• Billy T: the Life & Times of Billy T James
    Billy T: the Life & Times of Billy T James
    ISBN: 9781869507053
    Title: Billy T: the Life & Times of Billy T James
    Author: ELLIOTT MATT

    Billy T James was a larger-than-life comedian who gave us some of our best belly laughs, creating enduring characters as he poked the borax at race relations in New Zealand. His characters were Kiwi through and through and we loved him for it. When he died in his early forties, of complications following a heart transplant, we were shocked - first by his premature death, and then by one of the first highly publicised interracial body-snatching incidents. His widow, Lynn Matthews, and a number of Billy's closest friends who have kept their silence until now, have cooperated with author Matt Elliott to tell the story behind the cheeky grin. What emerges is the shy, self-doubting man the public never saw, and the death threats and exploitation of his generous nature that placed intolerable strain on the man who only ever wanted to make us laugh. The result is perceptive, poignant, funny and endearing - just like Billy T.

    Format: Trade paperback
    Price: $41.00
  • Bi-polar Expedition
    Bi-polar Expedition
    ISBN: 9780473375942
    Title: Bi-polar Expedition

    Brian Colegate was born in the London borough of Fulham in 1938. Completing his formal education at Wandsworth Grammar School he emigrated to New Zealand in 1956. He lived and worked in a bush camp for 30 months before a nine month hitchhike back to the UK. He married Ann in 1960 and the following year they emigrated to New Zealand.
    In his mid-twenties Brian was diagnosed suffering from bipolar disorder. Chronic bouts of depression jeopardised his progress at work but an increasing insight into what triggered them eventually led to an ability to keep well
    Brian’s wife Ann remained the absolute rock of the household through difficult times with their four children until it was Brian’s turn to become Ann’s primary carer, with community support. It became necessary for her to move into nursing home care, where she passed away in 2016.
    Brian presents an utterly frank and inspiring memoir of his lifetime adventures giving an insight into ways of coping and tackling life’s hurdles. Cartoons are cleverly featured to portray more amusing incidents and occasions.

    Format: Paperback
    Price: $41.00
  • Bishop Monrad in Aotearoa
    Bishop Monrad in Aotearoa
    ISBN: 9780473194185
    Title: Bishop Monrad in Aotearoa

    Ditlev Gothard Monrad was one of the most accomplished - and extraordinary - migrants to Aotearoa New Zealand in the 19th century. A Lutheran Bishop, a scholar and an educationalist, a former Danish Prime Minister and principal author of his country's constitution. Monrad came to Aotearoa New Zealand in 1866 and for almost three years carried out the strenuous work of being a settler, clearing land and establishing a farm in the Manawatu. In 1869 he returned to Denmark, but members of his family continued his pioneer work in New Zealand and he inspired many other Danes to migrate to this country. Before he left New Zealand Monrad gave his treasured collection of prints and engravings by masters of European art to the government and people of New Zealand. The Monrad gift is the foundation of the rich collection of European fine prints now held at the Museum of New Zealand Te Papa Tongarewa. Bishop Monrad in Aotearoa commemorates the bicentenary of his birth, on 24 November 1811. New Zealand is the richer for his time spent here and for his priceless gift to our nation.

    Format: Paperback
    Price: $45.00
  • Black Jersey Silver Fern: Tom Ellison First Maori Captain
    Black Jersey Silver Fern: Tom Ellison First Maori Captain
    ISBN: 9781869341251
    Title: Black Jersey Silver Fern: Tom Ellison First Maori Captain
    Author: DWYER DENIS

    Tom Ellison is the man behind the black jersey and silver fern of the All Blacks. He was the "Mr Rugby" of his era, a tremendous player who captained the All Blacks in 1893 (the first Maori to do so), captained, coached and selected teams, developed the role of the wing-forward which was to give New Zealand an enduring advantage and wrote one of the first instructional books on rugby. His views were respected nationally and he was widely quoted. His story is rich in individuals and incident. His great-grandfather was chief Taiaroa of Ngai Tahu, his grandfather Edward Weller the whaler of Otakou and his father Raniera the discoverer of gold at Maori Point on the Shotover River. Tom Ellison went from Te Aute College to Wellington to become one of the fifi rst Maori lawyers. He had a myriad of interests and brought energy and fresh vision to them all. This is the story of his life.

    Format: Paperback
    Price: $30.00
  • Black Ties, Red Carpets, Green Rooms
    Black Ties, Red Carpets, Green Rooms
    ISBN: 9781742571041
    Title: Black Ties, Red Carpets, Green Rooms

    As Nine Network's Entertainment Editor and with more than 17 years on the Today show, Richard Wilkins has interviewed the cream of the international entertainment industry-from Madonna to the Rolling Stones, and from Andrea Bocelli to Nigel Kennedy. Black Ties Red Carpets Green Rooms is a collection of his favourite, most interesting, strangest and most embarrassing star encounters. Richard weaves his own life story into the tales of celebrities, fame and interviews. From the age of 18 when he struggled to support his wife and Down Syndrome son in rural New Zealand, to hobnobbing with the world's hottest celebrities at the Oscars, Richard's life makes for extraordinary-and deeply touching - reading. Now the father of five, Richard boards scores of flights each year in search of the perfect interview. But who is he really, and what made him the man he is today? Richard knows what it's like to fly by the seat of his (very expensive) pants live to air. And yet he never loses sight of his roots as a down-to-earth Antipodean, living in Sydney with his family.

