• Losing the Silver Spoon
    Losing the Silver Spoon
    ISBN: 9780473504397
    Title: Losing the Silver Spoon
    Author: WILSON JAMES

    This us a rollicking tale of the highs and lows of a life well lived. Born into a life of privilege, James Wilson was always too free-thinking to be kept down on the farm, content to follow in his ancestors' footsteps. Slowly but determinedly he pulled away from tradition and set off on his own sometimes rocky and precarious path. Ten years at elite boarding schools didn't snuff out his dreams of adventure, which subsequently found him travelling across the Sahara desert and down the length of Africa in a little Mini, and later upifting his wife and four children to work as a farm advisor on a cattle farm in Malaysia. Back home again, he turned the farming over to his long-suffering wife Barbie and embarked on a career as an inventor and entrepreneur, with some successful - and occasionally disastrous - results. Eventually the family farm was sold and Barbie and James have carved out a new active life in the Marlborough Sounds. James's ride through life has been a rollercoaster, but he has few regrets and the proverbial silver spoon is now but a faint memory.

    Format: Paperback
    Price: $35.00
  • Louise Sutherland: Spinning the Globe
    Louise Sutherland: Spinning the Globe
    ISBN: 9780986464102
    Title: Louise Sutherland: Spinning the Globe
    Author: WALL BRONWEN

    Louise was a small woman with a big heart. She knew virtually nothing about bicycles, except what really mattered, and so became a cycling legend without winning a single race. Instead Louise Sutherland planned her own route - one that was far longer and rougher than any Tour de France. She was the first person ever to cycle right across Brazil, through the Amazon Jungle.

    Format: Paperback
    Price: $20.00
  • Making History: A NZ Story
    Making History: A NZ Story
    ISBN: 9781869408992
    Title: Making History: A NZ Story

    The story of one historian, and a country, awakening to New Zealands past. Men no longer whisper Revolution, they shout it; and they no longer carry banners, but throw bricks Letter home from Harvard, 1970. Jock Phillips grew up in post-war Christchurch where history meant Ancient Greece and home was England. Over the last 50 years through the Maori renaissance, the womens movement, the rediscovery of ANZAC and more Phillips has lived through a revolution in New Zealanders understanding of their identity. And from A Mans Country to Te Ara, in popular writing, exhibitions, television and the internet, he played a key role in instigating that revolution. Making History tells the story of how Jock Phillips and other New Zealanders discovered this countrys past. In this memoir, Phillips turns his deep historical skills on himself. How did the son of Anglophone parents, educated among the sons of sheep farmers at Christchurchs Christs College, work out that the history of this country might be worthwhile? From Harvard, Black Power and sexual politics in America, to challenging male culture in New Zealand in A Mans Country?, to engaging with Maori in Te Papa and Te Ara, Phillips revolted against his background and became a pioneering public historian, using new ways to communicate history to a broad audience.

    Format: Paperback
    Price: $45.00
  • Mansfield & Me: A Graphic Memoir
    Mansfield & Me: A Graphic Memoir
    ISBN: 9781776560691
    Title: Mansfield & Me: A Graphic Memoir
    Author: LAING SARAH

    Katherine Mansfield is a literary giant in New Zealand—but she had to leave the country to become one. She wrote, ‘Oh to be a writer, a real writer.’ And a real writer she was, until she died at age 34 of tuberculosis. The only writer Virginia Woolf was jealous of, Mansfield hung out with the modernists, lost her brother in World War I, dabbled in Alistair Crowley’s druggy occult gatherings and spent her last days in a Fontainebleu commune with Olgivanna, Frank Lloyd Wright’s future wife. She was as famous for her letters and diaries as for her short stories. Sarah Laing wanted to be a real writer, too. A writer as famous as Katherine Mansfield, but not as tortured. Mansfield and Me charts her journey towards publication and parenthood against Mansfield’s dramatic story, set in London, Paris, New York and New Zealand. Part memoir, part biography, part fantasy, it examines how our lives connect to those of our personal heroes.

    “Sarah Laing’s gorgeous, playful drawings and self-deprecating humour lightly mask a complex meditation on writing, celebrity and the conscious construction of self. A very New Zealand coming-of-age story: brilliant, funny, thoughtful and smart.”
    – Dylan Horrocks, author of Hicksville and Sam Zabel and the Magic Pen.

