• 200 Women (new edition)
    200 Women (new edition)
    ISBN: 9781988516400
    Title: 200 Women (new edition)

    200 women from around the world, famous and unknown, answer the same 5 questions, such as What really matters to you? and What would you change in the world if you could? The answers are inspiring, moving, sometimes funny, sometimes painful, but always powerful. Interviewees include Graca Michel, widow of Nelson Mandela and an impressive political and social activist, author Margaret Atwood, Nobel laureate Jody Williams, US Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg, and women from around the world making a difference. Each interview is accompanied by a photographic portrait, resulting in a volume that is compelling in word and image as it is global in its scope. New Zealand interviewees include, JACINDA ARDERN, Louise Nicholas, Marilyn Waring, Damaris Coulter, Kimbra Johnson, Lydia Ko, Marama Fox, Eva McGauley and Karen Walker.

    Format: Paperback
    Price: $50.00
  • 39 Brighton Street
    39 Brighton Street
    ISBN: 9781927199190
    Title: 39 Brighton Street

    39 Brighton Street is the fusion of an Italian heritage, personal experiences and self-reflection, linked with recipes, poetry and historical facts

    Format: Paperback
    Price: $29.00
  • After Alexander: The Legacy of a Son
    After Alexander: The Legacy of a Son
    ISBN: 9781999702748
    Title: After Alexander: The Legacy of a Son
    Author: PRYOR JAN

    In 1981, during a family year away from New Zealand, four-month-old Alexander died in a London hospital. Jan Pryor blends her personal experience of losing a child with her professional understanding of family dynamics and children’s development. The clumsiness of consolation; the challenges of organising a funeral – and what to do with Alexander’s ashes; the isolation, being far from friends and family; continuing family life with two other young children to care for; all are described directly but without self-pity. The experience of growing up in 1960s New Zealand - and the stand-off between traditional expectations of the role of a woman versus the pull towards a professional life - is interwoven throughout the memoir. After Alexander is a story of triumph over loss, and of optimism. It offers consolation and hope to parents who have lost a child, to those who fear losing a child, and to anyone who has suffered the loss of a loved one.

    Format: Paperback
    Price: $30.00
  • After Cleo Came Jonah: How a Crazy Kitten & a Rebelling Daughter Turned Out to be Blessings in Disguise
    After Cleo Came Jonah: How a Crazy Kitten & a Rebelling Daughter Turned Out to be Blessings in Disguise
    ISBN: 9781743314210
    Title: After Cleo Came Jonah: How a Crazy Kitten & a Rebelling Daughter Turned Out to be Blessings in Disguise
    Author: BROWN HELEN

    Many strong minded women have headstrong daughters. But this isn't supposed to extend to their cats... Some say your previous cat chooses their successor. If so, what in cat heaven's name was Helen Brown's beloved Cleo thinking when she sent a crazy kitten like Jonah? When Cleo died, Helen Brown swore she'd never get another kitten. But after she was diagnosed with breast cancer an unscheduled visit to a pet shop resulted in the explosive arrival of a feisty kitten called Jonah. Like Cleo, Jonah possessed great energy and charm. But unlike Cleo, he often morphed into a highly strung and capricious escape artist. Still, as Helen recovered from a mastectomy, he also proved to be a healer in his own right. While struggling to deal with her own mortality, Helen helped arrange her son Rob's wedding, completed her international best seller, Cleo, and was confronted with her eldest daughter Lydia's determination to abandon university studies to embark on a spiritual life. Lydia's desire to become a Buddhist nun in war-torn Sri Lanka was matched only by Jonah's yearning to be an outdoor cat in a decidedly indoor-cat neighbourhood... After Cleo is a warm, wise and often funny account of the highs and lows of mother-daughter relationships, the impact of a potentially life-threatening illness, and an often kooky - some might say deranged - cat called Jonah.

    Format: Paperback
    Price: $20.00
  • After Everest: Inside the Private World of Edmund Hillary
    After Everest: Inside the Private World of Edmund Hillary
    ISBN: 9781877505201
    Title: After Everest: Inside the Private World of Edmund Hillary
    Author: LITTLE PAUL

    A fascinating exploration of the life of mountaineer and adventurere Edmund Hillary, penetrating beyond the legend to reveal a character of paradoxes. Edmund Hillary is a world icon and a towering figure among adventurers. The interest in him and his family's dedication to making a contribution to the welfare of the Nepalese people is well known. However, it is the drama of Sir Edmund's later years that throw light into the world of the private man: the death of his wife and daughter in an air crash, his remarriage to the widow of an old friend, and, finally, the falling out, after his own death, of his widow and his eldest son, Peter. All these stories of the Hillary legacy, and the many books written about his life, are about what he did, but this book explores who Edmund Hilary was and the many paradoxes of his character: the individualist who always worked with a team, the lonely boy who ended up loved by millions, the man who could be distant from his own children but is regarded as a surrogate father by thousands of Nepalese, and the left-leaning thinker who accepted the highest order of chivalry from Queen Elizabeth II. This is the story of the man behind the legend.

    Format: Trade paperback
    Price: $37.00
  • Agents of Change: Kiwis Making a Real Difference
    Agents of Change: Kiwis Making a Real Difference
    ISBN: 9780994133090
    Title: Agents of Change: Kiwis Making a Real Difference

    Format: Paperback
    Price: $29.00
  • Albatross Too Many: a Sequel to as for the Godwits
    Albatross Too Many: a Sequel to as for the Godwits
    ISBN: 9780908990559
    Title: Albatross Too Many: a Sequel to as for the Godwits

    Life in the remote community of Te Kuaka.