    Format: Hardback
    Price: $45.00
  • Blame It On Abba: How I Ditched My Day Job to Chase a Childhood Dream
    Blame It On Abba: How I Ditched My Day Job to Chase a Childhood Dream
    ISBN: 9780473429904
    Title: Blame It On Abba: How I Ditched My Day Job to Chase a Childhood Dream
    Author: NIMMO LISA

    Ever felt like quitting your day job to chase a dream?

    Lisa Nimmo did, and this daring musical adventure is proof that it’s never too late to follow your heart, reinvent yourself and become the person you were born to be.

    With no prior music experience and armed with only her business savvy and determination, 32-year-old Lisa embarks on a bold quest to transform herself from closet-karaoke-singing salesperson to professional singer.

    Six years on she’s a mum, a recording artist and her band Pearl shares the stage with Sir Elton John and Eric Clapton. She is living the dream. But what if this life, that she’s worked so hard to create, isn’t the life she wants now? What if it has all been a terrible mistake?

    Blame It On Abba is an uplifting story of courage, triumph and self-discovery and a revealing, behind the scenes insight into the NZ music industry from a founding member of kiwi pop-rock duo Pearl.

    Format: Paperback
    Price: $35.00
  • Blighted Fame: George S. Evans 1802-1868, a Life
    Blighted Fame: George S. Evans 1802-1868, a Life
    ISBN: 9780864738967
    Title: Blighted Fame: George S. Evans 1802-1868, a Life

    George Samuel Evans, barrister, editor and politician, was a man of his time, born to battle. He was a zealous, driven, extremely hard-working advocate for parliamentary and colonial reform. Reckless and unpredictable, a brilliant scholar with formidable skills in both oratory and journalism, he was bred to pursue the goals of civil and religious liberty. His passion for reform sprang from a dissenting background and upbringing in his fathers' parish in East London. It led eventually to New Zealand, a colony of ragged uncertainty, ambition, rivalry and deprivation. When Edward Gibbon Wakefield, the architect of the systematic colonisation of New Zealand, virtually abandoned his project, it was Evans who took up the reins. He and a small band of others assured the scheme's continuation and, for better or worse, spurred a reluctant government into taking action to procure the country for the Crown. In those crucial first years of settlement he was the outspoken critic of successive governors at a time when government and missionaries appeared to combine forces to pit themselves against the undertaking of the New Zealand Company. He continued his work for New Zealand in England, and later forged a parliamentary career in Victoria. Today, Evans has become little more than a footnote. He is irrevocably and fatally linked to the New Zealand Company, which has come to be regarded by many historians with suspicion. Yet there were few at the time and for many years after who would have disagreed with New Zealand Premier William Fox's assessment of Evans as 'perhaps the most influential originator of New Zealand Colonization we ever had'. Helen Riddiford's lively and extensively researched biography acknowledges his immense contribution to New Zealand and Australia, and allows his voice to be heard once more.

    Format: Hardback
    Price: $60.00
  • Bloke for All Seasons the Peter Yealands Story
    Bloke for All Seasons the Peter Yealands Story
    ISBN: 9781927167021
    Title: Bloke for All Seasons the Peter Yealands Story
    Author: PERCY TOM

    A true maverick, Peter Yealands is a Marlborough legend and national figure of prominence in both the aquaculture and viticulture industries. He received the first marine farming license and he and his family were pioneers in the New Zealand mussel farming industry. Though a regular but reluctant name on the national rich list, many aspects of his business career represent archetypal 'David and Goliath' scenarios. His David to Jim Delegat's Goliath was the Oyster Bay takeover story; a full-fledged battle between Peter Yealands and the Delegats Group both vying for control of the Oyster Bay Vineyard - successful brand but a puzzlingly unprofitable company. Yealands now owns the largest privately owned vineyard in New Zealand. And if that wasn't enough he then built the world's most ecologically advanced winery devoted to the concept of 100% sustainability. With such innovations as plastic bottles and Babydoll sheep to graze the vineyards, he has never let conformity stand in the way of innovation. Throughout it all he has maintained a consistent indifference to critics, an expansive and creative imagination and an unwavering dedication to hard work. The embodiment of Kiwi know-how and No. 8 wire ingenuity, and now an internationally regarded proponent of practical and profitable sustainability, Peter Yealands is indeed A Bloke for All Seasons.

    Format: Paperback
    Price: $35.00
  • Bloodied but Not Beaten: the Stories Behind 40 Years of Investigative Journalism
    Bloodied but Not Beaten: the Stories Behind 40 Years of Investigative Journalism
    ISBN: 9781877378690
    Title: Bloodied but Not Beaten: the Stories Behind 40 Years of Investigative Journalism
    Author: VAUGHAN ROD

    This is a story about New Zealand's most experienced television journalist, Rod Vaughan, who's been at the forefront of news and current affairs for more than 40 years. His remarkable career has taken him to almost every corner of the world where he has reported on an extraordinary array of issues that have won him a raft of national and international awards. In this country he's best known for his dramatic encounter with property tycoon Sir Bob Jones who left Vaughan bloodied and bruised on the banks of the Tongariro River. The episode has been described as one of the five most memorable moments in New Zealand's television history. In Bloodied But Not Beaten Vaughan reveals the inside story of what happened on that fateful occasion. He also revisits some of his biggest investigations, offering further insights into powerful and compelling stories and providing a tantalising glimpse of the intriguing world of investigative journalism. There is also a personal account of his epic time in the New Zealand television industry which began in 1968, when news was shot on clockwork cameras and the footage edited with scissors and cellotape. Few others have witnessed at first hand the technological transformation of the most powerful medium in the country.

