• When the Crowd Stops Roaring
    When the Crowd Stops Roaring
    ISBN: 9780473468835
    Title: When the Crowd Stops Roaring

    The inspirational memoir of an extraordinary All Black, with a forward by Keith Quinn New Zealand rugby union player Neven MacEwan played 52 matches for the All Blacks from 1956 to 1962, including 20 internationals and two South African provincial matches as captain. In this frank and inspiring memoir, Neven talks about his early life, and his extraordinary success as a rugby player. A lock and number eight, Neven represented Wellington at a provincial level, before achieving the ultimate in New Zealand rugby—wearing the revered All Black jersey. His contemporaries included Tiny White, Don Clarke, Wilson Whineray, Kelvin Tremain, Colin Meads and Ian Clarke. But this is not just a memoir of rugby achievements; Neven talks frankly about the difficulties in his life ‘when the crowd stops roaring’ and the reality away from the rugby field. There are immense challenges, including being charged by New Zealand Police for theft, a suicide attempt, and his battle with alcoholism. But there is also hope, triumph and new beginnings in this candid memoir, with Neven going on to give back and help numerous others who have lost their way. All Black, school teacher, shipping travel agent, public relations officer, prison chaplain, husband, father and grandfather, When the Crowd Stops Roaring is an insightful biography of an extraordinary New Zealander, both on and off the rugby playing field.

    Format: Paperback
    Price: $40.00
  • When We Remember to Breathe: Mess, Magic & Mothering
    When We Remember to Breathe: Mess, Magic & Mothering
    ISBN: 9780473453398
    Title: When We Remember to Breathe: Mess, Magic & Mothering

    Through births, death, stumbles and first steps, Michele Powles and Renee Liang wrote.

    And together these gifted writers - one an author, the other a paediatrician - achieved something remarkable: their words have fearlessly and charmingly laid bare the raw joy, beauty, discomfort and humour of modern motherhood.

    But beyond this, the exchange in When We Remember to Breathe is uplifting, positive testimony to what is important in life itself - what gives it meaning: the people we love, the challenges we face and the life we give.

    Format: Paperback
    Price: $25.00
  • Where the Rainbow Fell Down
    Where the Rainbow Fell Down
    ISBN: 9780473233389
    Title: Where the Rainbow Fell Down
    Author: COKER LYN

    Lynette Robinson struggles to overcome four deadly fears inherited from her mother – God, the Devil, her Father, and the Catholic Church.

    Set against a harsh and unforgiving backdrop in 20th century New Zealand, this story shows how our lives can be radically directed by others, and how in spite of great tragedy and loss, we can recreate our lives through making our own choices.

    Format: Paperback
    Price: $35.00
  • Which Way Is Starboard Again? Overcoming Fears & Facing Challenges Sailing the South Pacific
    Which Way Is Starboard Again? Overcoming Fears & Facing Challenges Sailing the South Pacific
    ISBN: 9781869538811
    Title: Which Way Is Starboard Again? Overcoming Fears & Facing Challenges Sailing the South Pacific
    Author: KIRTLAN ANNA

    Many New Zealanders sail the South Pacific but not many do it with as little boating experience as `uncoordinated, impractical, directionally challenged, desk-bound type¿ Anna Kirtlan, who says that until she met Captain Paddy and Wildflower II, her idea of rough sailing was `taking the Cook Strait ferry with a hangover¿. Not only does she have to learn to sail, and navigate, from scratch, she also has to overcome recurrences of the anxiety and panic attacks that plagued her teen and early adult years.

    Anna¿s story is told with humour and perceptive insight into herself and the adventures she shares with Paddy and those they meet along the way ¿ fellow sailors and islanders alike. She is upfront about living with mental illness, about fighting with it and being scared out of her mind at the thought of sailing the high seas, but somehow doing it anyway.

    Format: Paperback
    Price: $30.00
  • White Lake
    White Lake
    ISBN: 9780704373327
    Title: White Lake
    Author: BORRELL JOHN

    Borrell was one of the first foreigners to settle in Poland after the collapse of Communism, quitting his job as a travelling war correspondent with TIME to start a business and a family on the shores of a pristine lake in Poland. In building a house for himself and a lodge for paying guests in a poor region sorely in need of investment and jobs, he came up against a cabal of Communist-era local officials at a time when corruption was rampant in Poland and bribes were expected for many permits and approvals. He fought back in the only way he knew how: he exposed them by starting a Polish newspaper, Express Kaszubski, and training young journalists in old-fashioned investigating that eventually helped a newly informed electorate to vote the local mayor out of office.

    His worries did not end there; the mayor prosecuted him for criminal libel in a case that threatened to destroy all he had built and put Borrell himself behind bars. The White Lake is an unforgettable read by a determined man who refused to compromise.

    Format: Paperback
    Price: $46.00
  • Whizzing All Over the Place
    Whizzing All Over the Place
    ISBN: 9781927242858
    Title: Whizzing All Over the Place
    Author: BARBER DAVID

    Highlights of David’s career included seeing a French nuclear test in the Pacific atmosphere during the world’s only government-sponsored ban-the-bomb protest, covering the Vietnam War, dodging bombers in London and Ireland, a weekend with a Maharajah in India and unwittingly working for the CIA. He spent a magical mid-summer night with a Lapland reindeer farmer, stayed in the most bugged hotel in Eastern Europe and was targeted by a dissident who sought his help to flee the Soviet Union.

