black Norm Hewitt. New maps show the location of significant sites, and an appendix details their history and what can be seen there today. The spirit of Te Rauparaha lives on every time his Ka Mate haka is performed, and his story and example are as vital today as they were in his lifetime.

    Format: Paperback
    Price: $40.00
  • Ka Ngaro Te Reo: Maori Language Under Siege in the Nineteenth Century
    Ka Ngaro Te Reo: Maori Language Under Siege in the Nineteenth Century
    ISBN: 9781927322413
    Title: Ka Ngaro Te Reo: Maori Language Under Siege in the Nineteenth Century
    Author: MOON PAUL

    Ka ngaro te reo, ka ngaro taua, pera i te ngaro o te moa. If the language be lost, man will be lost, as dead as the moa. In 1800, te reo Maori was the only language spoken in New Zealand. By 1899, it was on the verge of disappearing altogether. In Ka Ngaro Te Reo, Paul Moon traces the spiralling decline of the language during an era of prolonged colonisation that saw political, economic, cultural and linguistic power shifting steadily into the hands of the European core. In this revelatory and hard-hitting account, Moon draws on a vast range of published and archival material, as well as oral histories and contemporary Maori accounts, to chart the tortuous journey of a language under siege in a relentless European campaign to ‘save and civilize the remnant of the Maori Race’. He also chronicles the growing commitment among many Maori towards the end of the nineteenth century to ensure that the language would survive.

    Format: Paperback
    Price: $40.00
  • Kia Mau: Resisting Colonial Fictions
    Kia Mau: Resisting Colonial Fictions
    ISBN: 9780473494957
    Title: Kia Mau: Resisting Colonial Fictions

    Tina Ngata's book of critical essays sets out to examine the decision by the New Zealand government to commemorate the 250th anniversary of the arrival of Captain James Cook and the implications of that decision both for Maori and for the wider global struggle against colonialism. Analysing these thinly veiled celebrations alongside the role of the Doctrine of Discovery while charting Cook's crime spree of murder, rape and pillage, Ngata urgently calls for a practice ethical remembering that requires unlearning the falsehoods of "exploration" and "discovery" and coming to terms with the horrifying reality of ongoing colonisation.

    Format: Paperback
    Price: $15.00
  • Kia Tangi Te Titi
    Kia Tangi Te Titi
    ISBN: 9781877398988
    Title: Kia Tangi Te Titi

    This book explores what constitutes successful schooling for Maori students in the 21st century. Editor Paul Whitinui has drawn together academic contributions from diverse fields of matauranga (education), matauranga hinengaro (psychology), whakaako hauora (health), akoranga takakau-a-ora (sport and leisure) and others. The book aims to provide a critical, reflective and forward-thinking view of how schooling for Maori students can be improved. The writers canvas topics such as the importance of te reo, Maori pedagogies, culturally relevant assessment, education strategies to develop Maori scientists and creating a culture of care. Underpinning it all is a powerful call for recognition of Maori as culturally connected learners. This book is for researchers, policy makers, school leaders, and Maori communities looking at positive, creative and dynamic ways of improving schooling for Maori students. The foreword is by Dr Turoa Royal.

    Format: Paperback
    Price: $40.00
  • Ko Aotearoa Tenei a Report into Claims Concerning Nz Law & Policy Affecting Maori Culture & Identity
    Ko Aotearoa Tenei a Report into Claims Concerning Nz Law & Policy Affecting Maori Culture & Identity
    ISBN: 9781869563004
    Title: Ko Aotearoa Tenei a Report into Claims Concerning Nz Law & Policy Affecting Maori Culture & Identity

    Format: Paperback
    Price: $46.00
  • Ko Rongowhakaata: Ruku | Te Po, Ruku | Te Ao | The Story of Light & Shadow
    Ko Rongowhakaata: Ruku | Te Po, Ruku | Te Ao | The Story of Light & Shadow
    ISBN: 9780994136299
    Title: Ko Rongowhakaata: Ruku | Te Po, Ruku | Te Ao | The Story of Light & Shadow

