• Business of Documentary Filmmaking

    Business of Documentary Filmmaking
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    ISBN: 9781877361975
    Title: Business of Documentary Filmmaking

    Claudia Babirat and Lloyd Spencer Davis pool their considerable experience to provide this clearly written, practical how-to manual on running a successful business in documentary filmmaking in New Zealand. This comprehensive, no-nonsense guidebook gives step-by-step advice on how to become an independent filmmaker of the future. The Business of Documentary Filmmaking examines the role of the independent filmmaker, and explains how you get a foot in the door, form an independent production company, write budgets and business plans, access funding and market your business. T his book is brimming with helpful advice and important industry contacts as well as essential information provided by industry professionals รข?? from filmmakers and broadcasters to entertainment lawyers and accountants. The fascinating case studies of practising filmmakers inspire with their originality and energy.

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