    While freelancing for some of the world’s top newspapers, David reported on 12 New Zealand prime ministers, including the wittiest … and the one who tried to end his career. As busy as ever in retirement, he mourns the diminishing interest of newspapers in global affairs, and the consequent demise of old-style foreign correspondents.

    Format: Paperback
    Price: $35.00
  • Why Dance?
    Why Dance?
    ISBN: 9781642556957
    Title: Why Dance?

    Sir Jon Trimmer is a Kapiti, Wellington, and New Zealand dance legend. His timespan and durability is unique in world ballet. This is his story.

    Format: Paperback
    Price: $47.00
  • Why I Am
    Why I Am
    ISBN: 9781869534400
    Title: Why I Am
    Author: KIRWAN JOHN

    Format: Hardback
    Price: $30.00
  • Wild Westie: the Incredible Life of Bob Harvey
    Wild Westie: the Incredible Life of Bob Harvey
    ISBN: 9780143569770
    Title: Wild Westie: the Incredible Life of Bob Harvey

    Sir Bob Harvey's colourful and varied life sums up the classic 'give it a go' Kiwi ethos. A legend of the eighties' advertising world, influential political strategist, former president of the Labour Party, outspoken environmentalist, long-serving mayor of Waitakere City and daring adventurer, Sir Bob has overseen and made New Zealand history. In this revealing biography of the self-proclaimed 'Wild Westie', journalist Hazel Phillips shares the social, political and personal events that have shaped Sir Bob's remarkable life, as well as fascinating behind-the-scenes stories from a man never far from the epicentre of New Zealand government.

    Format: Paperback
    Price: $38.00
  • Willie Apiata VC the Reluctant Hero
    Willie Apiata VC the Reluctant Hero
    ISBN: 9780143010944
    Title: Willie Apiata VC the Reluctant Hero
    Author: LITTLE PAUL

    'At 0900 on Sunday 01 July my CO handed me three letters to read. The first was from the Governor General, the second from the Prime Minister and the third was from the Minister of Defence. These letters informed me that I had been awarded the Victoria Cross for New Zealand (V.C.).' Cpl Bill (Willie) Apiata, V.C. Corporal Willie Apiata became the first New Zealander since the Second World War to be awarded the Commonwealth's highest military award for his actions with the NZ SAS in Afghanistan. From his early life in small town East Coast New Zealand to his actions in the deserts of Afghanistan, this is his story in his words. This book will not only establish the place of Corporal Apiata in New Zealand's history but will give an insight into the nature of a man who is truly a reluctant hero. While to most of us his actions seemed extraordinary and heroic, Corporal Apiata felt he was an ordinary Kiwi just 'doing his job'.

    Format: Paperback
    Price: $38.00
  • Wind at My Back
    Wind at My Back
    ISBN: 9780473464295
    Title: Wind at My Back
    Author: KOMEN JOSH

    `I was a lost little boy, trapped in a world where I didn't belong, one that would tear me apart and build me back into someone new...'

    Twenty-three-year-old Josh Komen is on track to represent New Zealand in running at the next Commonwealth Games when he is diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukaemia. In a single moment, the course of his life has changed irrevocably. What follows are years of excruciating pain, brutal treatments both in New Zealand and Australia, and shocking side-effects that send a young man to the brink of despair and back innumerable times.

    Ultimately, it is the enduring love of his close-knit family and friends, the incredible medical professionals who treat him, his spiritual beliefs, and his passion for nature that carry Josh through the hardest of challenges.

    The life lessons Josh gathers along the way are an inspiration for us all. This is an incredible story of courage, love and endurance.

    Format: Paperback
    Price: $30.00
  • Wind from a Distant Summit: the Story of Nzs Top Woman Mountaineer
    Wind from a Distant Summit: the Story of Nzs Top Woman Mountaineer
    ISBN: 9781877517464
    Title: Wind from a Distant Summit: the Story of Nzs Top Woman Mountaineer
    Author: DEAVOLL PAT

    For over three decades Pat Deavoll has been climbing at the elite level of her sport, in the Southern Alps of New Zealand, in the Canadian Rockies and Alaska and undertaking extreme, world-class expeditions to the great mountain ranges of Central Asia, including the Himalayas and the Karakorum. In WIND FROM A DISTANT SUMMIT she tells of her beginnings in the mountains of New Zealand, and of how far a singular level of drive, determination and talent has taken her - there are few mountaineers in New Zealand, women or men who have managed her level of achievement, and who have climbed so hard for so long. This book however, is more than an account of her remarkable adventures, for it delves into the more personal aspects of elite mountaineering; the personal sacrifices required to lead a life lived out on the edge, the challenges of being a woman in an activity so dominated by men, and an exploration of the motivation that drives her and others to take such extreme risks. But what is perhaps most remarkable about Pat Deavoll is that she has achieved so much despite a life-long struggle with clinical depression, and about which she writes with a moving honesty. WIND FROM A DISTANT SUMMIT is a rich and compelling story with enough humanity and insight to make this a wonderful read for anyone interested in the possibilities of an adventurous life.