    The Ko Rongowhakaata: Story of Light and Shadow exhibition at Te Papa is a window into the world of Rongowhakaata, the prominent iwi from the Tūranganui-a-Kiwa (Gisborne) region. The exhibition presents some of Rongowhakaata's greatest treasures and heirlooms, stories and relationships, and contemporary artistry. This book, in English and te reo Māori, backgrounds those stories and celebrates those treasures in outstanding images. Ruku i te pō, ruku i te ao. Delve into the dark, emerge into the light.

    Format: Trade paperback
    Price: $40.00
  • Ko Tautoro, Te Pito O Toku Ao: A Ngapuhi Narrative
    Ko Tautoro, Te Pito O Toku Ao: A Ngapuhi Narrative
    ISBN: 9781869408145
    Title: Ko Tautoro, Te Pito O Toku Ao: A Ngapuhi Narrative
    Author: SADLER HONE

    Ngapuhi is the largest iwi in New Zealand and has occupied the northern North Island, from Tamaki in the south to Te Rerenga Wairua in the north, from the time of their arrival from Hawaiki. Ko Tautoro, Te pito o Toku Ao is Ngapuhi elder Hone Sadler's powerful account of the origins, history and culture of the Ngapuhi people - a profound introduction to the Sacred House of Puhi. Sadler illustrates the unbroken chain of Ngapuhi sovereignty by looking in-depth at his own hapu of Ngati Moerewa, Ngati Rangi and Ngai Tawake ki te Waoku of Tautoro and Mataraua. The narrative is told through weaving together karakia and whakapapa, histories and korero that have been part of the oral traditions of Ngapuhi's whanau, hapu and iwi and handed down through the generations on marae and other gathering places. Presented first to open the Ngapuhi's claim before the Waitangi Tribunal, Sadler's narrative is a powerful Maori oral account, presented here in Maori and English on facing pages, of the story of New Zealand's largest iwi.

    Format: Hardback
    Price: $50.00
  • Maea te Toi Ora: Maori Health Transformations
    Maea te Toi Ora: Maori Health Transformations
    ISBN: 9781775502975
    Title: Maea te Toi Ora: Maori Health Transformations

    Maori clinicians and researchers explore the relationship between Maori culture and Maori mental health. The six contributing authors in the collection are Simon Bennett, Mason Durie, Hinemoa Elder, Te Kani Kingi, Mark Lawrence and Rees Tapsell and are all well known in the mental health field. Each discusses aspects of Maori and indigenous health and the importance of culture to diagnosis, patient history, understanding causes, treatment and assessment of outcomes. Along with a discussion of current research into and knowledge about health and culture, the authors provide case studies from their own experiences of working with Maori to restore well-being.

    Format: Paperback
    Price: $45.00
  • Mana Tuturu Maori Treasures & Intellectual Property Rights
    Mana Tuturu Maori Treasures & Intellectual Property Rights
    ISBN: 9781869403508
    Title: Mana Tuturu Maori Treasures & Intellectual Property Rights

    Mana Tuturu is a timely, valuable and immensely wise meditation on the complex and difficult problems that arise when the treasures of indigenous peoples enter the commercial world which seeks to reproduce and disseminate them. Well aware that such matters are not simple, author Barry Barclay draws on his long experience as a filmmaker, often depicting Indigenous New Zealand Maori subjects, to conduct a meeting, or public forum, to show, to listen, to suggest ways in which two worlds, each important, can meet. His gripping and moving book will be a guide in the areas of film and television, libraries, archives and museums, jurisprudence and ethics; but beyond that it is the kind of classic book that anyone seriously concerned about the culture of contemporary New Zealand, or any post-colonial country, should read and ponder on.