    Format: Paperback
    Price: $35.00
  • Maori Boy: A Memoir of Childhood
    Maori Boy: A Memoir of Childhood
    ISBN: 9781869797263
    Title: Maori Boy: A Memoir of Childhood

    The first volume of Witi Ihimaera's enthralling memoir, packed with stories of the formative years of this much-loved writer. Witi Ihimaera is a consummate story-teller, having created many fictional tales in his numerous books. Some of his most fascinating stories, however, are about his own life. This honest, stirring work tells of the family and community into which he was born, of his early life in rural New Zealand, of family secrets, of facing anguish and challenges, and of laughter and love. It is engrossing, it is funny, it is moving, it is vividly and inventively told, but more than this, it is a vital record of what it means to grow up Maori.

    Format: Trade paperback
    Price: $40.00
  • Margaret Mahy: a Writer's Life
    Margaret Mahy: a Writer's Life
    ISBN: 9781775540175
    Title: Margaret Mahy: a Writer's Life
    Author: DUDER TESSA

    Revised and updated edition;
    new sections include
    acknowledgements, notes,
    bibliography and awards,
    as well as an epilogue
    covering 2005 to 2012.

    Format: Paperback
    Price: $40.00
  • Maurice Gee: Life & Work
    Maurice Gee: Life & Work
    ISBN: 9780864739926
    Title: Maurice Gee: Life & Work

    Maurice Gee is one of New Zealand's greatest fiction writers. His long literary career began in the 1950s and includes seventeen adult novels, thirteen novels for children, a short story collection, and screenplays for television and film. His work is loved by generations of readers and has earned him many awards. In this revelatory new work, acclaimed biographer Rachel Barrowman interweaves the story of Gee's life with his fiction, illuminating the unassuming 'man in the grey cardy' alongside his unsettling stories. Immaculately researched, with full access to her subject and his records, Maurice Gee: Life and Work offers a fascinating portrait of a writing life. Gee once described himself as 'a New-Zealandy sort of writer living in a New-Zealandy sort of place .?.?. writing New-Zealandy sort of books'. His work has always drawn from a particular, personal New Zealand; his fictional territory takes in the domestic lives and landscapes of New Zealand's provincial towns and middle-class suburbs-places where murders happen, where families hurt and self-destruct. Through decades of changing literary fashions, Gee has gone on doing his own thing, seeking out 'evidence of disorder, passion, of the primitive thing'. Maurice Gee: Life and Work explores the connections and paradoxes of a private man who has written his life into fiction. It is a compelling story of a life and a major contribution to New Zealand literary history.

    Format: Hardback
    Price: $60.00
  • Maze of Grace
    Maze of Grace
    ISBN: 9780995115439
    Title: Maze of Grace

    In 2015 Natalie Yule Yeoman was diagnosed with breast cancer. A maze of grace is the story of her response to the illness over a year, through diary entries, correspondence, poems, medical reports and family writings. By cultivating her inner resources, including her Christian belief and disarmiung sense of humour, Natalie was able to find new ways of coping with the devastation of the illness as it progressed to secondary tumours and became incurable. Hers is a story of diagnoses, delays, mistakes, inquiries and apologies - but it is also a story of faith and community, hope and family. Natalie's wish is that her discoveries on this pilgimage will be helpful for anyone going through a health crisis. For others, the story of this wahine toa who lives life to the full will be quite simply an inspiration.

    Format: Paperback
    Price: $30.00
  • Memory Pieces
    Memory Pieces
    ISBN: 9781776562077
    Title: Memory Pieces
    Author: GEE MAURICE

    Memory Pieces is an intimate and evocative memoir in three parts.

    ‘Double Unit’ tells the story of Maurice Gee’s parents – Lyndahl Chapple Gee, a talented writer who for reasons that become clear never went on with a writing career, and Len Gee, a boxer, builder, and man’s man.

    ‘Blind Road’ is Gee’s story up to the age of eighteen, when his apprenticeship as a writer began.

    ‘Running on the Stairs’ tells the story of Margaretha Garden, beginning in 1940, the year of her birth, when she travelled with her mother Greta from Nazi-sympathising Sweden to New Zealand, through to her meeting Maurice Gee when they were working together in the Alexander Turnbull Library in 1967.

    Format: Trade paperback
    Price: $35.00
  • Memory Stick
    Memory Stick
    ISBN: 9780995115453
    Title: Memory Stick

    Born in Hamilton in 1950 with a penchant for drama,
    Anne Manchester was perplexed by her remote mother and frustrated by the strictures of a post-war upbringing. She launched into university life at full tilt, demonstrating against the Vietnam War, waitressing in Suzy’s Coffee Lounge, losing her virginity to a gay man, taking part in university revues with Roger Hall and, despite her feminist beliefs, found herself crowned Miss Victoria University of Wellington.
    Anne began work as a film editor and took off on her OE, bringing an English husband home with her. They moved into a cottage in Eastbourne, where Anne has lived ever since, through the raising of two firecracker sons and the loss of one through a tragic accident, an unstinting passion for theatre, a controversial role as co-editor of Kai Tiaki Nursing New Zealand, divorce, remarriage and the joys of becoming a grandmother.
    Memory Stick is the story of a passionate woman living in the thick of things over seventy years of societal and cultural change, and weathering her share of loss, heartbreak and mistakes with courage and chutzpah. Written with a journalist’s flair, it’s a lively and entertaining read.