    Format: Paperback
    Price: $40.00
  • Wine Women & Song: a Spitfire Pilots Story
    Wine Women & Song: a Spitfire Pilots Story
    ISBN: 9780473178574
    Title: Wine Women & Song: a Spitfire Pilots Story

    Wine, Women and Song is the fabulous account of Doug Brown's war years. The title is named after one of the Spitfire aircraft that Doug flew while he was with 485 NZ Squadron in England.

    Format: Hardback
    Price: $60.00
  • Winemaker: George Fistonich & the Villa Maria Story
    Winemaker: George Fistonich & the Villa Maria Story
    ISBN: 9781869799779
    Title: Winemaker: George Fistonich & the Villa Maria Story
    Author: TYACK KERRY

    Over the last 15 years, the New Zealand industry has increasingly globalised, as international corporates take a dominant role in our wine production. Villa Maria has always fiercely guarded its independence as New Zealand's largest privately-owned wine company, an independence that can be tracked back to the day in 1961 when a young George Fistonich told his Croatian-immigrant father that he wanted to give up building and take over the family winery. In the 50 years since, he has turned a cottage business tmaking fairly average table and fortified wines into a widely admired company that produces some of this country's very best wines (for which it has won a multitude of local and international awards), has considerable landholdings, is a major exporter, an energetic sponsor, and has an innovative culture. George Fistonich has won the coveted Ernst andamp; Young Entrepreneur of the Year award, was knighted, and, in 2011, was honoured with one of the international wine industry's leading awards. This book traces the arc of his life, from his hard-working Mangere childhood to his self-taught marketing audacity, from having to save his beloved business from receivership to taking big bets on the future. What emerges is the portrait of a determined, savvy and visionary man, whose life in wine tracks the history of the modern New Zealand wine industry.

    Format: Trade paperback
    Price: $45.00
  • Winston: the Story of a Political Phenomenon
    Winston: the Story of a Political Phenomenon
    ISBN: 9780994106414
    Title: Winston: the Story of a Political Phenomenon
    Author: WISHART IAN

    Format: Trade paperback
    Price: $39.00
  • Wisdom Seeker: Finding the Seed of Advantage in the Khmer Rouge
    Wisdom Seeker: Finding the Seed of Advantage in the Khmer Rouge
    ISBN: 9780992011635
    Title: Wisdom Seeker: Finding the Seed of Advantage in the Khmer Rouge
    Author: LENG PISEY

    Discover How the Darkest of Nights Can Lead to the Brightest of Lights Pisey Leng miraculously survived the infamous killing fields of Cambodia that claimed the lives of nearly two million people in the late seventies. In the face of unspeakable horrors, a light shined in Pisey that kept her determined to survive-and she did. The Wisdom Seeker is a stark account of her incredible story. You'll gain insight into one of the darkest points in human history. Yet your eyes will be opened to the unlimited power you have to: Find serenity and peace during the worst of times Seek the good and lessons to be learned in every situation Develop the courage to always move forth to your highest ground Uncover theseeds of advantage in any adversity, no matter how severe ""The Wisdom Seeker will shock, amaze and inspire you... all at the same time! It will show you how to use your's mind's power to triumph over any adversity and enjoy all the riches you desire."" Bob Proctor, Star of the movie "The Secret," Best Selling Author, World Leader in Personal Development ""The Wisdom Seeker is a genuine triumph of humanity. A courageous and dramatic story, the author/survivor shares her struggles when finally set free from the horrific killing fields of Cambodia. Pisey teaches us that no matter what you are faced with, it is your choice to forgive, be grateful and find happiness in the midst of great tragedy. She is an inspirational lady with an amazing story. I highly recommend this to everyone."" Peggy McColl, New York Times Best-Selling Author, aka "The Best Seller Maker""

    Format: Paperback
    Price: $45.00
  • With a Father Like Mine
    With a Father Like Mine
    ISBN: 9780473261771
    Title: With a Father Like Mine

    With a Father Like Mine is one son’s story of growing up, in a family struggling with addiction. It deals with elements universal to all families caught up in the cycle of addiction: an abiding sense of inadequacy, the attraction of substance abuse, the repetition of role model behaviour. It tells of the price to be paid, the work to be done and the support needed from significant others for someone to break free from that insidious cycle of addiction. It is essentially a story of triumph despite adversity.

    Format: Paperback
    Price: $33.00
  • With a Suitcase of Saris: From India to Aotearoa - Stories of Pioneer Indian Women
    With a Suitcase of Saris: From India to Aotearoa - Stories of Pioneer Indian Women
    ISBN: 9780473376260
    Title: With a Suitcase of Saris: From India to Aotearoa - Stories of Pioneer Indian Women
    Author: UNKA VASANTI

    Our mothers and grandmothers were among the first Indian women to immigrate to New Zealand. They left the warmth of close-knit communitites to journey to these chilly, isolated islands with little but a suitcase of saris.

