• Aotearoa Rising (Abridged Series)

    Aotearoa Rising (Abridged Series)
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    ISBN: 9780473540971
    Title: Aotearoa Rising (Abridged Series)
    Author: COLLAGE CLUB

    In 2019, from Friday the 26th to Sunday the 28th of July, Sarah Lee and Sasha Francis
    co-hosted a collage stall at Festival for the Future 2019. This Abridged Selection is the
    contents of five notebooks the public was invited to collage into.
    Each notebook held an initial prompt, now corresponding to the discrete sections: “The
    Aotearoa I know: longing, belonging”; “letting go: mourning”; “feeling together: falling
    together”; and “the space between.” In respect for the ordering and arrangement of the
    original material, blank pages were left intentionally.

    Format: Paperback
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