    Format: Paperback
    Price: $30.00
  • Merchant, Miner, Mandarin: The Life &Times of the Remarkable Choie Sew Hoy
    Merchant, Miner, Mandarin: The Life &Times of the Remarkable Choie Sew Hoy
    ISBN: 9781988503097
    Title: Merchant, Miner, Mandarin: The Life &Times of the Remarkable Choie Sew Hoy

    In 1869, a businessman from China's Guangdong Province first set foot on New Zealand soil at Port Chalmers. It was the beginning of an illustrious career that would change the shape of commerce and industry in Otago and Southland. 'Merchant, Miner, Mandarin' depicts the fascinating life of Choie Sew Hoy - from his early days in China before emigrating to Australia and then New Zealand, to his death in 1901 as one of Dunedin's most prominent entrepreneurs. The store Choie Sew Hoy established in Dunedin's Stafford Street was a huge success, while his revolutionary gold-dredging technology improved the fortunes of the gold-mining industry in Otago and Southland. He backed dredging, quartz crushing and hydraulic sluicing ventures in the goldfields of Ophir, Macetown, Skippers, Nokomai and the Shotover. Sharp as a razor, Sew Hoy was a visionary, able to spot opportunities no one else could, whether sending vast amounts of unwanted scrap metal from New Zealand back to China, or joining famous Taranaki businessman Chew Chong's fungus export trade. Sew Hoy was also a local character, always elegantly dressed and with legendary success in horse racing. His self-assurance and charm gained him entry to the Chamber of Commerce, the Jockey Club, the Masons and even the Caledonian Society. A benefactor to many social causes, he supported hospitals and benevolent associations to help his fellow Chinese immigrants. When the success of the Chinese in New Zealand aroused hostility, he fought the prevalent racism and unfair government legislation of the day. A man of two worlds, Choie Sew Hoy was a success in both. Richly illustrated and deeply researched, 'Merchant, Miner, Mandarin' is both the compelling biography of one of the most distinguished figures of New Zealand business and an intriguing account of late 19th-century society, industry and race relations.

    Format: Paperback
    Price: $50.00
  • Metamorphosis: A Scientist’s Story
    Metamorphosis: A Scientist’s Story
    ISBN: 9780995115477
    Title: Metamorphosis: A Scientist’s Story
    Author: METCALF GLEN

    A story of one woman’s transformation from a traditional Kiwi ‘housewife’ of the 1950s into a Career Fellow of the New Zealand Medical Research Council. Born in 1926, married at 21, and a mother of two children by 25, Glen Metcalf kept the home fires burning while her husband earned the money for their family. Deciding this was not the life she wanted — and wanting to put her MSc to use — Glen contacted Donald Beaven at the Medical Unit in Princess Margaret Hospital. It was here she metamorphosed into a scientist, gaining her PhD and publishing a number of professional papers. On retirement, Glen became a campaigner on environmental and social issues, going to the Environment Court as an objector to a wind farm in an area of rare limestone bush, and becoming involved with her local Mount Pleasant community following the Christchurch earthquakes.

    Format: Paperback
    Price: $30.00
  • Mild Touch of the Cancer
    Mild Touch of the Cancer
    ISBN: 9780473481766
    Title: Mild Touch of the Cancer
    Author: DOWNS DAVID

    An amazing account of Davids battle with terminal cancer, as documented in a highly successful blog, with over 100,000 followers. (Spoiler alert he lived.) With guest sections by some of NZs most well-known comedians, including Jeremy Corbett, Michele ACourt and Paul Ego, and an introduction by The Amazing Races Phil Keoghan. Written with joy, curiosity and humour, this isn't a story about cancer, its a story about living with optimism. By the successful author of popular books No.8 Rewired and No.8 Recharged

    Format: Paperback
    Price: $40.00
  • Mirror Steamed Over: Love & Pop in London, 1962
    Mirror Steamed Over: Love & Pop in London, 1962
    ISBN: 9781869409104
    Title: Mirror Steamed Over: Love & Pop in London, 1962
    Author: BYRT ANTHONY

    In the early sixties at the Royal College of Art in London, three extraordinary personalities collided to reshape contemporary art and literature.

