• Alumni Peter Stitchbury

    Alumni Peter Stitchbury
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    ISBN: 9780958289122
    Title: Alumni Peter Stitchbury

    This book is a study of Peter Stitchbury's moving, dramatic and sometimes disturbing series of paintings THE ALUMNI. Known as one of New Zealand's foremost fine art painters, Stitchbury's Alumni series provides a commentary for our times and has been exhibited around New Zealand. This series engages primarily in pointed dialogue with the world of popular culture. Drawing directly from the commercial imagery of advertising and celebrity he delivers exaggerate renditions which question our attachment to such images. In THE ALUMNI, his painted characters represent the extreme sub-sets of a school: the nerds, the beauties, the normal and the very strange. His paintings point to the hierarchies, the pecking orders and power games of the classroom which is turn are both a microcosm and distortion of the social world. Peter Stitchbury is a modern day society painter and his figures are drawn from the world of celluloid and pop culture. He is based in Auckland New Zealand. The paintings in the books are supported by five essays from some of the best art curators and commentators in the New Zealand art world: Emma Bugden. Misha Kavka, Serena Bentley, Aaron Kriesler and John Hurrell. In addition the book contains a full set of colour plates and a chronology of Stitchbury's work. The essays inform and illuminate the works and place them in a wider context. The book has the highest production standards and is a must for every library, institution and private collector and lover of NZ modern art.

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