• Treaty of Waitangi Settlements

    Treaty of Waitangi Settlements
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    ISBN: 9781927131381
    Title: Treaty of Waitangi Settlements

    The settlement of iwi claims under the Treaty of Waitangi has been a prominent feature of NZ's political & legal landscape over the last thirty years. It has drawn international attention, as other nations seek ways to build new relationships between indigenous peoples & the state. Here leading scholars from the felds of law, history, Mäori studies & politics provide acomprehensive account of the settlement process. The contributors examine the history ofTreaty claims & the impact of Treaty settlements. The major settlements are considered, & their impact on the management & ownership of key resources (such as lands, forests, fisheries). The economic & social consequences for Mäori are debated, along with the impact of the settlement process on the Crown's relationship with Mäori. As the settlement of historical claims draws toward a close (forecast for 2014), this timely book considers the achievements & controversies of Treaty settlements over the years. How successful has the process been in redressing historic grievances? Are Treaty settlements truly ‘full and final’? Are major issues left unresolved? And how does NZ's attempt to build a new relationship between indigenous people & the state rate internationally?

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