• Memory Pieces

    Memory Pieces
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    ISBN: 9781776562077
    Title: Memory Pieces
    Author: GEE MAURICE

    Memory Pieces is an intimate and evocative memoir in three parts.

    ‘Double Unit’ tells the story of Maurice Gee’s parents – Lyndahl Chapple Gee, a talented writer who for reasons that become clear never went on with a writing career, and Len Gee, a boxer, builder, and man’s man.

    ‘Blind Road’ is Gee’s story up to the age of eighteen, when his apprenticeship as a writer began.

    ‘Running on the Stairs’ tells the story of Margaretha Garden, beginning in 1940, the year of her birth, when she travelled with her mother Greta from Nazi-sympathising Sweden to New Zealand, through to her meeting Maurice Gee when they were working together in the Alexander Turnbull Library in 1967.

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