    The evocative stories within this book celebrate and honour these women.

    Format: Paperback
    Price: $39.00
  • Witness To Change: Reflections on Reaching 100
    Witness To Change: Reflections on Reaching 100
    ISBN: 9780947493714
    Title: Witness To Change: Reflections on Reaching 100

    Witness to Change continues the thread of Lloyd Geering’s recent volumes of reminiscence and reflection, On Me Bike and Portholes on the Past. It begins with the story of his life Lloyd related in February 2018 at a gathering in honour of his 1ooth birthday. Then the focus shifts to social changes Lloyd has observed, and how religious beliefs and practices — especially his own — have developed over his century.

    Format: Paperback
    Price: $25.00
  • Woman in the Wilderness
    Woman in the Wilderness
    ISBN: 9781760633523
    Title: Woman in the Wilderness

    An inspirational story of adventure and bravery, from a young woman living a primitive, nomadic life in the wilds of the South Island of New Zealand.

    Format: Paperback
    Price: $25.00
  • Woman's Place: Life Leadership & Lessons from the Boardroom
    Woman's Place: Life Leadership & Lessons from the Boardroom
    ISBN: 9780143770596
    Title: Woman's Place: Life Leadership & Lessons from the Boardroom
    Author: WITHERS JOAN

    Joan Withers left high school with School Certificate at the age of 16 and from those unassuming beginnings has gone on to manage one of New Zealand's leading media organisations and to chair the boards of several of the country's largest companies. An outspoken advocate for diversity in the boardroom and for equal pay for women, Joan argues that gender inequality holds back not only women but economic growth globally. In this candid account of her life and career, she shares her journey from stay-at-home mum to CEO of Fairfax New Zealand, and in-demand company director and board Chair. A highly readable insight into business leadership and what it takes to succeed, A Woman's Place is also a call to action for women to set their sights on the top of the corporate ladder.

    Format: Trade paperback
    Price: $40.00
  • Womankind: NZ Women Making a Difference
    Womankind: NZ Women Making a Difference
    ISBN: 9780143772729
    Title: Womankind: NZ Women Making a Difference

    A landmark book of profiles and portraits celebrating the successes and diversity of New Zealand women across many spheres - politics, arts, science, community development, business innovation and health.These leaders share their views on what it?s like to be a woman in New Zealand today- the contributions they are most proud of, challenges they have faced and still face, dreams they have and goals for the role of New Zealand women. The range of women covers diverse fields, ages and ethnic backgrounds - from household names like Jacinda Ardern and Helen Clark, Malvina Major and Portia Woodman, to unsung heroines of the suburbs - a Kiwi Samoan scientist, the first Indian-born female police officer, and a maker of coffins!These more than 50 New Zealand women have set out to make a difference in the world, whether that be on a global stage, or in their local communities.

    Format: Hardback
    Price: $65.00
  • Women of the Catlins: Life in the Deep South
    Women of the Catlins: Life in the Deep South
    ISBN: 9781877578977
    Title: Women of the Catlins: Life in the Deep South

    A haunting, off-the-beaten-track destination, the little-known Catlins region of New Zealand is as mysterious today as it ever was. In this first in-depth look at the lives of its inhabitants, award-winning writer Diana Noonan and photographer Cris Antona collaborate to capture the thoughts and feelings of 26 women from this remote outpost. As the subjects speak for themselves on topics as diverse as family, work, isolation and their relationship with the environment, there is, at last, an opportunity for readers to enter into the heart of this rugged, unknown landscape where few venture and only the strongest make it home.

    Format: Paperback
    Price: $50.00
  • Wooden Man Stone Heart
    Wooden Man Stone Heart
    ISBN: 9780473214814
    Title: Wooden Man Stone Heart
    Author: WAH PAUL

