• Being Palangi: My Pacific Journey

    Being Palangi: My Pacific Journey
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    Title: Being Palangi: My Pacific Journey

    Being Palangi: My Pacific Journey tells of the ongoing development of New Zealand as a Pacific nation - through the personal and professional experience of New Zealand born Anthony Haas. In this book Haas builds on the work of Dr Michael King about who New Zealanders are, where they have come from and what might affect their future.

    Anthony Haas has spent much of his professional life writing as a journalist about, and publishing on New Zealand's relations with Asia and the Pacific. He champions development journalism, encouraged to practice it initially by his New Zealand friend in the UNDP Ross Mountain. Some people opposed development journalism - particularly in the US and other parts of the West - but development journalism from Anthony Haas was syndicated by the Press Foundation of Asia to 50 Asian newspapers from the 1970s, and encouraged into the Pacific Islands. Development journalism refers to the role of the press in socio-economic development - Haas wrote on issues ranging from coconut use to horticultural trade. Development journalism case studies include the patchy record of the outside world in reporting on and responding to the tsunami victims on Niuatoputapu and other failures in providing more effective aid; "more topics to illustrate to the next generation of development journalists what they could cover". Haas aligns himself with those who say "Development journalism is similar to investigative reporting, but it focuses on conditions in developing nations and ways to improve them".

    In the memoir he reflects on the influence of his German Jewish heritage and the extent to which his focus on Asia and the Pacific was, in part, a rejection of Europe: Germany in particular. His father, Karl Haas, left his studies at Heidelberg law school to become a farmer in Pahiatua, having been told by his father, Ludwig Haas, to go as far away from Germany as he could. Ludwig Haas, who died in 1930, was the Democratic Party leader in the German Parliament during the Weimar Republic. He foresaw the evils that were coming with the rise of Hitler and the Nazi Party.

    Being Palangi: My Pacific Journey celebrates the cultural diversity of New Zealand. It recognizes New Zealand is shaped by a rich variety of influences including those from Polynesia, Europe, Asia and elsewhere. The Haas personal story reflects that diversity. His wife, Tricia Donnelly, is of Irish Catholic descent. They have an adopted Tongan daughter, Fisi'iahi Setefano, three mokopuna and an extended Tongan family network.

    This book is particularly useful for teachers, students and researchers of citizenship education, economic and political development, agri-business, tourism, social sciences, journalism, advocacy and the causes of World War 11.

    Historian Dr Michael King and former New Zealand Governor-General Rt Hon Sir Anand Satyanand contribute forewords.

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