• Alan Miller NZ Photographs

    Alan Miller NZ Photographs
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    ISBN: 9780473157739
    Title: Alan Miller NZ Photographs
    Author: MILLER ALAN

    Black and white photos of NZ: Lyricism, beauty and spirit inspire photographer Alan Miller's personal response. He has said of his work that 'you are trying to dig something out of things - anything that can sustain you'. Alan Miller has travelled extensively and for prolonged periods in the pursuit of his subject matter. The mapping of internal emotions or states of mind on to the landscape, or man-made forms, is one of the key elements in his body of photographs. Alan Miller has studied the history of painting, and it is as much the traditions of painting as those of photography that are apparent in his work. His often ambiguous and hauntingly beautiful black and white images have been created in many countries over the past thirty years. In this, Alan Miller's first publication, the collection of photographs speaks of the New Zealand landscape with a subtle and lyrical voice.

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