    Format: Trade paperback
    Price: $50.00
  • Maori & the State: Crown-Maori Relations in NZ/Aoetearoa, 1950-2000
    Maori & the State: Crown-Maori Relations in NZ/Aoetearoa, 1950-2000
    ISBN: 9780864736116
    Title: Maori & the State: Crown-Maori Relations in NZ/Aoetearoa, 1950-2000
    Author: HILL RICHARD S

    Presenting the most recent research and written by an expert in the field, this examination explores the principal interrelationships between the British Crown and the Maori people in the 1950s and 1960s when Crown assimilation policies intensified--and during the 1970s--when the pressure of the Maori renaissance encouraged policies and goals based on biculturalism. A subject central to New Zealand's culture, this is an important and historical analysis of the country and the wider issue of indigenous peoples' rights.

    Format: Trade paperback
    Price: $60.00
  • Maori Fortifications
    Maori Fortifications
    ISBN: 9781846033704
    Title: Maori Fortifications
    Author: KNIGHT IAN

    The Maori people of New Zealand were experienced field engineers even before they came into conflict with Europeans in the 19th Century. Warfare between rival groups was endemic in Maori society, and it was common practice to protect villages with surrounding entrenchments and wooden palisades, known aspas. As contact with the European world increased, the Maori responded by adopting firearms into their traditional armory. It was not until 1845, however, with the first fighting between the Maori and the British, that it became clear just how strong and sophisticated the Maori fortifications were. For the best part of 20 years, the Maori held off the dominant and technologically superior British forces, by adapting and developing their defenses in response to every new improvement in the British artillery. The complex network of trenches and sheltered 'bomb-proof' dug outs, designed to resist further British assaults, proved so effective that they had a strong influence on the trench warfare systems of World War I. This book explores the evolution and design of Maori fortifications, and charts the course of a conflict that would ultimately see the British break the Maoripas, leading to a bitter guerrilla bush war.

    Format: Paperback
    Price: $25.00
  • Maori Healing & Herbal: NZ Ethnobotanical Sourcebook
    Maori Healing & Herbal: NZ Ethnobotanical Sourcebook
    ISBN: 9780854670956
    Title: Maori Healing & Herbal: NZ Ethnobotanical Sourcebook

    A comprehensive study of the healing arts of the Maori from the time before contact with Europeans till the present. One section lists individual diseases and injuries in alphabetical order, describing traditional treatments and frequently referring to aspects of Maori astronomy and religion. The bulk of the book is a herbal, giving descriptions of more than 200 plants and their uses. References to material recorded in print is given in chronological order. For many plants there is a discussion of relationships with botanical families to which the plant belongs and a description of medicinal uses through other parts of the world. There are more than 200 colour plates.

    Format: Hardback
    Price: $108.00
  • Maori in the Great War
    Maori in the Great War
    ISBN: 9781877427343
    Title: Maori in the Great War
    Author: COWAN JAMES

    Maori form a significant proportion of the modern New Zealand Army, and Maori officers have achieved the very highest commands, Their unique culture is deeply embedded in its tradition and daily routines; celebrated by Maori (indigenous) and pakeha (non-indigenous) soldiers alike. The exploits of the 28th (Maori) Battalion in WWll - peerless in attack - are well-remembered. Not so well known is the major Maori contribution to the Allied cause in the Great War. Maori were quick to respond in 1914. Over five times as many as the specified contingent of 500 men volunteered, and that number of places was allocated on a tribal basis. As the centennial of the start of WWl approaches, it is timely to revise and republish Cowans 1926 work. In 1914 the population of New Zealand was little more than one million, of whom 50,000 were Maori. Eventually 2227 Maori men served overseas, the vast majority volunteers. 336 paid the supreme sacrifice, of whom 196 were killed in action or died of wounds. A further 734 were wounded, an over-all casualty rate approaching 50%. This revised; Maori in the Great War; contains appendices specifying full details of every soldier who served (a boon for present-day genealogists) as well as the Roll of Honour. Initially sent on garrison duty to Malta, the First Maori Contingent protested at this static role. Their protests heeded, they were re-deployed to Gallipoli on 3 July 1915. Their field engineering skills were put to good use in the development of the Big Sap principal communication trench. In August they participated in the Battle of Sari Bair and at Hill 60. When the New Zealand Division was formed in Egypt in March 1916 a Pioneer Battalion was raised with two Maori, and two pakeha platoons in each of four companies. This 50/50 ratio remained in the establishment on the Western Front until early February 1918 when the Pioneer Battalion was disbanded, and the unit, now solely Maori, became the New Zealand Maori (Pioneer) Battalion. The Battalion served with great credit as part of the Division throughout its full itinerary, from May 1916 to The Armistice. From First Somme 1916 (notable for their Turk Lane major sap) then Messines, and Passchendaele (1917) and in March 1918 the great encounter battle on the Ancre which halted the German advance short of Amiens. From August to November 1918, the Pioneers worthily fulfilled their role in the last hundred days of the war, known as the Advance to Victory.

