• Architecture of the Heart

    Architecture of the Heart
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    ISBN: 9780992259624
    Title: Architecture of the Heart

    Architecture of the heart explores the notion of home as it has been expressed by New Zealand artists. Drawing from the rich and idiosyncratic collections of the Hawke's Bay Museum's Trust, Douglas Lloyd Jenkins and Lucy Hammonds present their unique perspective on the meaning of 'home', and how both the place and idea are reflected in New Zealand art.

    The home is a site of common experience; it is a place of origin, of shelter, community and intimacy. In bringing these elements together across time, culture and media, the authors weave aspects of art and design history together to present their picture of how the house and home are positioned in our cultural imagination. Focussed strongly on the 20th century, and bringing together both celebrated and lesser-known artists, this book creates a lively discussion of what home is and means.

    In this book Lloyd Jenkins and Hammonds present four richly illustrated chapters with works ranging from painting, photography, and sculpture through to design and applied art. In a narrative approach that combines interpretation and imagination, their unique perspective explores the connection between people and their sense of home. From the ancestors that shape our sense of identity and place, through to the private interior spaces in which we are truly comfortable, this book celebrates the home in all of its forms.

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