    Barrie Bates (who would become Billy Apple in November 1962) was an ambitious young graphic designer from New Zealand, who transformed himself into one of pop art's pioneers. At the same time, his friend and fellow student David Hockney - young, Northern and openly gay - was making his own waves in the London art world. Bates and Hockney travelled together, bleached their hair together, and, despite being two of London's rising art stars, almost failed art school together. And in the middle of it all was the secretary of the Royal College's Painting School - an aspiring young novelist called Ann Quin. Quin ghost-wrote her lover Bates's dissertation and collaborated with him on a manifesto, all the while writing Berg: the experimental novel that would establish her as one of the British literary scene's most exciting new voices.

    Taking us back to London's art scene in the late fifties and early sixties, award-winning writer Anthony Byrt illuminates a key moment in cultural history and tackles big questions: Where did Pop and conceptual art come from? How did these three remarkable young outsiders change British culture? And what was the relationship between revolutions in personal and sexual identities and these major shifts in contemporary art?

    From the Royal College to Coney Island and Madison Avenue, encountering R. D. Laing and Norman Mailer, Shirley Clarke and Larry Rivers, The Mirror Steamed Over is a remarkable journey through a pivotal moment in contemporary culture.

    Format: Paperback
    Price: $45.00
  • Murdoch: The All Black Who Never Returned
    Murdoch: The All Black Who Never Returned
    ISBN: 9781988516127
    Title: Murdoch: The All Black Who Never Returned
    Author: PALENSKI RON

    The story of Keith Murdoch is the great unsolved mystery of world rugby. The All Black who was sent home from the tour of the British Isles in 1972 and who exiled himself to the vastness of the Australian outback remains a banner headline in rugby memories. It does so despite the passing of the years.The basics of the story are well known: the strength of the man who scored the All Blacks¿ only try against Wales, then the celebrations that night that went so horribly wrong. Murdoch has appeared publicly a few times since but not said much and nothing at all of the events of that night, or how he felt then and later.But now, the story can be told more fully than before through anecdotes and memories of teammates and colleagues and through the damning words of those who condemned him to his life on the run.

    Format: Trade paperback
    Price: $40.00
  • My Father's Island
    My Father's Island
    ISBN: 9781776560820
    Title: My Father's Island
    Author: DUDDING ADAM

    After the death of his brilliant, eccentric father, Adam Dudding went in search of the stories and secrets of a man who had been a loving parent and husband, but was also a tormented, controlling and at times cruel man.

    Robin Dudding was the greatest New Zealand literary editor of his generation – friend and mentor of many of our best-known writers. At his peak he published the country’s finest literary journal on the smell of an oily rag from a falling-down house overflowing with books, long-haired children and chickens – an island of nonconformity in the heart of 1970s Auckland suburbia. Yet when Robin’s uncompromising integrity tipped into something much more self-destructive, a dark shadow fell over his career and personal life.

    In My Father’s Island, Adam Dudding writes frankly about the rise and fall of an unconventional cultural figure. But this is also a moving, funny and deeply personal story of a family, of a marriage, of feuds and secret loves – and of a son’s dawning understanding of his father.

    Robin Dudding would have been proud of Adam for writing this book – but maybe he would also have been horrified. My Father’s Island is an important piece of social and cultural history, seen through the lens of a family tale that is – paradoxically – both compassionate and merciless. This is a wonderfully well-told story of a life that starts out full of hope, then goes to troubling places. Bliss was it in that dawn to be alive, etc. And then it wasn’t. —Bill Manhire

    Format: Paperback
    Price: $35.00
  • My Life in Public Health
    My Life in Public Health
    ISBN: 9780473470913
    Title: My Life in Public Health

    Dr Murray Laugesen’s long career as a public health specialist has seen him involved in some of the major public health initiatives, both global and national, of the latter part of the twentieth century and on into the twenty-first. While working in India early in his career, Murray played an important role in popularising the immunisation of children in the Punjab and other states. He vaccinated and treated cholera, and lent his efforts to vaccinating against smallpox, polio and tetanus. Today, India is free of these diseases. Back in his home country of New Zealand, Murray, now working in the Department of Health, resumed work and research into child health. Then, in 1984, he launched the first serious campaign to reduce smoking in New Zealand, and it is this work that has most engaged him in the decades since. With Minister of Health Helen Clark, Murray was the architect of the Smoke-free Environments Act 1990, which abolished tobacco advertising and sponsorship, and, when amended in 2003, abolished all remaining smoking at work. In 2007, while working for his own company, Health New Zealand, Murray was the first person outside of China to research and advocate the new electronic cigarette as an alternative to smoking. Murray’s account of his and his colleagues’ efforts to curb smoking in New Zealand serves as a blueprint for other countries wanting to end this major health hazard, while his story of his life, both personal and professional, reveals a person of compassion and commitment whose work has benefited the health of a great many people at home and abroad.