    Format: Paperback
    Price: $40.00
  • Bob Francis: a Story of My Town
    Bob Francis: a Story of My Town
    ISBN: 9780473338039
    Title: Bob Francis: a Story of My Town
    Author: CAFFELL GARY

    A true champion as Mayor of Masterton for 21 consecutive years, Francis was also arguably one of the best international rugby referees of his era.The mayoralty was no joy ride. Huge issues confronted Masterton like the fire bombing of police homes, family violence and abuse, the horrific Raymond Ratima murders and the closure of Wairarapa¿s biggest employer, the Waingawa freezing works. Candid observations of these issues by Francis and the community response makes for a truly compelling read. For rugby lovers, this book gives an insiders perspective of one of the most memorable Ranfurly Shield matches of all time and a host of enthralling internationals. It provides new insight into the World Cup referees appointments in two Rugby World Cups, including the 2007 World Cup when the All Blacks were controversially eliminated in the quarter-finals.

    Format: Paperback
    Price: $40.00
  • Bono: The Rescue Cat Who Helped Me Find My Way Home
    Bono: The Rescue Cat Who Helped Me Find My Way Home
    ISBN: 9780733338045
    Title: Bono: The Rescue Cat Who Helped Me Find My Way Home
    Author: BROWN HELEN

    A heartwarming true story about a woman, a rescue cat and the city that never sleeps, by the author of international bestseller Cleo After a brush with cancer, Helen Brown, happily married for 22 years and with three grown children, takes stock of her comfortable suburban life and finds it wanting. Seizing the day, she heads to New York, the city that never sleeps, where she is talked into fostering Bono, a rescue cat in need of a forever home. Together, cat and woman discover that, in the end, home is where the heart is, wherever that may be. In the tradition of Helen Brown's international bestseller Cleo, which has sold more than 2 million copies worldwide, Bono is a funny, tender and insightful story about life, love and recovery - and a charismatic cat with a mane like a lion and a big heart. PRAISE FOR HELEN BROWN 'Even non cat-lovers will be moved.' - Good Housekeeping, UK 'A buoyant tale, heartfelt and open.' - Booklist, US 'A heartfelt account of love, loss and faith ... beautifully written' - Herald Sun 'A warm, poignant tale about the sheer force of a cat's personality and the joy and healing it can bring.' - Australian Women's Weekly 'Heart-warming and life-affirming - it's easy to see why it's been on the bestsellers list since it was published.' - NZ Herald

    Format: Paperback
    Price: $35.00
  • Book of Gwenifer : the Life Story of Gwenifer Hamilton Nee Bruce in Her Own Words
    Book of Gwenifer : the Life Story of Gwenifer Hamilton Nee Bruce in Her Own Words
    ISBN: 9780473304737
    Title: Book of Gwenifer : the Life Story of Gwenifer Hamilton Nee Bruce in Her Own Words

    Price: $63.00
  • Book of Iris a Life of Robin Hyde
    Book of Iris a Life of Robin Hyde
    ISBN: 9781869402679
    Title: Book of Iris a Life of Robin Hyde

    It is a gripping and profoundly moving story about a ""short, tumultuous, incredibly productive, sad and doomed life. It suggests comparison with both Mansfield and Frame . . ."". A dramatic and densely packed story, including appalling accounts of hidden pregnancies, life as a solo mother, drug dependency, intimate acquaintance with sexism and poverty, mental breakdown, and an extraordinary trip in China during the Sino-Japanese war.

    Format: Hardback
    Price: $70.00
  • Born for Life: a Midwife's Story
    Born for Life: a Midwife's Story
    ISBN: 9780473299637
    Title: Born for Life: a Midwife's Story
    Author: WATSON JULIE

    A nurse aide position in the local maternity annexe at the age of sixteen gave Julie a love for being with women during labour and birth and caring for mothers and their babies. Life could not have been happier until the tragic death of her own baby in the first hour of life led to depression, loneliness and despair. This true story tells of Julie's struggle to triumph over adversity and follows her journey to fulfil her dream and become the midwife she was born to be.

    Format: Paperback
    Price: $35.00
  • Born to Fly
    Born to Fly
    ISBN: 9781775536918
    Title: Born to Fly
    Author: REID BILL

    Three generations of Reids have flown helicopters. First there was John, a Second World War fighter pilot. After the war he used helicopters for things no one dreamed possible - for rabbit poisoning, concrete pouring, fertiliser and seed spreading and oil exploration. He trained a generation of Kiwi helicopter pilots, and flew on 300 rescue missions. Next there was John's son Bill, who began flying in the early 1970s, during the incredibly dangerous live venison recovery years, then on to ventures in Hong Kong, England and Papua New Guinea. Over the course of his 30-year career, Bill has flown helicopters for almost every kind of job you can think of - heavy lifting, mountain rescue, fire-fighting, animal control, heli-fishing and location scouting on Lord of the Rings. He's since restored a Second World War vintage aircraft, and his Avron Anson Mk1 bomber is the only flight-worthy model in the world. And finally there's Toby and his wife Rachel, also pilots, who have established their own helicopter business, pioneering new paths in adventure tourism.The Reids have helicopters in their blood, and Born To Fly is an exciting inter-generational tale of adventure, enterprise and derring-do.