    This book is unique in the genre of New Zealand heritage literature. Written as an autobiography/social documentary Paul Wah explores with uncompomising honesty the experiences of a young Chinese living a cossetted life in a self -sustaining Chinese family in the rural heartland of Feilding and South Taranaki. He looks critically and sometimes painfully at himself, the Chinese family and the cultural conventions and weaknesses that clashed with European values, thereby making integration with the local people difficult. Particularly the predeliction for gambling and the domestic stress caused by arranged marriages among a small community with few females. Dissected in detail is the strained relationship with his father that influenced his values in later life and at a personal level he deals intimately with his conflicts over interracial marriage and the difficulty of finding true love with a Chinese girl. During the 1940's period the author chafed about the social and occupational racial discrimination that was the norm in society, these he examines in some detail. He found that by participating in team sports such as cricket and rugby a window of opportunity opened to share in what was a white man's world . A two year stint as a boarder at Wellington College convinced him that the pathway to a fulfilling future lay in leaving the protection of the Chinese enclave to live an integrated way of life and compete for work in the wider community. Simultaneously the experience also exposed personal inadequacies such as an inferiority complex, race conflicts and no career motivation or study skills. He left school intent on reinventing himself in order to live a better life, initiailly working as technical trainee in the DSIR and spending a year labouring in a freezing works and on the wharf, to finance his tertiary studies. At university, without sufficient funding he found study hard, but fortunately made friends amongst many of Wellington's radical, intellectual fringe. From pub and party meetings with people such as JK Baxter, James Ritchie and Conrad Bollinger he learnt much about poltics, religion, philosophy, current affairs and alternative lifestyles, gaining the social and intellectual confidence to provide a platform for future personal growth. After a seemingly aimless period in his life, beset with unresolvable relationship problems he enrolled at Wellington Teachers College and fortuitously found a satisfying career that allowed him an outlet for the socialist sympathies he had nurtured as a student. Coincidentally, during the post war 1950 -1970's period, the weakened boundaries of racial discrimination allowed Chinese entry into professions and other occupations, but leadership positions in public companies, government departments and schools were slow to be offered and seldom sought by Chinese who tended to take low profile behind the scenes posts. In Wooden Man Stone Heart Paul Wah describes his unusual pathway to the top of secondary education. To be a successful teacher meant showing professional competence in the classroom but to win a Principal's position in competition with Europeans required a range of social and communication skills rare amongst Chinese of that era. Of particular importance to his development was with the 22 Club, a public speaking and debating society where he won national honours despite encountering racist attacks from his Irish opponents. While he experienced no hostility as a classroom teacher, his seeking promotion to become a Principal brought to the surface the old scourge of race discrimination. He writes frankly about the difficulties encountered by a young teacher during times of full employment when many students did not value education and his angst over the use of corporal punishment. A change in school policy requiring teaching unstreamed classes brought him into conflict with his Principal. He writes candidly of his time as a Deputy Principal serving under a reluctant Principal and of the stresses involved when later he won appointment as the first Chinese Secondary Principal. His former school, Taita College struggled against handicaps of poor previous leadership, uncertain student intakes, inadequate state and community funding and battles to recruit quality staff. He descibes the the steps taken to restore the school to a position of good standing within the community and with the education authorities. It was the melding of his European and Confucian values together with experience from his family business background that brought him ultimate success. He concludes that racial prejudice became an incentive to overachieve and the best aspects of his Chinese upbringing, work ethic and self reliance became the philosophical platform for shaping school policy. The final section of the book covers the time he spent teaching English at the Shanghai University of International Studies in China. In 1988/89 where there was considerable civil and student dissatisfaction over restrictions to personal freedom, widespread official corruption and rampant inflation. These issues led to the 'Freedom and Democracy' demonstations in Beijing and Shanghai, culminating in the Tian An Men Square shootings. It was in Shanghai and Beijing, shortly after the TIan An Men incident, that he became involved in potentially life threatening situations with demonstrating crowds and security police. He comments on the reaction of Chinese colleagues and friends to living in a Communist State and also the mindset of his students as they braced for rebellion against an all powerful government. During August 2012, he made arrangements for his book to be published in China by the government owned Shanghai No 10 Printing Works but was informed by management that the book had been banned for publication and sale in China. The reasons given were that he had made disparaging comments about the Communist government and had included photographs of demonstating students.

    Format: Paperback
    Price: $44.00
  • World, the Flesh & the Devil: the Life & Opinions of Samuel Marsden in England & the Antipodes 1765-1838
    World, the Flesh & the Devil: the Life & Opinions of Samuel Marsden in England & the Antipodes 1765-1838
    ISBN: 9781869408121
    Title: World, the Flesh & the Devil: the Life & Opinions of Samuel Marsden in England & the Antipodes 1765-1838
    Author: SHARP ANDREW

    New Zealanders know Samuel Marsden as the founder of the missions that brought Christianity (and perhaps sheep) to New Zealand. Australians know him as 'the flogging parson' who established large landholdings and was dismissed from his position as magistrate for exceeding his jurisdiction. English readers know of Marsden for his key role in the history of missions and empire. In this major biography spanning research, and the subject's life, across England, New South Wales and New Zealand, Andrew Sharp tells the story of Marsden's life from the inside. Sharp focuses on revealing the powerful evangelical lens through which Marsden understood the world. By diving deeply into key moments - the voyage out, the disputes with Macquarie, the founding of missions - Sharp gets us to reimagine the world as Marsden saw it: always under threat from the Prince of Darkness, in need of 'a bold reprover of vice', a world written in the words of the King James Bible. Sharp takes us back into the nineteenth-century world, and an evangelical mind, to reveal the past as truly a foreign country.

    Format: Hardback
    Price: $75.00
  • World's Fastest Indian
    World's Fastest Indian
    ISBN: 9780143774280
    Title: World's Fastest Indian

    The real Burt Munro, inventor of the world's fastest Indian motorcycle, in his own words.

    A fascinating collection of Burt Munro memorabilia including photos from his family album, newspaper clippings, and interviews with Burt himself, this book reveals the real Burt Munro - the man behind the movie. Roger Donaldson has been studying Burt Munro for many years. He made a documentary on him back in 1971, called Offerings to the God of Speed, as well as the 2005 international hit The World's Fastest Indian. During research for both films, he collected lots of material which has never been published, and Burt's son also released Munro family scrapbooks to Roger, allowing them to be published here for the first time.