    Format: Paperback
    Price: $25.00
  • All Blacks Don't Cry: A Story of Hope
    All Blacks Don't Cry: A Story of Hope
    ISBN: 9780143204800
    Title: All Blacks Don't Cry: A Story of Hope
    Author: KIRWAN JOHN

    'At my worst moments, I lost all sense of hope for the future. As I began to slowly get better, I began to be able to say to myself, 'This will pass, you'll get through this. Hang on to hope.' John Kirwan was one of the most devastating wingers New Zealand, and world, rugby had ever seen. A prominent and revered figure at the dawn of the professional age of rugby, he seemed to live a charmed life. Nobody knew, though, that behind closed doors 'JK' was living a life of tormented fear. Afflicted with depression for many years including those as a high-profile sportsman Kirwan was able to survive by reaching out, seeking help from those closest to him. All Blacks Don't Cry is John Kirwan's story of hope, of working through the pain and living a full life a poignant, inspirational and helpful example for anybody battling depression. 'I've been to hell and I'm back. If you're in that same place, then I understand what you're going through.'

    Format: Paperback
    Price: $42.00
  • All the Juicy Pastures: Greville Texidor & NZ
    All the Juicy Pastures: Greville Texidor & NZ
    ISBN: 9781776562251
    Title: All the Juicy Pastures: Greville Texidor & NZ

    Greville Texidor was born in England in 1902, and before her arrival in New Zealand as a refugee at the outbreak of the Second World War she had worked as an artist’s model, actress and music hall dancer, and had fought in the anarchist militia in the Spanish Civil War. While in New Zealand she turned to writing, and by the time she left for Australia and Spain in 1947 she had produced a small but impressive body of fiction. She died in 1964.

    The fruit of years of research, All the Juicy Pastures tells this story of this extraordinary life in full for the first time, and is illustrated with many never-before-seen photographs.

    Format: Paperback
    Price: $40.00
  • All Those Yesterdays
    All Those Yesterdays
    ISBN: 9780958298841
    Title: All Those Yesterdays
    Author: BISS ELSPETH

    Format: Paperback
    Price: $33.00
  • Allen Curnow: Simply by Sailing in a New Direction - A Biography
    Allen Curnow: Simply by Sailing in a New Direction - A Biography
    ISBN: 9781869408527
    Title: Allen Curnow: Simply by Sailing in a New Direction - A Biography

    Allen Curnow (1911-2001) is widely recognised as one of the most distinguished poets writing in English in the second half of the twentieth century. From Valley of Decision (1933) to The Bells of Saint Babel's (2001) he defined and redefined how poetry might discover the possibilities of a world seen afresh. Through relationships with writers from Dylan Thomas to C. K. Stead he influenced the changing shape of modern poetry. And in criticism and anthologies like the Penguin Book of New Zealand Verse he helped identify the distinctive imaginative preoccupations that made New Zealand's writing and culture different from elsewhere. By the time of his death at the age of ninety, he had completed a body of work unique in this country and increasingly recognised internationally. This major biography introduces readers to Allen Curnow's life and work: from a childhood in a Christchurch vicarage, through theological training, journalism and university life, marriages and children, and on to an international career as a writer of poetry, plays, satire and criticism. The book lucidly identifies the shifting textures of Curnow's writing and unravels the intersections between life and words. The result of over a decade's research and writing, Simply by Sailing in a New Direction offers deep insight into the development of New Zealand literature and culture.

    Format: Hardback
    Price: $70.00
  • Alone in the Tasman
    Alone in the Tasman
    ISBN: 9781927167359
    Title: Alone in the Tasman

    On 27 December 1974, Tony Allan, a solo sailor on board his trimaran Rebel 11, departed Queensland on a return journey to New Zealand. At 5.45am, two days out from the Australian coast, after clearing the danger of the busy shipping lanes, Tony was sleeping peacefully in his berth, resting and anticipating an enjoyable, relaxing sail in the peace and solitude of the open sea. About fifteen minutes later chaos erupted. In a matter of seconds Tony’s yacht was inexplicably and dramatically uplifted and turned end over end onto its cabin top. In one awful instant Tony was awakened and thrown out of his berth and onto the roof of his cabin with debris raining down upon him. The yacht’s interior was instantly inundated with a huge wall of water adding to the terror.
    Utterly and overwhelmingly bewildered, Tony’s immediate thoughts were of escape – from the flood and the confines of the cabin and escape to the water’s surface atop the overturned hulls. Half-crawling and half-swimming he managed to clamber out onto the main hull where he sat,
    overcome with fear, just looking around him in disbelief.
    The very uneasy reality of his situation gradually dawned upon him and as difficult as it was to think clearly, he began to ponder what he had to do to survive.

    At that moment he had no idea that he would have to survive for twenty lonely, challenging days in a tiny life raft. His immediate challenge was overcoming immense, overwhelming stress and fear as he sat immobilised, cold and wet huddled into a tight ball on the floor of his life raft. But this was just the beginning of a terrifying sequence of challenges. He had the immediate worry about infection to several wounds suffered during the capsize. There were frequent, persistent nightmares to endure during the long, depressing hours of darkness; a growing fear of a dwindling
    food supply; a violent storm that almost swamped him; a carelessly punctured raft to repair, and, almost worst of all, the presence of a huge shark which hovered perilously close and stalked Tony for a disturbing length of time.

    This is an amazing and gripping tale of one man’s enormous courage and will to survive, a tale that shows the inner strength possessed by a person thrust into very difficult circumstances.