    Format: Trade paperback
    Price: $40.00
  • Born to Fly Hautipua Rererangi
    Born to Fly Hautipua Rererangi
    ISBN: 9781775500049
    Title: Born to Fly Hautipua Rererangi

    Shot down off the coast of Germany, Pohe was held prisoner at Stalag Luft III, near Sagan in present-day Poland. Digging a tunnel under the camp, Pohe was one of the prisoners who escaped in a mass breakout which was immortalised in the film The Great Escape.

    Format: Paperback
    Price: $25.00
  • Boundless: a Wayward Entrepreneur's Search for Peace
    Boundless: a Wayward Entrepreneur's Search for Peace
    ISBN: 9780473260736
    Title: Boundless: a Wayward Entrepreneur's Search for Peace

    This non-fiction narrative will appeal to adventurous people interested in a wayward entrepeneur's escapade from a near-death experience in an avalanche, through to doing business in the decaying Soviet Union and on to life as a monk. 'Boundless: an uncommon passage' will also appeal to people who are looking for more happiness and contentment in their life, but haven't got a clue where to start.

    Format: Paperback
    Price: $30.00
  • Boy from Evans Bay
    Boy from Evans Bay
    ISBN: 9780473358075
    Title: Boy from Evans Bay

    A beautifully written memoir that recalls not only a remarkable life but also a New Zealand childhood that is so different from that of today. He writes of his childhood, school days at Hataitai School and Wellington College, university days at Victoria University College, his time practising law in the firm that his father founded, family life, his time on the Bench, and of the five years when he was Governor-General of New Zealand.

    Format: Paperback
    Price: $40.00
  • Breaking Ranks
    Breaking Ranks
    ISBN: 9781775540908
    Title: Breaking Ranks

    Three distinct stories about three distinct men, but with one thing in common - they all paid the price for standing up for what they believed. From a great writer, three great stories about conscience and consequence. This is the story of three men - a doctor, a soldier and a judge. They are men of rare achievement. The doctor has the gift of saving others but not himself. The soldier disobeys orders and abandons his command post in a bid to die with his men. The judge cares more to uphold a principle than save himself from ruin. All three defy convention in a way that exacts a price. The first two, Dr John Saxby and Brigadier Reginald Miles, destroy themselves. The death of the judge, Peter Mahon, is hastened by his stand for truth and justice on behalf of the victims of New Zealand''s worst air disaster. "New Zealand seems to have the knack of neutralising those who try to foist moral greatness on their countrymen," James McNeish writes. In Breaking Ranks, the author celebrates three brave men whose guiding spirit - subversion? anarchy? - challenges our assumptions of what it is to be a good New Zealander.

    Format: Trade paperback
    Price: $35.00
  • Bright Star Beatrice Hill Tinsley Astronomer
    Bright Star Beatrice Hill Tinsley Astronomer
    ISBN: 9781877340017
    Title: Bright Star Beatrice Hill Tinsley Astronomer

    A New Zealand hero brought out of obscurity in this fascinating 445 page biography by author Christine Cole Catley. Beatrice Hill Tinsley showed astronomers new ways of thinking and taught teachers new ways of teaching. A lover of nature and a conservationist who idealised New Zealand, she was also a musician, a feminist, a battler for zero growth population growth and a champion of the oppressed. Her life is a classic study in the interaction of nature and nurture, genetics and environment. It is also an inspiring and unforgettable picture of a girl determined to be a scientist who grows up in provincial New Zealand and wins through to world renown.

    Format: Trade paperback
    Price: $46.00
  • Brilliance & the Madness: My Journey from Adversity to Empowerment
    Brilliance & the Madness: My Journey from Adversity to Empowerment
    ISBN: 9780473212216
    Title: Brilliance & the Madness: My Journey from Adversity to Empowerment

    A non fiction, beautifully illustrated book relating my journey of healing, recovery and empowerment after a brain injury sustained from my dreadful cycling accident in Christchurch, 2005. My book is a down to earth story set amongst the everydayness of life, along this path of loss and adjustment, the frustration of brain injury, the reality of rehabilitation, the whims of ACC, and explains an important point of law which went to the Supreme Court from my case. Written to raise awareness and encourage others, this is my book of anguish, laughter, thoughtfulness and truth - the brilliance amongst the madness.

    Format: Trade paperback
    Price: $35.00
  • Bringing Culture into Care: A Biography of Amohaere Tangitu
    Bringing Culture into Care: A Biography of Amohaere Tangitu
    ISBN: 9781775503545
    Title: Bringing Culture into Care: A Biography of Amohaere Tangitu

    Over the past two decades, New Zealand health care has grown more culturally aware, slowly incorporating practices that better cater to the needs of Maori. Bradford Haami chronicles this health care evolution by telling the story of Amohaere Tangitu, a woman responsible for pioneering change.