    In preparation for the doco Roger interviewed Burt and also taped Burt chatting to several of his cronies and coworkers. These tapes have been transcribed for this book, presenting the real Burt Munro in his own words.

    Format: Paperback
    Price: $60.00
  • Wrestling With God: Story of My Life
    Wrestling With God: Story of My Life
    ISBN: 9781877242366
    Title: Wrestling With God: Story of My Life

    Wrestling With God is a reflective and honest account of one man's personal journey, which is set alongside the momentous changes to Western culture and thought during the twentieth century.

    Format: Paperback
    Price: $40.00
  • Writing Life: Twelve NZ Authors
    Writing Life: Twelve NZ Authors
    ISBN: 9780995109537
    Title: Writing Life: Twelve NZ Authors

    A unique, candid and intimate survey of the life and work of 12 of our most acclaimed writers: Patricia Grace, Tessa Duder, Owen Marshall, Philip Temple, David Hill, Joy Cowley, Vincent O'Sullivan, Albert Wendt, Marilyn Duckworth, Chris Else, Fiona Kidman and Witi Ihimaera. Constructed as Q&As with experienced oral historian Deborah Shepard, they offer a marvellous insight into their careers. As a group they are now the 'elders' of New Zealand literature; they forged the path for the current generation. Together the authors trace their publishing and literary history from 1959 to 2018, through what might now be viewed as a golden era of publishing into the more unsettled climate of today. They address universal themes: the death of parents and loved ones, the good things that come with ageing, the components of a satisfying life, and much more. And they give advice on writing. The book has an historical continuity, showing fruitful and fascinating links between individuals who have negotiated the same literary terrain for more than sixty years. To further honour them are magnificent photo portraits by distinguished photographer John McDermott, commissioned by the publisher for this project.

    Format: Paperback
    Price: $50.00
  • You Do Not Travel in China at the Full Moon: Agnes Moncrieff's Letters from China, 1930–1945
    You Do Not Travel in China at the Full Moon: Agnes Moncrieff's Letters from China, 1930–1945
    ISBN: 9781776560882
    Title: You Do Not Travel in China at the Full Moon: Agnes Moncrieff's Letters from China, 1930–1945

    In April 1938 Agnes Moncrieff, in her role as the YWCA of New Zealand’s foreign secretary to the YWCA of China, wrote to her mother, ‘You do not travel in China at the full moon if you can help. There are always air raids.’

    Nessie, as she preferred to be called, was an indomitable spirit and source of strength for many women in China during the Second Sino-Japanese War. There from 1930–1945, she is the only New Zealander to ever be seconded to the YWCA of China. These fascinating excerpts drawn from hundreds of her typed and handwritten letters tell of a remarkable woman, her experiences living and working in China, her observations of Chinese and Japanese military strategies, and her horror at what was taking place around her. A story of fortitude and adventure published on the centenary of her enrolment at Victoria University of Wellington, You Do Not Travel in China at the Full Moon collects some of Nessie’s most captivating letters with notes from her friend, Barbara Francis.

    ‘Nessie Moncrieff’s letters from China reveal the life of an exceptional New Zealander and remind us of the contributions women have made both to New Zealand society and internationally. . . . Nessie Moncrieff was one of several New Zealanders who, in different ways, engaged in humanitarian and reconstruction work in China during that country’s tumultuous 1930s and 40s, and her story has an important place in the history of New Zealand’s relationship with China.’
    —Pauline Keating, History programme, Victoria University of Wellington

    Barbara Francis came to Wellington in 1956 to study at the Teachers’ Training College. She met Nessie Moncrieff through the Student Christian Movement (SCM), and only later discovered she was in fact Agnes Moncrieff. In 1959, as an SCM travelling secretary, she boarded with Nessie in her Wellington home, and their friendship continued until Nessie’s death. Barbara worked as a teacher and raised her family in Christchurch, returning to live in Wellington in 2005. It was then she learned that Nessie’s letters from China were in the Alexander Turnbull Library and she began typing up and assembling them so that Nessie’s story could be shared.

    Format: Hardback
    Price: $50.00
  • Young Queen: The Story of a Girl Who Conquered The World
    Young Queen: The Story of a Girl Who Conquered The World
    ISBN: 9780473401283
    Title: Young Queen: The Story of a Girl Who Conquered The World

    Crazy. Bold. Fearless.
    Parris Goebel was destined to make her mark.
    Young Queen is the autobiography of a dancer with a dream . . . a young Polynesian girl who grew up in New Zealand and went on to conquer the hip hop world.
    In this honest memoir, Parris Goebel shares the extraordinary story of how she went from high-school dropout to award-winning dancer, choreographer and video director.
    At just 19, Parris got her big break choreographing for Jennifer Lopez. She has since worked with some of the biggest stars in music, including Janet Jackson, Rihanna and Justin Bieber, creating his record-breaking video, ‘Sorry.’
    A true #girlboss, Parris Goebel is changing the game.
    In these pages, Parris reveals the challenges, fears and obstacles she’s faced on her journey and gives fans and readers a backstage look into her life and the lessons she’s learned.
    Filled with photos from Parris’s personal collection, on tour and on set, this is a fun and inspiring read for anyone with a dream.
    Empowering and motivational, Young Queen has got da juice . . . and you can have it too.