    Format: Paperback
    Price: $35.00
  • Amiria: The Life Story of a Maori Woman
    Amiria: The Life Story of a Maori Woman
    ISBN: 9780143020127
    Title: Amiria: The Life Story of a Maori Woman
    Author: SALMOND ANNE

    This is the story of Amiria s life and marriage as told to Anne Salmond. Amiria was born on the East Coast at Tuparoa late last century and her story begins with her childhood spent both in her grandmother's raupo hut and the magnificent Williams homestead Kaharau. It takes the reader through her schooldays, her taumau (arranged) marriage to Eruera Stirling, farming on 'The Coast' and latter days in Auckland, where the Stirlings lived as prominent elders until their deaths in 1983.

    Format: Trade paperback
    Price: $40.00
  • Among Secret Beauties: A Memoir of Mountaineering in NZ & the Himalayas
    Among Secret Beauties: A Memoir of Mountaineering in NZ & the Himalayas
    ISBN: 9781877578489
    Title: Among Secret Beauties: A Memoir of Mountaineering in NZ & the Himalayas

    Climbing entered the world stage in the 1950s: this was the era that produced not only Sir Edmund Hillary but a strong body of world-class New Zealand climbers. In this important and dramatic book Brian Wilkins, who was part of the adventure, shares his experiences of climbing in the Southern Alps and the Himalayas. During the NZ Alpine Club expedition to the Himalayas in 1954, the year after Everest, Wilkins was the climber most closely associated with Hillary. Hillary's two narrow escapes from death during the expedition saw Wilkins in a unique position to gauge the character and actions of this legendary figure at a formative stage in the famous climber's career. Wilkins' New Zealand climbing includes the first ascent of the North-East Ridge of Mt Aspiring, a gripping drama of survival, human endurance and a test of the ethics of mountaineering. In this account he also submits the writings of his contemporaries to robust critical attention, writing with warm gentle humour, honesty and insight. BRIAN WILKINS retired in 1988 from a career lecturing in pharmaceutical chemistry. He has been a keen tramper and climber all his life. Brian is the father of Damien Wilkins, Director of the International Institute of Modern Letters at Victoria University of Wellington.

    Format: Paperback
    Price: $45.00
  • Andris, Where are You? from Latvia to Nz: the Family Story of Andris Apse
    Andris, Where are You? from Latvia to Nz: the Family Story of Andris Apse
    ISBN: 9781877517976
    Title: Andris, Where are You? from Latvia to Nz: the Family Story of Andris Apse
    Author: CROSBY RON

    Andris, Where Are You? Tells the family story of renowned New Zealand photographer Andris Apse, who when middle aged, discovered that his father Voldemars, believed to be dead for 40 years, was still alive in Latvia. A story of heart-rending separation and joyful rediscovery.

    Format: Trade paperback
    Price: $40.00
  • Angel at My Table Vol 2 Autobiography
    Angel at My Table Vol 2 Autobiography
    ISBN: 9781844086238
    Title: Angel at My Table Vol 2 Autobiography
    Author: FRAME JANET

    One of the great autobiographies of the twentieth century ... A journey from luminous childhood, through the dark experiences of supposed madness, to the renewal of her life through writing fiction. It is a heroic story, and told with such engaging tone, humorous perspective and imaginative power' Michael Holroyd, Sunday Times

    After being misdiagnosed with schizophrenia as a young woman, Janet Frame spent several years in psychiatric institutions. She escaped undergoing a lobotomy when it was discovered that she had just won a national literary prize. She then went on to become New Zealand's most acclaimed writer. As she says more than once in this autobiography: 'My writing saved me.'

    This edition contains all three volumes of Frame's autobiography: To the Is-Land, An Angel at My Table and An Envoy from Mirror City.

    'One of the most beautiful and moving books I have ever read . . . A masterpiece . . . Janet's autobiography had an enormous effect on me. She struck a blow right to my heart' Jane Campion

    Format: Paperback
    Price: $30.00
  • Angel at My Table: The Complete Autobiography
    Angel at My Table: The Complete Autobiography
    ISBN: 9781619027886
    Title: Angel at My Table: The Complete Autobiography
    Author: FRAME JANET

    New Zealand's preeminent writer Janet Frame brings the skill of an extraordinary novelist and poet to these vivid and haunting recollections, gathered here for the first time in a single volume. From a childhood and adolescence spent in a poor but intellectually intense railway family, through life as a student, and years of incarceration in mental hospitals, eventually followed by her entry into the saving world of writers and the "Mirror City" that sustains them, we are given not only a record of the events of a life, but also "the transformation of ordinary facts and ideas into a shining palace of mirrors."
    Frame's journey of self-discovery, from New Zealand to London, to Paris and Barcelona, and then home again, is a heartfelt and courageous account of a writer's beginnings as well as one woman's personal struggle to survive.
    This book contains selections from the long out-of-print collection entitled Janet Frame: An Autobiography (George Brazillier, 1991), which itself was originally published in three volumes: To the Island, An Angel at My Table, and The Envoy from Mirror City.

    Format: Trade paperback
    Price: $45.00
  • Angel of Compassion
    Angel of Compassion
    ISBN: 9780994101532
    Title: Angel of Compassion
    Author: JOHNSON MIKE

    On Monday, the 17th of September, 2013, novelist and poet Mike Johnson entered Auckland Central Hospital for some abdominal tests, and was diagnosed with multiple cancers. Nine days later he was discharged with no discernable cancers. This is the story of what happened during those nine days, and the days that followed: the tests, the diagnoses, the mystery, the terror and the healing. Too weak to write, Johnson dictated this book from handwritten notes. A report from experience, an investigation, a compelling narrative, The Angel of Compassion raises the most fundamental issues of body, mind and spirit.