    Spanning Amohaere’s career in health services, Bringing Culture into Care is the story of Amohaere’s work to bring cultural perspectives and practices into health care, making treatments culturally safe for Maori and all patients. Amohaere instigated changes in protocols around medical procedures to make them more culturally appropriate in Auckland’s general and children’s hospitals, established family accommodation in the children’s hospital, and implemented cultural processes alongside the hospital treatments. Through her work, Amohaere changed the way staff practised and people healed.

    Format: Paperback
    Price: $40.00
  • Brockie: A Memoir in Words, Cartoons & Sketches
    Brockie: A Memoir in Words, Cartoons & Sketches
    ISBN: 9780958232074
    Title: Brockie: A Memoir in Words, Cartoons & Sketches
    Author: BROCKIE BOB

    Bob Brockie, who was born in
    Christchurch in 1932, drew whimsical
    illustrations and cartoons for Salient,
    Victoria University’s student newspaper,
    and successive capping magazines,
    while he studied for a zoology degree
    in the 1950s. The degree completed,
    he left for Europe where his interest in
    caricature developed as he recorded
    the colour and novelty of Italian street
    In Italy he contracted polio and for
    a period was a quadriplegic. The polio
    went into remission after his return to
    New Zealand, but today he is again in
    a wheelchair.
    He has been editorial cartoonist for
    National Business Review continuously
    since 1975 and was twice QANTAS
    In his other life, Dr. Robert Brockie
    has been a highly respected scientist.
    He was a leading New Zealand
    authority on hedgehogs and possums
    and between 1976-82 he led the DSIR
    team involved in a 25-year study of the
    Orongorongo Valley in the Rimutaka
    State Forest Park – the birds, animals,
    trees and plants from canopy to forest
    His eclectic list of other publications
    range from the biology of Hawke’s
    Bay farmland possums to cartoon
    collections and includes a guide to the
    plants and animals of NZ cities and
    The popularisation of science
    has been a particular feature of
    Brockie’s work. Today, Brockie is still
    contributing, for the second decade,
    a popular weekly science column to
    Wellington’s Dominion Post.
    Bob Brockie received the NZ
    Association of Scientists’ Merit Award
    for Communications in 1999. In 2004
    he was elected Companion of the
    Royal Society. In 2013 he became a
    Member of the New Zealand Order of
    Merit (MNZM) for services to science
    and cartooning.

    Format: Paperback
    Price: $40.00
  • Broken Book
    Broken Book
    ISBN: 9781869405762
    Title: Broken Book

    Last year I was writing a book about walking. A travel book, meandering following the random associative habit of thought associated with a walk through a landscape. It would ramble. It would detour to examine curiosities. It would link walking with books read along the way or the things learned in conversation with strangers. . . . Then an earthquake shook me from bed and ripped up the map entirely. The quake sent a jagged tear right through my text. - Fiona Farrell At the Auckland Writers and Readers Festival recently, Fiona Farrell was the star of the opening night with her stories of the Christchurch earthquake - this book takes those stories and gives them weight and heft and context. Fiona Farrell's meandering travel book shows how an earthquake can change everything in a flash: the book you were writing, the house you were living in, the thoughts that preoccupied you. THE BROKEN BOOK consists of four essays about life and walking bookended by a preamble and an afterword and interrupted by 20 poems about the Christchurch earthquakes and their aftermath. The poems jolt into the essays like aftershocks, like cracks in the text; they make you pause and reconsider. THE BROKEN BOOK is funny, timely, deeply personal but never self-indulgent - it shows Fiona's talents as a writer and warmth as a human being.

    Format: Paperback
    Price: $35.00
  • Bromhead
    ISBN: 9780143574200
    Title: Bromhead

    One of New Zealand's best-known cartoonists, Peter Bromhead has led a colourful life. In his satirical, illustrated memoir, Bromhead, as he is affectionately known, shares his life in words and pictures. Packed with hilarious illustrations recounting his harsh upbringing, romantic missteps, cartooning career and experiences as an older father, this is a heart-warming and wickedly funny read.

    Format: Paperback
    Price: $38.00
  • Budapest Girl
    Budapest Girl
    ISBN: 9780473343712
    Title: Budapest Girl

    I love the writing: the honesty of it, the search that is always there, the courage to face hard truths and at the same time imagine others’ lives with compassion. Elizabeth Smither

    A Hungarian exile of 1956 with a gift for poetry reflects on a Budapest childhood during World War Two. A complex family spanning the spectrum of Jews, peasants and urban middle class, plus the day-to-day struggle for survival in wartime, make for a memoir which takes us outside the present consumer culture into the heart of an authentic New Zealand artist. Paul Maunder

    Reading this book has made me smile and weep. I love the way it draws us into the world of childhood with a child’s view of events. The writing is elegant and spirited, evoking strong images and emotion. It is the type of book a reader delights in reading and re-reading; dipping into passages for reflection, for the joy of wonderful writing and for the experiences it portrays. Paddy Richardson

    A remarkable memoir from a remarkable life. Powerful poetry and vivid prose unite in one woman’s undertaking to engage the past. The written word punches out at you from every page, taking the reader on a grand tour of events that shaped the last century. Dana Wensley

    Panni Palásti was born in Budapest and educated there. She entered the United States as a refugee after the defeat of the 1956 Hungarian revolution and continued her studies in New York, San Francisco and Los Angeles. She worked as a teacher and journalist in California before sailing with her husband and son to New Zealand in 1973. She lived in Russell for 28 years where she started the Russell Writers’ Workshop and founded and edited Russell Review for two decades before moving to the South Island. She has been writing poems since first grade. Her work has been published in Europe, the United States and in New Zealand.