    Format: Paperback
    Price: $45.00
  • Native Son: The Writer's Memoir
    Native Son: The Writer's Memoir
    ISBN: 9780143773030
    Title: Native Son: The Writer's Memoir

    This is the second volume of memoir by this remarkable Maori writer and of the living myths that inspired him at the beginning of his career.

    Look at him, the young man on the cover. The year is 1972, he is 28, his first book is about to be published, and he has every reason to kick up his heels.

    But behind that joyful smile, and the image of a writer footing it in the Pakeha world, there is another narrative, one that Witi has not told before. The story of a native son, struggling to find a place, a voice and an identity, and to put a secret past to rest. This sequel to his award-winning memoir picks up where 'Maori Boy' stopped, following Witi through his triumphs and failures at school and university, to experimenting sexually, searching for love and purpose and to becoming our first Maori novelist. It continues in the same vein as the first volume, which was described by a reviewer as ‘a rich, powerful, multi-layered and totally unique story . . . something every New Zealander should read’.

    Format: Trade paperback
    Price: $40.00
  • Ned & Katina: a True Love Story
    Ned & Katina: a True Love Story
    ISBN: 9780143007401
    Title: Ned & Katina: a True Love Story

    A true story of love in wartime and in peace by one of New Zealand's finest writers. In Crete during the Second World War a wounded Maori Battalion soldier and a young Cretan woman fall in love when the young infantryman is sheltered by her family. After marrying in Crete, Ned and Katina come back to live in New Zealand, settling in the Far North. They live a long, rich and happy life together, raising a family and involving themselves in community affairs there and in the Wellington region. Ned dies in 1987, Katina in 1996.Years later, the whanau of Ned and Katina approached writer Patricia Grace to compile their parents' story. Ned and Katina is the result. This warm, beautifully written true story is impossible to put down.

    Format: Trade paperback
    Price: $41.00
  • Never, Ever Give Up? A Memoir
    Never, Ever Give Up? A Memoir
    ISBN: 9781988503059
    Title: Never, Ever Give Up? A Memoir

    John Hellemans looks back on his long career in triathlon, initially as a successful competitor, and subsequently as a coach and sports medicine doctor for some of New Zealand¿s best-performing triathletes.
    Hellemans won six national titles and represented New Zealand at several world championship events and the 1990 Commonwealth Games. As an amateur he has won eight age-group world championship titles. Erin Baker, Jenny Rose, Craig Watson, Ben Bright, Kris Gemmell, Rachel Klamer, Maaike Caelers and Andrea Hewitt figure amongst the many triathletes he has coached at world championship and Olympic level.

    Format: Trade paperback
    Price: $40.00
  • Ngaio Marsh: Her Life in Crime
    Ngaio Marsh: Her Life in Crime
    ISBN: 9780007328680
    Title: Ngaio Marsh: Her Life in Crime

    The Empress of Crime's life was the ultimate detective story - revealed for the first time in this forthright and perceptive biography.

    While Ngaio Marsh had a flamboyant public persona, she was fiercely protective of her private life. And no one knows better how to cover tracks with red herrings and remove incriminating evidence than a crime fiction writer...

    This fascinating biography of Ngaio Marsh pieces together both the public and private Marsh in a way that is as riveting as a crime novel. Through her writing and her theatre work, Joanne Drayton assembles the pieces to the puzzle that is Marsh, proving that life can be as thrilling as fiction. Marsh wrote her first detective novel in a London flat in the depths of the 1930s Depression, bringing life to Detective Inspector Roderick Alleyn in her first book, A Man Lay Dead. Through 32 novels he would establish himself as one of the great super-sleuths, and Marsh as one of the four Queens of Golden Age detective fiction, alongside Agatha Christie, Dorothy Sayers and Margery Allingham.

    In 1932, a family tragedy brought Marsh home to New Zealand, to a life divided - between hemispheres, between passionate relationships at home and abroad, and between the world of publishing and her life as a stage director. In 1949 her writing would earn her the ultimate distinction when Penguin and Collins released the 'Marsh Million': 100,000 copies each of ten of her titles on to the world market. The popular appetite for classic whodunits was insatiable and Ngaio Marsh was one of the best. But her greatest love was the stage - or was it?