    Format: Paperback
    Price: $35.00
  • Your Unselfish Kindness: Robin Hyde's Autobiographical Writings
    Your Unselfish Kindness: Robin Hyde's Autobiographical Writings
    ISBN: 9781877578212
    Title: Your Unselfish Kindness: Robin Hyde's Autobiographical Writings

    Robin Hyde's extraordinary but short life (1906-39) included a precocious early career as poet and parliamentary reporter. As a journalist, she juggled writing for the social pages with highly political reporting on unemployment, prison conditions and the alienation of Maori land. She struggled with drug addiction and depression, single motherhood twice over, and a lengthy period as a voluntary patient in a residential clinic (The Lodge) attached to Auckland Mental Hospital in Avondale. Her life culminated in brilliant reporting on the Sino/Japanese War following a journey into China in 1938. Hyde also produced several major novels, largely during her time at the Lodge, and several manuscripts of autobiographical writings, some written as part of her therapy. Your Unselfish Kindness gathers these together for the first time. Mary Paul's careful and well-researched introduction looks at the background to these writings, bringing many new insights to the study of New Zealand literature through her discussion of mental illness and therapeutic approaches to it in the 1920s-30s.

    Format: Trade paperback
    Price: $40.00
  • You're a Dick, Mummy
    You're a Dick, Mummy
    ISBN: 9780473161460
    Title: You're a Dick, Mummy
    Author: KIDD ANN

    'You're a dick, Mummy' were the first words Jamie Kidd said to his mother after a car crash. Now they are the title of a book the Motueka woman has written about dealing with his traumatic brain injury for 10 years. Ann's life was about people, fun, learning and the great outdoors. Shortly after moving to Nelson her life changed forever, that knock on the door that every parent dreads... 'Are you the parents of...'' This family was told if their son Jamie survived, then he would never hold a hammer in his hand or ride a bike again. You're a Dick, Mummy is an open and honest account of what it's like advocating for timely and effective rehabilitation programmes for people with brain injury. Even teenage drivers may rethink their actions at the wheel after this compelling read.

    Format: Paperback
    Price: $32.00
  • You're Telling Me! a Memoir of Peg Fleming
    You're Telling Me! a Memoir of Peg Fleming
    ISBN: 9780992260323
    Title: You're Telling Me! a Memoir of Peg Fleming

    Lady Peg Fleming, née Chambers, wife of scientist
    Sir Charles Fleming, and mother of Robin, Mary,
    and Jean, was a science graduate from the University
    of New Zealand and an amateur historian in later
    life. Peg had a lifelong interest in travel, research,
    and learning, and filled her spare moments with
    voluntary work. Her greatest commitment was to
    the Federation of University Women, in which she
    was active until her death in 2000.
    Robin Fleming’s memoir of her mother
    describes the tensions that existed for Peg between
    supporting her husband’s career, raising her
    daughters, and pursuing these varied interests
    and activities. It is a portrayal of a richly-lived life
    within the conventions and expectations of the
    then middle-class society. Robin writes:
    Mary, Jean and I have often wondered what
    Peg would have done had she been born a
    generation later. She might have been the
    manager of a big firm, perhaps, or a politician,
    or she might have done a degree in history and
    become an academic historian. But Peg was a woman of her time. She was not looking for equality.
    The model for her marriage, and therefore her life, was complementarity. She played her part by
    running the family, organising the household, and being Charles’ social hostess, personal support
    and companion. Charles played his part by paying the bills. Each needed the other to complete
    their life together.
    Dr Robin Fleming is Peg Fleming’s eldest daughter, born in 1942. She went to Samuel
    Marsden Collegiate School, and later studied at Victoria University, completing her MA in
    1964. During the 1970s, Robin worked as a photographer, and later returned to university to
    complete a PhD in Anthropology.
    During the 1980s Robin worked as a social researcher and policy analyst in the Departments
    of Health, Internal Affairs, and Women’s Affairs while carrying out funded social research
    projects on a part-time basis. After 1993, she retired from social policy and research to focus
    on writing. She studied under Fiona Kidman and later gained an MA in creative writing under
    Bill Manhire at the IIML, Victoria University.
    Robin was married to Peter McKinlay between 1965-1990, and has three children and five
    She lives with her partner Susan Kell in a bird-filled garden they have made
    on the Kapiti Coast.

    Format: Hardback
    Price: $45.00
  • Yours Faithfully, Henry Tewsley, from His Personal Letterbook of the Colonial Years 1854-78
    Yours Faithfully, Henry Tewsley, from His Personal Letterbook of the Colonial Years 1854-78
    ISBN: 9780473320348
    Title: Yours Faithfully, Henry Tewsley, from His Personal Letterbook of the Colonial Years 1854-78
    Author: MCBRIDE ALLY

    Edited stories told from his personal letterbook. From Victoria, Australia, to Dunedin, New Zealand, Henry Tewsley is draper, family man with fourteen children, and business partner of the Dunedin house of soft-good importer Sargood, Son, & Ewen. Henry describes his life and active interest in the Congregational Church. As chairman of the Dunedin Chamber of Commerce, he is party to the development of the town and harbour and its controversies. Included are letters that describe managing and expanding a NZ business in the 1860-70's. He is passionate about life as a free-thinking colonial settler.

