• Treaty of Waitangi

    Treaty of Waitangi
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    ISBN: 9781877514340
    Title: Treaty of Waitangi
    Author: CALMAN ROSS

    New Zealanders in all walks of life need to have a basic knowledge about the the Treaty of Waitangi. But gaining an understanding of the Treaty is not an easy matter, with information mostly available through text books. THE TREATY OF WAITANGI answers that need with a short, balanced introduction to the nation's founding document. In plain language it covers the events leading up to the treaty, the treaty signing itself and what has happened since. Also included is information on the key personalities, a wealth of illustrations, and the full text of the treaty, in English and Maori. This is essential reading for all New Zealanders and visitors who wish to gain an insight into pivotal events in the nation's history.

    Format: Paperback
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