    Format: Paperback
    Price: $30.00
  • No Ordinary Man: The Extraordinary Life & Times of Dr Arthur Purchas
    No Ordinary Man: The Extraordinary Life & Times of Dr Arthur Purchas
    ISBN: 9781927305584
    Title: No Ordinary Man: The Extraordinary Life & Times of Dr Arthur Purchas
    Author: STEELE JOHN

    Arthur Purchas was said to be perhaps the most gifted person ever to come to this country. Surgeon and doctor, architect, engineer, geologist, explorer, musician, botanist, artist, priest, inventor; in his time he was one of our most prominent citizens. The Purchas story of exceptional achievement, tragedy and adventure, has remained largely untold ¿ until now.

    Format: Paperback
    Price: $40.00
  • Not That I'd Kiss a Girl A Kiwi Girl's Tale of Coming Out & Coming of Age
    Not That I'd Kiss a Girl A Kiwi Girl's Tale of Coming Out & Coming of Age
    ISBN: 9781988547589
    Title: Not That I'd Kiss a Girl A Kiwi Girl's Tale of Coming Out & Coming of Age
    Author: O'BRIEN LIL

    A heartbreaking and hilarious true story of coming out as gay in New Zealand.
    Lil O'Brien accidentally outed herself to her parents at the age of nineteen when they overheard her talking to a friend about liking girls. Half an hour later she found herself on the side of the road, with instructions to come back and pick up her suitcase the next day.

    What follows is a heartbreaking yet hugely funny story of a young Kiwi girl - the deputy head girl from a posh private school - coming to grips with her sexuality in the face of stark disapproval from her parents.

    Bit by bit, Lil finds the inner strength to pull herself into an entirely new world. Along the way she's called out for looking too straight in a gay bar, tries to break in to the lesbian in-crowd and figures out how to send her internet lover back to America. She falls in lust over a knotted soccer shoelace, explores how the hell to have sex with a girl and dates four women at once - unsuccessfully.

    Lil's story is an insightful and honest look at how you figure out whether you're gay, bi or whatever - and deal with what comes next. It's an essential read for anyone who's had to fight for who they are and what they believe in.

    Author bio:

    Lil O'Brien is an ex-advertising creative turned freelance copywriter who lives in Auckland, New Zealand and has been described by numerous friends as 'the gayest person I know'. She's written for a number of publications about queer topics and more, and spent two years telling her coming-out story as a part of Rainbow Youth's high-school education programme, which inspired her to write her memoir and first published book, Not That I'd Kiss a Girl.

    Format: Trade paperback
    Price: $37.00
  • Note Through the Wire
    Note Through the Wire
    ISBN: 9781988547091
    Title: Note Through the Wire
    Author: GOLD DOUG

    'An unforgettable love story set in perilous times' Heather Morris, author of The Tattooist of Auschwitz

    The greatest love blossoms in the darkest hour.

    In the heart of Nazi-occupied Europe, two people meet fleetingly in a chance encounter. One is an underground resistance fighter; the other a prisoner of war. A crumpled note passes between these two strangers and sets them on a course that will change their lives forever.

    The Note Through the Wire is the stunning true story of Josefine Lobnik, a resistance heroine, and Bruce Murray, an imprisoned soldier, as they discover love in the midst of a brutal war. Woven through their story of great bravery, daring escapes, betrayal, torture and retaliation is their remarkable love that survived against all odds.

    Format: Trade paperback
    Price: $37.00
  • Now When it Rains: A Writer's Memoir
    Now When it Rains: A Writer's Memoir
    ISBN: 9780947493776
    Title: Now When it Rains: A Writer's Memoir

    Jeffrey Paparoa Holman examines a life lived over 70 years through rapid social changes and personal upheavals, from the 1950s to the 2000s, as he stumbles towards becoming the writer he believed he could be. Growing up on the West Coast in the shadow of his father's war and later imprisonment, he drops out of university and learns too much about drugs & alcohol while working as a shearer, bin-man and fisherman. Later in life he learns te reo and publishes groundbreaking history and memoir. This is a vital chronicle of our times; a frank and compelling insight into the writer's mind - and soul.

    Format: Paperback
    Price: $35.00
  • One Minute Crying Time
    One Minute Crying Time
    ISBN: 9780995122956
    Title: One Minute Crying Time

    This vivid memoir by well-known New Zealand actor and novelist Barbara Ewing covers her tumultuous childhood, adolescence and young-adulthood in Wellington and Auckland in the 1950s and early 1960s a very different time and ends in 1962, when she boards a ship for London, to study at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art. It draws heavily on the diaries she kept from the age of twelve, which lead her to some surprising conclusions about memory and truth. Ewing struggled with what would now be diagnosed as anxiety; she had a difficult relationship with her brilliant but frustrated and angry mother; and her decision to somehow learn te reo Māori drew her into a world to which few Pākehā had access. A love affair with a young Māori man destined for greatness was complicated by societys unease about such relationships, and changed them both. Evocative, candid, brave, bright and darting, this entrancing book takes us to a long-ago New Zealand and to enduring truths about love.