    Format: Paperback
    Price: $35.00
  • Bullets Burgers & Beaked Beans the Warren Wright Story
    Bullets Burgers & Beaked Beans the Warren Wright Story
    ISBN: 9780473216719
    Title: Bullets Burgers & Beaked Beans the Warren Wright Story

    Warren Wright's amazing journey began when he realised one day at school that anything was within his grasp if he applied himself. From that day he made the most of every opportunity that came his way. As a husband and father, police officer and businessman, he has faced challenges from the 1981 Springbok Tour to a midwife who didn't think men had any right to be involved in childbirth. He has helped run beauty contests, been menaced by gang members and ordered to get topless women off a beach by a former chief justice. He has a keen interest in helping young people develop their potential, and his wide ranging experience has seen him develop unique and provocative views on all sorts of issues, from crime to education and parenting.

    Format: Trade paperback
    Price: $35.00
  • Burt Munro: the Lost Interviews
    Burt Munro: the Lost Interviews
    ISBN: 9780143573982
    Title: Burt Munro: the Lost Interviews
    Author: BIRSS NEILL

    Invercargill, at the far southern end of New Zealand. It's the late 1960s and two blokes sit in a modest shed drinking tea. The old bloke is telling stories about his life; the young bloke, a junior reporter, is typing earnestly on his Olympia portable typewriter. Dramatic tales abound--of youthful scrapes, motorcycle races and ingenious repairs, of international travel and friendships and road trips, of high speeds and accidents and meetings with dutiful policemen. Burt Munro became known around the world through the 2005 movie The World's Fastest Indian, but had long been known to motorcycle fans as a colorful character and speed record-holder. Our young journalist, Neill Birss, moved away from Invercargill and the interviews he had typed out were never published. In fact, they were lost during the move and only resurfaced under strange circumstances many decades later. Here they are in this book--the lost interviews with Burt Munro, legendary Kiwi motorcycle rider--his voice as fresh and his stories as vivid as the day he told them to the young reporter.

    Format: Paperback
    Price: $35.00
  • By the Seat of My Pants
    By the Seat of My Pants
    ISBN: 9781927242643
    Title: By the Seat of My Pants

    Neville Martin's over-the-shoulder look at his career in journalism and public relations might be taken with more than just a grain of salt - were it not all true. He writes of a world much less fettered by proscription than today's, and in which the unconventional, the eccentric, the oddball and even the downright incompetent could still find a job. Starting out as a cub reporter with Wellington's Evening Post, Neville Martin eventually found himself handling communications for the Dairy Board, one of the more demanding jobs in the PR business. Along the way he worked for three political parties at the same election, was press secretary to a menagerie of Ministers, wrote several revues and a couple of pantomimes, and was a regular contributor to the anarchistic satirical magazine Cock. By the Seat of My Pants offers reassuring evidence that a 'why the hell not' attitude, accompanied by a lick or two of common sense, can still accomplish much. It is a hymn to a collection of colourful characters and events which has kept one man laughing for 40 years and more.

    Format: Paperback
    Price: $25.00
  • Cafe Reflections on Christchurch City, 1975 - 2012: a Tribute to the Christchurch Central Business District Community
    Cafe Reflections on Christchurch City, 1975 - 2012: a Tribute to the Christchurch Central Business District Community
    ISBN: 9780958278010
    Title: Cafe Reflections on Christchurch City, 1975 - 2012: a Tribute to the Christchurch Central Business District Community
    Author: DONNELL DEB

    This book looks at life pre-quake for the CBD community, and takes the reader through a personalised account of what happened in the CBD when the earthquake struck, as well as giving an update of the 18 months post quake for Deb, her family, and many of her CBD friends and neighbours

    Format: Paperback
    Price: $45.00
  • Campbell West-watson: Boy Bishop to Archbishop
    Campbell West-watson: Boy Bishop to Archbishop
    ISBN: 9781927167243
    Title: Campbell West-watson: Boy Bishop to Archbishop
    Author: SIMS MARTIN

    Format: Hardback
    Price: $35.00
  • Can We Help It If We're Fabulous
    Can We Help It If We're Fabulous
    ISBN: 9780143008040
    Title: Can We Help It If We're Fabulous
    Author: MATHIAS PETA

    Television presenter, author and bon vivant, Peta Mathias's life has been anything but dull. With ten topics relevant to all women - Fashion, Food, Relationships, Music, Travel, Beauty, Work, Sex, Happiness and, of course, Men - Peta's sagacious, sexy and occasionally scurrilous book will encourage and inspire readers to reinvent, spice up, embrace and celebrate the lives they have. As well as recounting her own life lessons, Peta interviews a range of women - from psychologists to plastic surgeons, sex therapists to hairdressers, doctors to singers - and discovers what a woman needs to make her happy, idependent and successful. Inspirational, razor-witted and funny, Can We Help It if We're Fabulous is Peta Mathias at her wisest - and naughtiest.