    Ally McBride is a descendant of Henry Tewsley who has fully researched the Tewsley family for over 20 years including transcribing the complete 1000 page letterbook. Her studies and work in management and accounting give her the tools to grasp and present the intricate business management, reporting, and the banking systems of the era as described. Based on her detailed research, her passion for social history and with a large collection of original source documents she has presented a well informed commentary including many pictures. Her family, including two editors, have given their support to this quality production.

    Format: Paperback
    Price: $46.00
  • Zero to 60: from a Wooden Caravan to a Multi-million-dollar Business Empire
    Zero to 60: from a Wooden Caravan to a Multi-million-dollar Business Empire
    ISBN: 9781775538882
    Title: Zero to 60: from a Wooden Caravan to a Multi-million-dollar Business Empire
    Author: QUINN TONY

    From growing up in a wooden caravan to building his own state-of-the-art racetrack, this is the remarkable story of Targa champion, Hampton Downs and Highlands Motorsport Park owner Tony Quinn.

    On a frosty and clear morning in the small, Central Otago town of Cromwell, 2012, Tony Quinn and his son Klark stood with an iPad at the edge of an expansive basin of scrub and grass sketching the curves, corners and chicanes of an imaginary race-track. Less than 18 months later, Cromwell was abuzz at the inaugural Highlands 101, with visitors from all over Australasia flocking to Highlands Motorsport Park for the opening of the new 25-million-dollar racing circuit. To some people, building a racetrack in the middle of nowhere might have seemed like an impossible dream, but not to Tony Quinn.

    ‘To be successful in life you have to think positive and in motorsport, you'll never win a race unless you're truly convinced that you can,' he says. ‘I turn 60 soon and while I've achieved a lot in business and motorsport, I'd like to think there's a lot more to come.'

    Having grown up in a wooden caravan in Scotland, it's been a heck of a journey for a self-made millionaire and petrolhead who also owns Hampton Downs, Darrell Lea Confectionery and a mega-mansion on the Gold Coast.

    After selling a failed lawn mowing business called the 'Lawn Ranger' in Western Australia, Tony moved to New Zealand in 1994. As Tony says, 'Where there's shite, there's money'. Starting out with a plan to get rid of dead cows in Dargaville, Tony founded a fat-rendering plant called Fatman, which sowed the seeds for a remarkable story of success in pet food, culminating in selling his business, VIP Petfoods, for over 400 million dollars in 2015.

    Format: Paperback
    Price: $45.00
  • Zigzags & Leapfrogs
    Zigzags & Leapfrogs
    ISBN: 9781927305515
    Title: Zigzags & Leapfrogs
    Author: O'ROURKE M

    Born on a small island in Scotland to a local girl and an Australian serviceman, raised in a working class, dysfunctional, often violent, itinerant household around the UK and Europe, O'Rourke rose to become the Secretary for Education for New Zealand, the Director of Education at the World Bank, an International Education Consultant and an author of six books. It is a story of constant perseverance, reinvention and transformation as O'Rourke makes difficult choices and juggles her professional and personal responsibilities, especially mothering. The book outlines possibilities and ways of women living outside the conventions of what is usually expected by society, without stepping aside from acceptance, love and success. As a memoir it is composed of vignettes of her life, short stories, photographs, newspaper cuttings, interviews, graphic novel excerpts and poems which, together, create a fascinating interlay. The narrative takes the reader from the birth of her first grandchild, back into the past (beginning with her search for her whakapapa) and delving deeper into her early years through to her formative years. She then traverses the important influences, relationships, hard lessons learned and joyful experiences in her professional, physical, personal and political life - before returning full circle to the present, where the lessons she has learned are laid bare. Zigzags and Leapfrogs is a memoir of an unlikely life that embraces themes of persistence, luck, bravery, ambition, roaming, joy, disappointment and success.

    Format: Paperback
    Price: $35.00
  • Zizz! The Life & Art of Len Lye: in His Own Words
    Zizz! The Life & Art of Len Lye: in His Own Words
    ISBN: 9781927249215
    Title: Zizz! The Life & Art of Len Lye: in His Own Words

    Len Lye was startlingly original and endlessly inventive. Scottish poet Alastair Reid called the New Zealand-born filmmaker, kinetic sculptor, painter, and poet "the least boring person who ever existed." Today Lye's work is held in major galleries around the world. In this captivating book Lye's biographer, Roger Horrocks, weaves the artist's writings into a memoir of his fascinating life. Lye spent much of his life creating innovative art around the world, including New Zealand, London, New York, and Puerto Rico. Anyone interested in modern art and artists of the 20th century will be fascinated by these insights into Lye's mind and art, which are enriched throughout the book with visually striking illustrations that capture the essence of Lye's work.

    Format: Paperback
    Price: $30.00
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