    Format: Paperback
    Price: $40.00
  • Only Way Is Up: Reflections On a Life in Opera
    Only Way Is Up: Reflections On a Life in Opera
    ISBN: 9780995105331
    Title: Only Way Is Up: Reflections On a Life in Opera

    Until the age of twenty, Donald McIntyre hoped to play for the All Blacks, and was on his way to acheiving that aim. As a young man, however, he acknowledged his exceptional voice and opted for a career in singing. After leaving New Zealand and arriving in London, McIntyre set his sights on the world of opera. His spectacular musical life saw him conquering the stages of two London companies in the 1960s and 70s: Sadler's Wells and ROH Covent Garden. His increasing command of Wagner roles brought him to the notice of Richard Wagner's grandson Wolfgang Wagner, and in 1967 he made his debut appearance in Lohengrin. For the next seventeen years he sang in every Festival cycle and became the first 'British' musician to sing the role of Wotan in Wagner's mighty, four-opera Ring. Recognised for nearly three decades as the definitive Flying Dutchman, McIntyre also starred in the Bayreuth Centennial Ring in a production by Patrice Chereau that completely revolutionised Wagner opera, and shot him to lasting fame, and in 1992, a knighthood. In this fascinating memoir 'Sir Don' looks back over a huge slice of operatic history and his role in it. Mixing fun and gossip with judgement and insight, he brings to life a teeming gallery of the world's most famous musicians - singers, conductors, directors, teachers, designers, sponsors - all the movers and shakers in the opera world of two generations. Edited by music professor and well-known New Zealand Wagnerian and radio personality, Heath Lees, this book is a fitting monument to Sir Donald's magnificent half century in opera.

    Format: Hardback
    Price: $50.00
  • Parallel Lives: Four Seasons in the French Pyrenees
    Parallel Lives: Four Seasons in the French Pyrenees
    ISBN: 9780473443351
    Title: Parallel Lives: Four Seasons in the French Pyrenees

    Increasingly dissatisfied with the humdrum routine of corporate life, Jennifer Andrewes does what many of us can only dream about when in 2014 she and her family pack up and spend two seasons living in a village in the south-west region of France. But it’s not just any region as Jennifer discovers – the Aude region is on the 42nd parallel north. Wellington, her home city here in New Zealand, is on the 42nd parallel south, and is the nearest thing the Aude has to an antipodal sister city.

    Parallel Lives tells the story of their time in a small town in the foothills of the Pyrenees: how they came to live there, the experiences gained and life lessons learned. In some ways, it’s a story that is still being written as they work out how to live a long-term life on two sides of the world.

    About the Author
    As a child, Dunedin-born Jennifer spent time living in France kicking off a life-long love affair with the country. A communications professional, she has worked in tourism and government roles both here and in the UK, as well as undergoing stints as a freelance travel writer. Her blog on the family’s French adventure was widely enjoyed and it was prompting from readers that led Jennifer to write a book about the family’s experiences.

    Format: Paperback
    Price: $35.00
  • Passages
    ISBN: 9780473437077
    Title: Passages

    Passages is a personal, yet universal story of a life in harmony with nature. When Linda, her husband David, and their two small boys, Sam and William, bought a yacht called Hornpipe and set sail for tropical waters, they cast off from all security. So began a nomadic adventure when they had to depend on their own resources, navigating by the sun and stars. This beautifully illustrated book presents a thrillingly honest, yet poetic reflection on the challenges of fulfilling a dream, as seen from a mother's perspective. Those ocean passages were a non stop roller coaster ride: "There were times when they plunged into the deepest trough of the wave and there were times when they rode, in exhilaration, the highest crest". Linda's literal and metaphorical passages braid together both past and present to reveal how her family's extraordinary voyages inspired their future accomplishments. "This story is for all explorers. The passages we weave through our lives find their truth in those we touch along the way: - Linda Trubridge

    Format: Paperback
    Price: $40.00
  • Passion Is My Main Ingredient
    Passion Is My Main Ingredient
    ISBN: 9789814868013
    Title: Passion Is My Main Ingredient

    In this blistering memoir of his life in the baking business, Dean Brettschneider describes his journey from a small town baker’s apprentice to Global Baker and the internationally successful entrepreneur he is today. Make no mistake — this is not a book about baking. As we follow the interwoven arcs of Dean’s career and personal life, his experience teaches us practical lessons on how to harness our passion to strategically improve ourselves and advance our careers. His revelations on entrepreneurship — most notably how he founded Baker & Cook and transformed it from a neighbourhood bakery into a multi-national money-spinner in a matter of years — give us a first row view of what goes into building a business from the ground up, including all of the pain and sacrifice that comes with it. Told in a refreshingly frank manner, Dean’s story is sometimes shockingly direct, often hilarious, and always enlightening, leaving us with valuable astute insights into how to navigate the trials and tribulations of life in business.

