• Tara McLeod: A Typographic Journey

    Tara McLeod: A Typographic Journey
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    ISBN: 9780473422271
    Title: Tara McLeod: A Typographic Journey
    Author: VARIOUS

    Chronicling the work of Tara McLeod, New Zealand’s most revered private press printer, this book presents a selection of over 200 images of his prints, his books and his 3D work. Accompanied by essays from Riemke Ensing, Bronwyn Lloyd, Paul Thompson, Donald Kerr, Jürgen Wegner and Alan Loney. Additionally a McLeod letterpress print has been tipped-in. This book provides a context and a benchmark for letterpress printers, setting both a challenge and an incentive to emerging young artists and designers to explore the unlimited potential of this medium in their own ways and to expand the boundaries of what is possible with a new spin on old technology.

    Format: Hardback
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