    Format: Paperback
    Price: $36.00
  • Casting Off: A Memoir
    Casting Off: A Memoir
    ISBN: 9780947522551
    Title: Casting Off: A Memoir

    At the end of the first volume of Elspeth Sandys’ absorbing memoir, What Lies Beneath, an adult Elspeth has solved the riddle of her birth parents and begun to piece together the events of her early life and find her place in the world. Casting Off begins on the eve of Elspeth’s first marriage. She and her husband will soon depart New Zealand for England, joining a throng of Kiwis who chose to uproot themselves from their native land. New attachments will be formed: new loves – of people; of places – will take the place of the old. But the home country will continue to exercise a pull. Backgrounding the personal story in this deeply satisfying memoir is the story of the Thatcher years and the creeping virus of neo-liberalism, the sexual revolution of the sixties, the beguiling world of books – reading and writing – and theatre. Elspeth Sandys’ refreshing honesty and her skill as a writer of fiction and drama propel the reader through an absorbing life story that is equally a commentary on the meaning of memoir and the peculiarities of memory.

    Format: Paperback
    Price: $35.00
  • Chance Is a Fine Thing 50 Years in Nz
    Chance Is a Fine Thing 50 Years in Nz
    ISBN: 9781869419851
    Title: Chance Is a Fine Thing 50 Years in Nz

    'The stories that I think worth telling are of how, as a young man, I left home on the other side of the world half a century ago and took the chance to become a New Zealander. More, of becoming a New Zealand writer now able to look back over 50 years and relate not only what happened to me, of how I grew up, but also something of how the country has grown and changed. It is about my developing relationship with my country and some of its people.' As Philip Temple explains in his preface, this is about his life and the country he chose to call home. His memoir shows how he came about this decision, how he left England at a young age, and how he came to explore and love this country, scaling its mountains and writing its stories. New Zealand has always pulled him back, despite adventures overseas, exploring previously unknown regions of the world, sailing in exciting waters, trailing through Europe, and a long love affair with Berlin. Despite all this, New Zealand became and remains his country. In an honest and remarkably diverse appraisal of his life, he reveals his personal and professional relationships, including his search for his father, the failure of his marriage, difficult times working for the Listener, and his campaigning for MMP. It is also a fascinating account of how he has made a living as a full-time writer. Compelling, thoughtful and moving, this is an important view of the last fifty years.

    Format: Trade paperback
    Price: $37.00
  • Changing Lives
    Changing Lives
    ISBN: 9781869538941
    Title: Changing Lives
    Author: MARIOT & PAWSEY

    Friends since high school, Janice Marriott and Virginia Pawsey reconnected after 30 years and, shortly afterwards, began writing to each other about their respective lives, publishing Common Ground and Common Table together. Their last book, 2013's Common Lives, an illustrated compendium of the best of their letters, closed with the two friends assuring each other that they could never leave their homes and lifestyles. Shortly after publication, however, each of them, unpredictably and somewhat radically, changed their lifestyle. Janice became a grandmother and shifted from Wellington to Auckland to be closer to her family, and Virginia and her husband sold the family farm and built a new house on a smaller property closer to town. Changing Lives picks up their stories where they left off. How did their lives change so dramatically, and how has this affected them both personally and philosophically? And what about their gardens and kitchens?

    Format: Hardback
    Price: $40.00
  • Charles Brasch #1 Journals 1938-1945
    Charles Brasch #1 Journals 1938-1945
    ISBN: 9781877372841
    Title: Charles Brasch #1 Journals 1938-1945

    Transcribed by Margaret Scott, with a Dramatis Personae and annotations by Andrew Parsloe, this book contains the journals of Charles Brasch, a New Zealand poet, literary editor, and arts patron. Brasch was an intelligent young man who documented his experiences in Britain during World War II. In journal entries that quickly become a daily habit/necessity, he struggles with relationships, what part he can play in the war effort, what he should do with his life, and whether he should return to New Zealand. Brasch's journals create a moving and always interesting document. Hundreds of people - especially emerging writers and artists, both British and Kiwi - appear in the book, usually as visitors to London, and Brasch finds an important friend in Colin Roberts. Substantial contributions are also included in the book, such as Rachel Barrowman's essay 'Finding "a Home for the Spirit," ' which discusses the journals as an exploration of 'identity and self...during the restless war years.' When Brasch resolved to return to New Zealand at the end of 1945, it was 'part of a cultural mission: to make his contribution to the development in New Zealand of a mature...literary and arts culture.'

    Format: Hardback
    Price: $60.00
  • Charles Brasch Journals #2 1945-1957
    Charles Brasch Journals #2 1945-1957
    ISBN: 9781927322284
    Title: Charles Brasch Journals #2 1945-1957