    Format: Hardback
    Price: $70.00
  • Maori Oral Tradition: He Korero No Te Ao Tawhito
    Maori Oral Tradition: He Korero No Te Ao Tawhito
    ISBN: 9781869408619
    Title: Maori Oral Tradition: He Korero No Te Ao Tawhito
    Author: MCRAE JANE

    Maori oral tradition is the rich, poetic record of the past handed down by voice over generations through whakapapa, whakatauk?, k'rero and waiata. In genealogies and sayings, histories, stories and songs, M'ori tell of `te ao tawhito¿ or the old world: the gods, the migration of the Polynesian ancestors from Hawaiki and life here in Aotearoa. A voice from the past, today this remarkable record underpins the speeches, songs and prayers performed on marae and the teaching of tribal genealogies and histories. Indeed, the oral tradition underpins M'ori culture itself. This book introduces readers to the distinctive oral style and language of the traditional compositions, acknowledges the skills of the composers of old and explores the meaning of their striking imagery and figurative language. And it shows how ng? k'rero tuku iho ¿ the inherited words ¿ can be a deep well of knowledge about the way of life, wisdom and thinking of the M'ori ancestors."

    Format: Trade paperback
    Price: $45.00
  • Maori Property in the Foreshore & Seabed the Last Frontier
    Maori Property in the Foreshore & Seabed the Last Frontier
    ISBN: 9780864735539
    Title: Maori Property in the Foreshore & Seabed the Last Frontier

    In this recent era of indigenous peoples' rights recognition, many states around the globe are faced with reconciling the pre-existing, inherent rights of indigenous peoples with those held and asserted by the state. Within New Zealand we remain engaged in this process of reconciliation and while there has been significant progress, there remain many outstanding and controversial questions about the status of Maori and their treaty and customary rights. This fact was brought into sharp focus by the Court of Appeal decision of Ngati Apa. The Ngati Apa decision was one of the most controversial modern decisions on Maori rights. Did it grant Maori tribes exclusive rights to the New Zealand coastline or was it merely an endorsement of their right to engage in long-practised traditional activities? It was quickly decided by government that Parliament would intervene and enact legislation to administer Maori customary claims to foreshore. However, the speed with which the legislation was enacted left little time for meaningful debate and reflection. Now that the dust has settled it is time to reflect more fully on these matters. This collection of essays does not aim to be an exhaustive treatment of the legal issues raised. It does, however, address many of the salient issues raised. Topics covered include the historical origins of Ngati Apa, how the Foreshore and Seabed Act (FSA) compares with schemes created in other countries with indigenous inhabitants, and how the FSA stacks up against international human rights law and environmental law. They are essays written by academics on topics that fall within their area of expertise. The general tenor is that New Zealand in its haste has enacted legislation that undermines the rights of Maori tribes. In short, the view is that the reconciliation process has tipped too far in favour of the rights of the state and non-Maori. While the foreshore may be the last frontier in terms of terra firma in this country, there are many challenging issues ahead of us.

    Format: Trade paperback
    Price: $40.00
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