    Format: Paperback
    Price: $28.00
  • Annette King: The Authorised Biography
    Annette King: The Authorised Biography
    ISBN: 9781988516370
    Title: Annette King: The Authorised Biography

    Annette King is New Zealand's longest-serving women MP - 1984-2017 less three years in the wilderness from 1990-1993. In her 30 years in Parliament, she spent 15 in government (10 as a cabinet minister) and 15 in opposition. She is a former deputy leader of the Labour Party, and held a number of senior cabinet portfolios. This book will take a dual approach to her life and political career. Annette's career embraces a tumultuous time in New Zealand politics and Labour politics . . . Rogernomics and Lange's independent foreign policy; the 1990s and advent of MMP; the refinement of Rogernomics under Ruth Richardson etc; the rise and nearly fall of Helen Clark; the Clark government (where Annette served as Health, Food Safety, Police, Transport, Justice and Racing Minister); the subsequent 9 years of difficult and troubled opposition for Labour; and eventually the rise of Jacinda Ardern. Annette played pivotal roles in all these eras, often as the peacemaker or as Auntie Annette. She became a mentor for many of the prominent members of the Ardern government and, of course, played a lead role in the 2017 election campaign and subsequent negotiations. The book will give rein to Annette's voice, but also feature other prominent figures including Jacinda. The book will open with the 2017 campaign.

    Format: Paperback
    Price: $45.00
  • Anything You Can Imagine: Peter Jackson & the Making of Middle-Earth
    Anything You Can Imagine: Peter Jackson & the Making of Middle-Earth
    ISBN: 9780008192495
    Title: Anything You Can Imagine: Peter Jackson & the Making of Middle-Earth
    Author: NATHAN IAN

    The definitive history of Peter Jackson's Middle-earth saga, Anything You Can Imagine takes us on a cinematic journey across all six films, featuring brand-new interviews with Peter, his cast & crew. From the early days of daring to dream it could be done, through the highs and lows of making the films, to fan adoration and, finally, Oscar glory. LightsA nine-year-old boy in New Zealand's Pukerua Bay stays up late and is spellbound by a sixty-year-old vision of a giant ape on an island full of dinosaurs. This is true magic. And the boy knows that he wants to be a magician. CameraFast-forward twenty years and the boy has begun to cast a spell over the film-going audience, conjuring gore-splattered romps with bravura skill that will lead to Academy recognition with an Oscar nomination for Heavenly Creatures. The boy from Pukerua Bay with monsters reflected in his eyes has arrived, and Hollywood comes calling. What would he like to do next? 'How about a fantasy film, something like The Lord of the Rings...'' ActionThe greatest work of fantasy in modern literature, and the biggest, with rights ownership so complex it will baffle a wizard. Vast. Complex. Unfilmable. One does not simply walk into Mordor - unless you are Peter Jackson. Anything You Can Imagine tells the full, dramatic story of how Jackson and his trusty fellowship of Kiwi filmmakers dared take on a quest every bit as daunting as Frodo's, and transformed JRR Tolkien's epic tale of adventure into cinematic magic, and then did it again with The Hobbit. Enriched with brand-new interviews with Jackson, his fellow filmmakers and many of the films' stars, Ian Nathan's mesmerising narrative whisks us to Middle-earth, to gaze over the shoulder of the director as he creates the impossible, the unforgettable, and proves that film-making really is 'anything you can imagine'.

    Format: Paperback
    Price: $23.00
  • Arthur Prior: A Young Progressive
    Arthur Prior: A Young Progressive
    ISBN: 9781927145906
    Title: Arthur Prior: A Young Progressive

    Arthur Prior (1914–69), the founder of ‘tense logic', is regarded as New Zealand's greatest 20th-century philosopher. It is commonly believed that the philosopher J.N.D. Findlay lured a young Prior away from theology and his training for the ministry to the world of philosophy. However, as Prior’s letters to the poet Ursula Bethell and to his communist cousin Hugh Teague now make clear, he did not simply abandon theological study in order to immerse himself in philosophy – nor does it seem that it was a matter of his disbelieving in theology one minute and believing in philosophy the next. Until World War II, and, it appears, for a time afterwards, Prior seriously considered a career as a religious journalist, especially when travelling and living on the Continent and in England with his first wife, Clare Hunter. During these years, Prior wrote widely on theology and contemporary Christianity. In his correspondence with Ursula Bethell – who called him one of her ‘young progressives’ – and Hugh Teague, Prior discusses in detail his religious and theological thought and his personal beliefs and influences, including his shift from formal theological study into a world of journalism and philosophy. These previously unknown letters, which cover the years from 1936 to 1941 and his time in Dunedin, Wellington, France and London, chronicle a substantial part of a fascinating period in Prior’s development, both theologically and philosophically. Prior’s letters have been transcribed and annotated for this volume by early Prior scholar Mike Grimshaw. An essay by Mike Grimshaw and an introduction by Prior expert Jack Copeland provide further context, including a brief introduction to tense logic.

    Format: Paperback
    Price: $60.00
  • Aspiring Daybook
    Aspiring Daybook
    ISBN: 9780995109230
    Title: Aspiring Daybook

    In Aspiring Daybook, poet Annabel Wilson tells of a year in the life of Elsie Winslow, who has just returned from Europe to Wanaka to take care of her terminally ill brother and finds herself thinking about love in ways she didn't expect. Like the mountains that surround her and the lake that greets her every morning with a different face, Elsie's story is a fractured, sedimentary and reflective thing, exploring the hidden darkness inside the beauty that is everywhere. Elsie's story is told in the form of a fictionalised diary packed with poems, snapshots, conversations and letters. The result is an immersive, genre-bending book that shines with a particular light only found in the deep South.

