• Bi-polar Expedition

    Bi-polar Expedition
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    ISBN: 9780473375942
    Title: Bi-polar Expedition

    Brian Colegate was born in the London borough of Fulham in 1938. Completing his formal education at Wandsworth Grammar School he emigrated to New Zealand in 1956. He lived and worked in a bush camp for 30 months before a nine month hitchhike back to the UK. He married Ann in 1960 and the following year they emigrated to New Zealand.
    In his mid-twenties Brian was diagnosed suffering from bipolar disorder. Chronic bouts of depression jeopardised his progress at work but an increasing insight into what triggered them eventually led to an ability to keep well
    Brian’s wife Ann remained the absolute rock of the household through difficult times with their four children until it was Brian’s turn to become Ann’s primary carer, with community support. It became necessary for her to move into nursing home care, where she passed away in 2016.
    Brian presents an utterly frank and inspiring memoir of his lifetime adventures giving an insight into ways of coping and tackling life’s hurdles. Cartoons are cleverly featured to portray more amusing incidents and occasions.

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