• Artists Impressions of Nz

    Artists Impressions of Nz
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    ISBN: 9781869663308
    Title: Artists Impressions of Nz

    Denis Robinson's latest offering is something of an artist's road trip - a journey from the top to the bottom of New Zealand through the paintings of nearly 60 artists. The tour begins with Northland and runs cross-country to the south of the South Island. Work from more than one artist highlights the nuances of each particular region or city. There are 20 regions covered in the book, with an additional focus on the four main cities, Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch - including a commemorative selection of paintings - and Dunedin. The artists have submitted work that expresses their creative or emotional response to places they know well. In the captions they tell the 'story' behind every painting. There is a wide variety of techniques displayed in the work, and often this seems related to place, like central Otago, which attracts more oil painters than Wellington, where watercolourists dominate the painting landscape. All in all, Denis Robinson has once again achieved a portfolio of striking artworks that not only demonstrates the deep well of artistic talent in this country, but also reflects the scenic beauty that surrounds us.

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