    Format: Paperback
    Price: $25.00
  • Astride a Fierce Wind
    Astride a Fierce Wind
    ISBN: 9780473395216
    Title: Astride a Fierce Wind

    Astride a Fierce Wind is the story of the life of an immigrant and what it means to leave one home behind and cross the world to find another. But it is also the story of a life of a woman who faces huge difficulties and yet chooses instead to see beauty and strength and freedom and love. Huberta Hellendoorn’s memoir is a celebration of the Dutch way of life and of her adopted home, Dunedin. It is a tribute to fierce motherhood and firm friendship. A story written with courage and a belief in the transformative power of words.

    Format: Paperback
    Price: $38.00
  • At the End of Darwin Road
    At the End of Darwin Road
    ISBN: 9781869419448
    Title: At the End of Darwin Road
    Author: KIDMAN FIONA

    'What I have to tell is largely a personal narrative about how I came to inhabit a fictional world' This absorbing memoir explores the first half of writer Fiona Kidman's life, notably in Kerikeri amid the 'sharp citric scent of orange groves, bright heat and . . . the shadow of Asia' - at the end of Darwin Road. From the distance of France, where Kidman spent time as the Katherine Mansfield Fellow in Menton, she reconsiders the past, weaving personal reflection and experience with the history of the places where she lived, particularly the fascinating northern settlements of Kerikeri and Waipu, and further south the cities of Rotorua and Wellington. Her story crosses paths with those of numerous different New Zealanders, from the Tuhoe prophet Rua Kenana, to descendants of the migration from Scotland led by a charismatic Presbyterian minister, to other writers and significant friends. We learn of Kidman's struggles to establish herself as a writer and to become part of different communities, and how each worked their way into her fiction. At the End of Darwin Road is a vivid memoir of place and family, and of becoming a writer: 'I was certain that . . . I would continue to write, if possible, every day of my life.'

    Format: Trade paperback
    Price: $35.00
  • At the Turning Point My Life With David Lange
    At the Turning Point My Life With David Lange
    ISBN: 9780473190255
    Title: At the Turning Point My Life With David Lange

    The old model of politics was smashed in the 1980s and a new one took shape in circumstances that are still debated today. Margaret Pope, who was Prime Minister David Lange's speechwriter and later his wife, writes an eyewitness account of the turbulent 1980s and the brilliant, elusive figure at their political centre. AT THE TURNING POINT throws new light on the policy and personalities of the fourth Labour government. It describes the diplomatic struggles behind the government's adoption of a nuclear free policy and its breach with the United States. It examines the origins of Labour's revolutionary economic policy and the strain imposed by its adoption, and illuminates the increasingly bitter contest between Lange and his finance minister Roger Douglas. The author recalls a government that was met with acclaim on its election in 1984. ""The government took power with high hopes. It had many able, talented and well-meaning individuals in its ranks, yet it ended despised and discredited in 1990. After a quarter of a century there is still room for argument about what happened: why and how Labour took a radical turn to the right in government, why it did so well in its first term and so badly in its second, why the champions of the revolution turned on each other and what exactly they were fighting about... This is how I saw it."" AT THE TURNING POINT is an essential companion to David Lange's autobiography, My Life.

    Format: Paperback
    Price: $40.00
  • Bach for All Seasons
    Bach for All Seasons
    ISBN: 9780473414214
    Title: Bach for All Seasons

    Francis and Juliet bought the bach in the 1960s, and with it a Kiwi dream of escape and freedom. Now, forty years after their abrupt separation, the past jumps into the present.

    When Juliet’s son asks if she would let her ex-husband stay in the bach for a six-week gathering of a fragmented family, she feels challenged.

    Her answer leads to a year of surprises as the bach is transformed, memories loosened and the pattern of a life revealed.

    Rich with the times, and layered with the seasons, this memoir is courageous, engaging and inspiring.

    Format: Paperback
    Price: $38.00
  • Back From the Brink
    Back From the Brink
    ISBN: 9780473421700
    Title: Back From the Brink
    Author: BLAIKIE BILL

    "Shall I shoot?”… “No don’t shoot”… I’m going to shoot”… “Don’t shoot!”. Rapid fire yelling within the confines of a vehicle stuck in the middle of stalled traffic, facing an unknown person wearing a full burqa peering into the car. Inches away from the driver’s face, a large hand pressed against the window. “We didn’t know if they were male or female or what was about to happen, but we were absolutely sure that if we shot this person, the crowd, including the armed policemen nearby, would turn on us and there’d be no escape.” In 2004, Lieutenant Colonel William Blaikie shipped out to Afghanistan, to head up a team dedicated to rebuilding the country after the war. As part of the New Zealand Defence Force, his skills lay in intelligence and communications – his mission was to form a team, develop and implement plans to work with USA and Coalition partners to help get Afghanistan back on its feet. Bill experienced situations that were beyond tense, often facing life and death situations and decision making that required deep and quick thinking, based on not always having enough information at hand. On his return home to New Zealand, his journey through coping with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder began, and the nightmares were not limited to sleep time. Everything has remained at life and death levels for Bill, and this book details how he and his wife Nancy have worked through suicide attempts, getting help, and finding answers to what is an epidemic level challenge for military personnel everywhere. “No amount of training can prepare you for what happens in your head after the uniforms are off and the guns are packed away.”