    This volume of Charles Brasch's journals covers the years from late 1945 to the end of 1957, when the poet and editor was aged 36 to 48. It begins with his return to New Zealand after World War II to establish a literary quarterly to be published by the Caxton Press. The journals cover the first decade or so of his distinguished editorship of Landfall, a role that brought Brasch into contact with New Zealand's leading artists and intelligentsia. His frank and often detailed descriptions of these people - including Frank Sargeson, A.R.D. Fairburn, Keith Sinclair, Eric McCormick, James Bertram, J.C. Beaglehole, Maria Dronke, Fred and Evelyn Page, Alistair Campbell, Bill Oliver, Toss and Edith Woollaston, Denis Glover, Allen Curnow, Leo Bensemann, Lawrence Baigent, Ngaio Marsh, Colin McCahon, James K. Baxter, Janet Frame, Ruth Dallas and many others - are among the highlights of the book. Unmarried and longing for intimacy, Brasch also writes with great candour about his relationships with Rose Archdall, Rodney Kennedy and Harry Scott, revealing a side of himself that has not been known about before. Central to Brasch's life was the vocation of poetry. He writes movingly about his own work, and also about his love of nature and the outdoors, including lively descriptions of walking the Milford and Routeburn tracks. The book ends with his visit to Europe in 1957, which confirmed his sense that New Zealand had become for him 'a centre & a world'. A lengthy introduction by Peter Simpson and other editorial apparatus guide the reader through this engrossing material.

    Format: Hardback
    Price: $60.00
  • Chase the Rainbow
    Chase the Rainbow
    ISBN: 9781471160707
    Title: Chase the Rainbow
    Author: BELL POORNA

    'A candid, warm, sad, surprisingly funny, raw, brave, bittersweet book.' - MATT HAIG&
    'Chase the Rainbow is a game-changing book. Poorna Bell's moving account of the pressures on modern men could be a life-saver. This is a brave and bold work that will inspire us all to talk openly and honestly about depression once and for all. Everyone should read this book.' - ARIANNA HUFFINGTON
    An honest yet uplifting account of a woman's life affected (but not defined) by the suicide of her husband and the deadly paradox of modern-day masculinity.
    Punk rocker, bird nerd and book lover Rob Bell had a full, happy life.& He had a loving wife, a big-bottomed dog named Daisy and a career as a respected science journalist. But beneath the carefully cultivated air of machoism and the need to help other people, he struggled with mental health and a drug addiction that began as a means to self-medicate his illness. In 2015, he ended his life in New Zealand on a winter's night.&

    But what happened? How did a middle-class Catholic boy from the suburbs, who had an ocean of people who loved him, and a brain the size of a planet, end up dying alone by his own hand? How did it get to this point? &

    In the search to find out about the man she loved, and how he arrived at that desperate, dark moment, Poorna Bell, Executive Editor of The Huffington Post UK, went on a journey spanning New Zealand, India and England to discover more about him.

    A month after his death, she shared her personal tragedy in an open letter to Rob on the site, which went on to be read by hundreds of thousands of people across the world. This is Poorna's story, not only of how she met the man of her dreams and fell in love, but also Rob's story and how he suffered with depression since childhood and had secretly been battling addiction as a means to cope with the illness.
    Suicide is the biggest killer of men under 45 and a staggering 1 in 4 of us will experience mental illness disease at some point in our lives, but the stigma surrounding mental health means that millions still suffer in silence.

    Chase& the& Rainbow& is an affecting, poetic, and deeply personal journey which teaches to seek hope and happiness, even in the most tragic of circumstances. Shattering the stigma surrounding depression and suicide, Poorna Bell challenges us talk about what we most fear, and to better understand the personal struggles of those closest to us.

    Format: Trade paperback
    Price: $38.00
  • Childhood at Cairnsmore: a Social History of Domestic & Family Life on a Nz Farm in the 1920s, 1930s & 1940s
    Childhood at Cairnsmore: a Social History of Domestic & Family Life on a Nz Farm in the 1920s, 1930s & 1940s
    ISBN: 9780473254681
    Title: Childhood at Cairnsmore: a Social History of Domestic & Family Life on a Nz Farm in the 1920s, 1930s & 1940s
    Author: ALLEN JUNE

    A Childhood at Cairnsmore is the true story of a childhood spent on a sheep farm at the foot of the Ruahine Range in the 1920s and 1930s. It is rich with details of country life in New Zealand - the homestead, riding on horseback to school, home baking and domestic chores. ' .. reminds us of how much has changed in our lifetime.' '... a fascinating and touching story, and a valuable record of earlier days .. It reminded me of so much - shearing gangs, and even the long drop ...'

    Format: Paperback
    Price: $26.00
  • Childhood of an Idiot
    Childhood of an Idiot
    ISBN: 9781877505430
    Title: Childhood of an Idiot
    Author: HARVEY DOM

    I entered the world kicking and screaming in 1973. I put my theatrical entrance down to me craving a nicotine fix. Mom smoked, like a chimney, right through the nine months of pregnancy. As far as anyone knew back then, smoking was good for the unborn child. I'm pretty sure smoking was even permitted in the Plunket rooms mom and I used to go to before I was born. How I survived to tell the tale of my young years is a miracle--we had no seatbelts, no bike helmets, no sun screen, we had trampolines with exposed springs, playgrounds with concrete floors, we shared bath water, the dentist was known as the murder house, and we had to endure summers with lawn prickles as ferocious as land-mines. Back then service stations gave you service and petrol. I never saw mom get out of the car at a forecourt, she'd just wind the window down and hold the money out. If she tried that now she could be parked up at the pumps long enough for her family to file a missing persons report. This is the story of my childhood. But it is probably the story of yours as well if you grew up in the 1980s. This is a book for any New Zealander who has ever been told to stop crying or you will be given something to really cry about.

    Format: Paperback
    Price: $30.00
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