    Format: Paperback
    Price: $30.00
  • Balancing Acts: Reflections of a NZ Diplomat
    Balancing Acts: Reflections of a NZ Diplomat
    ISBN: 9781927212318
    Title: Balancing Acts: Reflections of a NZ Diplomat

    A fascinating and insightful account of some of the highlights of almost 40 years as a New Zealand diplomat, including his two postings in Moscow: first during the Brezhnev years of the Cold War; and second from 1990 when he witnessed the dramatic events that led to the fall of Gorbachev, the rise of Boris Yeltsin and the collapse of the Soviet Union, which saw him become New Zealand’s last Ambassador to the Soviet Union and first to Russia.
    Earlier Gerald McGhie worked twice in the South Pacific: in Samoa shortly after independence in the 1960s, and later in Papua New Guinea. He discusses New Zealand’s relations with that rich and fascinating country whose population is larger than New Zealand’s.
    The author also presents a snapshot of the activities of a Wellington-based Foreign Service officer during the period when he worked closely with the Foreign Minister on the sporting-contacts issue in the lead-up to the successful Commonwealth Games in Auckland in 1990. A final chapter provides a personal perspective on New Zealand’s foreign policy in the modern era.

    Format: Paperback
    Price: $35.00
  • Behind the Tape: Gripping, Real-life Stories from NZ's Top Police Crisis Negotiator
    Behind the Tape: Gripping, Real-life Stories from NZ's Top Police Crisis Negotiator
    ISBN: 9781877505607
    Title: Behind the Tape: Gripping, Real-life Stories from NZ's Top Police Crisis Negotiator

    New Zealand's top police crisis negotiator reveals the everyday drama of being a cop: the lives saved, the lives lost and the extreme pressure to perform under tough and confronting circumstances.
    New Zealand's top police crisis negotiator reveals the everyday drama of being a cop: the lives saved, the lives lost, and the extreme pressure to perform in tough and confronting circumstances.

    Lance Burdett was in the police force for 22 years, in a variety of high-level roles: head of the negotiation team; running the 111 call centre; intelligence management; protection squad; and emergency responders. He worked on some of New Zealand's best-known cases, such as the Jan Molenaar case, where Lance headed the negotiation team, and the George Baker prison hostage negotiation with the man who murdered Liam Ashley.

    Behind the Tape is fast-paced, narrative-driven true crime that makes for a gritty, confronting read.

    Format: Trade paperback
    Price: $37.00
  • Being Chinese: a NZer's Story
    Being Chinese: a NZer's Story
    ISBN: 9780947492380
    Title: Being Chinese: a NZer's Story
    Author: WONG HELENE

    This is the story of a quest I began three decades ago – the search for my Chinese identity. The path I travelled was not linear, and the years brought pain as well as joy. But, while this is a narrative about being Chinese and also a New Zealander, I know that the search for purpose and meaning in life is universal. I hope that others in our culturally diverse society will find their own ways to embark on that same journey.

    Helene Wong was born in New Zealand in 1949, to parents whose families had emigrated from China one or two generations earlier. Preferring invisibility, she grew up resisting her Chinese identity. But in 1980 she travelled to her father’s home village in southern China and came face to face with her ancestral past.

    What followed was a journey to come to terms with ‘being Chinese’. Helene Wong writes eloquently about her New Zealand childhood, about student life in the 1960s, and coming of age in Muldoon’s New Zealand. What her Chinese ancestry means to her gradually illuminates the book as it sheds new light on her own life. Drawing on her experience of writing for New Zealand films, she takes the narrative forward through the places of her family’s history – the ancestral village of Sha Tou in Zengcheng county, the rural town of Utiku where the Wongs ran a thriving business, the Lower Hutt suburbs of her childhood, and Avalon and Naenae.

    Format: Trade paperback
    Price: $40.00
  • Being Palangi: My Pacific Journey
    Being Palangi: My Pacific Journey
    ISBN: 9780473322380
    Title: Being Palangi: My Pacific Journey

    Being Palangi: My Pacific Journey tells of the ongoing development of New Zealand as a Pacific nation - through the personal and professional experience of New Zealand born Anthony Haas. In this book Haas builds on the work of Dr Michael King about who New Zealanders are, where they have come from and what might affect their future.

    Anthony Haas has spent much of his professional life writing as a journalist about, and publishing on New Zealand's relations with Asia and the Pacific. He champions development journalism, encouraged to practice it initially by his New Zealand friend in the UNDP Ross Mountain. Some people opposed development journalism - particularly in the US and other parts of the West - but development journalism from Anthony Haas was syndicated by the Press Foundation of Asia to 50 Asian newspapers from the 1970s, and encouraged into the Pacific Islands. Development journalism refers to the role of the press in socio-economic development - Haas wrote on issues ranging from coconut use to horticultural trade. Development journalism case studies include the patchy record of the outside world in reporting on and responding to the tsunami victims on Niuatoputapu and other failures in providing more effective aid; "more topics to illustrate to the next generation of development journalists what they could cover". Haas aligns himself with those who say "Development journalism is similar to investigative reporting, but it focuses on conditions in developing nations and ways to improve them".

    In the memoir he reflects on the influence of his German Jewish heritage and the extent to which his focus on Asia and the Pacific was, in part, a rejection of Europe: Germany in particular. His father, Karl Haas, left his studies at Heidelberg law school to become a farmer in Pahiatua, having been told by his father, Ludwig Haas, to go as far away from Germany as he could. Ludwig Haas, who died in 1930, was the Democratic Party leader in the German Parliament during the Weimar Republic. He foresaw the evils that were coming with the rise of Hitler and the Nazi Party.

    Being Palangi: My Pacific Journey celebrates the cultural diversity of New Zealand. It recognizes New Zealand is shaped by a rich variety of influences including those from Polynesia, Europe, Asia and elsewhere. The Haas personal story reflects that diversity. His wife, Tricia Donnelly, is of Irish Catholic descent. They have an adopted Tongan daughter, Fisi'iahi Setefano, three mokopuna and an extended Tongan family network.

    This book is particularly useful for teachers, students and researchers of citizenship education, economic and political development, agri-business, tourism, social sciences, journalism, advocacy and the causes of World War 11.

    Historian Dr Michael King and former New Zealand Governor-General Rt Hon Sir Anand Satyanand contribute forewords.

    Format: Paperback
    Price: $50.00
  • Being There: an Autobiography by Arguably the Most Successful All Round International Rider in the History of Nz Motorcycling
    Being There: an Autobiography by Arguably the Most Successful All Round International Rider in the History of Nz Motorcycling
    ISBN: 9780473299941
    Title: Being There: an Autobiography by Arguably the Most Successful All Round International Rider in the History of Nz Motorcycling

    From humble origins as a lonely boy on the family farm in New Zealand to the heights of world domination, he explains in his own words the motivation, race strategies, psychology of winning, heartache and triumph that helped him deliver Suzuki its first major Grand Prix successes in the 1960's ... Hugh Anderson's career continued for decades after winning four World Championships, with motocross and then classic racing

    Format: Hardback
    Price: $45.00
  • Beside the Dark Pool
    Beside the Dark Pool
    ISBN: 9781869790592
    Title: Beside the Dark Pool
    Author: KIDMAN FIONA

    In her first acclaimed volume of memoir, Fiona Kidman described her background and childhood, evoking the places she lived in and the people she knew. It finished with the publication of her first, hugely successful novel. In this sequel, she explores further the influences that shaped her subsequent books, her championing of New Zealand writing and writers and the significant people she has met along the way. There are political protests, controversial stands, family quests and journeys overseas - to Europe, North America and the East - journeys that marked her hard-won independence. Beautifully written and thought-provoking this is an important record of the last twenty-five years.

    Format: Trade paperback
    Price: $38.00
  • Betty Gilderdale: My Life in Two Halves
    Betty Gilderdale: My Life in Two Halves
    ISBN: 9781869538323
    Title: Betty Gilderdale: My Life in Two Halves

    Betty Gilderdale lived the first half of her life in England and the second, in New Zealand. This book follows her early childhood in London, the war years, university study, professional life, marriage and children, through to making a new life in New Zealand when she and her husband Alan and their three children moved here in 1967. It is a rich and full life of diverse experiences peopled with teaching colleagues, writers, friends and, most importantly, family. Betty is well known in New Zealand as author, with Alan, of the best-selling Little Yellow Digger series and for many years has been a passionate advocate for wonderful stories for New Zealand children. This fact was appropriately recognised when the Children's Literature Association renamed their Award for Services to Children's Literature, The Betty Gilderdale Award. She has also written biographies of Lady Barker (author of Station Life in New Zealand) and Margaret Mahy, and for twenty years she had a review column in the New Zealand Herald, which gave her access to new publications and the chance to meet and interview many local and international authors.

    Format: Paperback
    Price: $30.00
  • Bi-polar Expedition
    Bi-polar Expedition
    ISBN: 9780473375942
    Title: Bi-polar Expedition

    Brian Colegate was born in the London borough of Fulham in 1938. Completing his formal education at Wandsworth Grammar School he emigrated to New Zealand in 1956. He lived and worked in a bush camp for 30 months before a nine month hitchhike back to the UK. He married Ann in 1960 and the following year they emigrated to New Zealand.
    In his mid-twenties Brian was diagnosed suffering from bipolar disorder. Chronic bouts of depression jeopardised his progress at work but an increasing insight into what triggered them eventually led to an ability to keep well
    Brian’s wife Ann remained the absolute rock of the household through difficult times with their four children until it was Brian’s turn to become Ann’s primary carer, with community support. It became necessary for her to move into nursing home care, where she passed away in 2016.
    Brian presents an utterly frank and inspiring memoir of his lifetime adventures giving an insight into ways of coping and tackling life’s hurdles. Cartoons are cleverly featured to portray more amusing incidents and occasions.

    Format: Paperback
    Price: $41.00
  • Bishop Monrad in Aotearoa
    Bishop Monrad in Aotearoa
    ISBN: 9780473194185
    Title: Bishop Monrad in Aotearoa

    Ditlev Gothard Monrad was one of the most accomplished - and extraordinary - migrants to Aotearoa New Zealand in the 19th century. A Lutheran Bishop, a scholar and an educationalist, a former Danish Prime Minister and principal author of his country's constitution. Monrad came to Aotearoa New Zealand in 1866 and for almost three years carried out the strenuous work of being a settler, clearing land and establishing a farm in the Manawatu. In 1869 he returned to Denmark, but members of his family continued his pioneer work in New Zealand and he inspired many other Danes to migrate to this country. Before he left New Zealand Monrad gave his treasured collection of prints and engravings by masters of European art to the government and people of New Zealand. The Monrad gift is the foundation of the rich collection of European fine prints now held at the Museum of New Zealand Te Papa Tongarewa. Bishop Monrad in Aotearoa commemorates the bicentenary of his birth, on 24 November 1811. New Zealand is the richer for his time spent here and for his priceless gift to our nation.

    Format: Paperback
    Price: $45.00
  • Black Jersey Silver Fern: Tom Ellison First Maori Captain
    Black Jersey Silver Fern: Tom Ellison First Maori Captain
    ISBN: 9781869341251
    Title: Black Jersey Silver Fern: Tom Ellison First Maori Captain
    Author: DWYER DENIS

    Tom Ellison is the man behind the black jersey and silver fern of the All Blacks. He was the "Mr Rugby" of his era, a tremendous player who captained the All Blacks in 1893 (the first Maori to do so), captained, coached and selected teams, developed the role of the wing-forward which was to give New Zealand an enduring advantage and wrote one of the first instructional books on rugby. His views were respected nationally and he was widely quoted. His story is rich in individuals and incident. His great-grandfather was chief Taiaroa of Ngai Tahu, his grandfather Edward Weller the whaler of Otakou and his father Raniera the discoverer of gold at Maori Point on the Shotover River. Tom Ellison went from Te Aute College to Wellington to become one of the fifi rst Maori lawyers. He had a myriad of interests and brought energy and fresh vision to them all. This is the story of his life.

    Format: Paperback
    Price: $30.00
  • Blame It On Abba: How I Ditched My Day Job to Chase a Childhood Dream
    Blame It On Abba: How I Ditched My Day Job to Chase a Childhood Dream
    ISBN: 9780473429904
    Title: Blame It On Abba: How I Ditched My Day Job to Chase a Childhood Dream
    Author: NIMMO LISA

    Ever felt like quitting your day job to chase a dream?

    Lisa Nimmo did, and this daring musical adventure is proof that it’s never too late to follow your heart, reinvent yourself and become the person you were born to be.

    With no prior music experience and armed with only her business savvy and determination, 32-year-old Lisa embarks on a bold quest to transform herself from closet-karaoke-singing salesperson to professional singer.

    Six years on she’s a mum, a recording artist and her band Pearl shares the stage with Sir Elton John and Eric Clapton. She is living the dream. But what if this life, that she’s worked so hard to create, isn’t the life she wants now? What if it has all been a terrible mistake?

    Blame It On Abba is an uplifting story of courage, triumph and self-discovery and a revealing, behind the scenes insight into the NZ music industry from a founding member of kiwi pop-rock duo Pearl.

    Format: Paperback
    Price: $35.00
  • Blighted Fame: George S. Evans 1802-1868, a Life
    Blighted Fame: George S. Evans 1802-1868, a Life
    ISBN: 9780864738967
    Title: Blighted Fame: George S. Evans 1802-1868, a Life

    George Samuel Evans, barrister, editor and politician, was a man of his time, born to battle. He was a zealous, driven, extremely hard-working advocate for parliamentary and colonial reform. Reckless and unpredictable, a brilliant scholar with formidable skills in both oratory and journalism, he was bred to pursue the goals of civil and religious liberty. His passion for reform sprang from a dissenting background and upbringing in his fathers' parish in East London. It led eventually to New Zealand, a colony of ragged uncertainty, ambition, rivalry and deprivation. When Edward Gibbon Wakefield, the architect of the systematic colonisation of New Zealand, virtually abandoned his project, it was Evans who took up the reins. He and a small band of others assured the scheme's continuation and, for better or worse, spurred a reluctant government into taking action to procure the country for the Crown. In those crucial first years of settlement he was the outspoken critic of successive governors at a time when government and missionaries appeared to combine forces to pit themselves against the undertaking of the New Zealand Company. He continued his work for New Zealand in England, and later forged a parliamentary career in Victoria. Today, Evans has become little more than a footnote. He is irrevocably and fatally linked to the New Zealand Company, which has come to be regarded by many historians with suspicion. Yet there were few at the time and for many years after who would have disagreed with New Zealand Premier William Fox's assessment of Evans as 'perhaps the most influential originator of New Zealand Colonization we ever had'. Helen Riddiford's lively and extensively researched biography acknowledges his immense contribution to New Zealand and Australia, and allows his voice to be heard once more.

    Format: Hardback
    Price: $60.00
  • Bloke for All Seasons the Peter Yealands Story
    Bloke for All Seasons the Peter Yealands Story
    ISBN: 9781927167021
    Title: Bloke for All Seasons the Peter Yealands Story
    Author: PERCY TOM

    A true maverick, Peter Yealands is a Marlborough legend and national figure of prominence in both the aquaculture and viticulture industries. He received the first marine farming license and he and his family were pioneers in the New Zealand mussel farming industry. Though a regular but reluctant name on the national rich list, many aspects of his business career represent archetypal 'David and Goliath' scenarios. His David to Jim Delegat's Goliath was the Oyster Bay takeover story; a full-fledged battle between Peter Yealands and the Delegats Group both vying for control of the Oyster Bay Vineyard - successful brand but a puzzlingly unprofitable company. Yealands now owns the largest privately owned vineyard in New Zealand. And if that wasn't enough he then built the world's most ecologically advanced winery devoted to the concept of 100% sustainability. With such innovations as plastic bottles and Babydoll sheep to graze the vineyards, he has never let conformity stand in the way of innovation. Throughout it all he has maintained a consistent indifference to critics, an expansive and creative imagination and an unwavering dedication to hard work. The embodiment of Kiwi know-how and No. 8 wire ingenuity, and now an internationally regarded proponent of practical and profitable sustainability, Peter Yealands is indeed A Bloke for All Seasons.

    Format: Paperback
    Price: $35.00
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