    Format: Paperback
    Price: $30.00
  • Pay Packets & Stone Walls: A Memoir of Women's Causes & Love of the Land
    Pay Packets & Stone Walls: A Memoir of Women's Causes & Love of the Land
    ISBN: 9780947493813
    Title: Pay Packets & Stone Walls: A Memoir of Women's Causes & Love of the Land

    A pioneering feminist’s candid memoir.

    ‘Candid, tenacious and illuminating, Elizabeth Orr’s memoir is a rich account of a 50-year dedication to campaigning for equal pay. With an eye for humour and self-appraisal, Orr shows us sides of New Zealand life that will surprise many readers, alongside the practical importance of good typing and a marriage of true partnership. The year 1972, alongside 1893, deserves attention as a national and global milestone in the history of New Zealand’s politics of equality. Orr is central to that story.’

    — Charlotte Macdonald, Professor of History, Victoria University of Wellington

    ‘This book is a wonderful account of the battle for pay equity for New Zealand women. Elizabeth Orr’s determination and perseverance through decades of triumphs, reversals and disappointments ensured the fire was never extinguished. Working with Elizabeth and the other members of the Coalition for Equal Value Equal Pay on the Kristine Bartlett case was a privilege and the highlight of my professional career.’

    — Steph Dyhrberg, Dyhrberg Drayton Employment Law

    Format: Paperback
    Price: $30.00
  • Peter McLeavey: The Life & Times of a NZ Art Dealer
    Peter McLeavey: The Life & Times of a NZ Art Dealer
    ISBN: 9780987668844
    Title: Peter McLeavey: The Life & Times of a NZ Art Dealer

    From Montana award-winning author Jill Trevelyan comes the first biography of Peter McLeavey, the charismatic, pioneering art dealer who since the 1960s has shaped u even transformed u New Zealand art. McLeavey's personal story is remarkable, but his contemporaries will recognise common themes: the religious upbringing, the struggle to be bohemian in repressive mid-century small town New Zealand, the challenges of marriage and fatherhood, the dilemma of whether to stay or leave New Zealand, and the need to make a mark. Through exclusive access to McLeavey's extensive and hitherto untapped archive of letters, diaries, exhibition files and more, this book offers insights into the artists McLeavey has represented across half a century. Here, in their own words u lively, salty, and often heart-breaking u are Colin McCahon, Toss Woollaston, Len Lye, Milan Mrkusich, Michael Smither, Gordon Walters, Michael Illingworth, Don Driver, Robin White, John Reynolds, Yvonne Todd and many more.
    Far more than a simple biography, this is the big story of contemporary New Zealand art itself, in a period of massive change and growth, and Trevelyan offers an utterly fresh and compelling historical account of the birth of the modern art market and the status of art today. A must-read for anyone interested in New Zealand's art, culture or recent history.

    Format: Hardback
    Price: $65.00
  • Pleasure to Be Here: The Best of Clarke & Dawe 1989-2017
    Pleasure to Be Here: The Best of Clarke & Dawe 1989-2017
    ISBN: 9781925773248
    Title: Pleasure to Be Here: The Best of Clarke & Dawe 1989-2017
    Author: CLARKE JOHN

    A hilarious collection of interviews discussing the highs and lows in the public and political life of Australia over the past three decades. Drawn from John Clarke?s and Bryan Dawe?s weekly broadcasts, these timelessly funny scripts will delight readers as they revisit the scandals and stuff-ups of our lifetimes. Politics was never so preposterous. All the old favourites are here- Bob Hawke, Margaret Thatcher, Bob Collins ('the front fell off?), Paul Keating, Alan Bond, John Howard, Kevin Rudd, Julia Gillard, Tony Abbott and Malcolm Turnbull.

    Format: Paperback
    Price: $26.00
  • Poata: Seeing Beyond the Horizon, a Memoir
    Poata: Seeing Beyond the Horizon, a Memoir
    ISBN: 9781877577635
    Title: Poata: Seeing Beyond the Horizon, a Memoir

    Tama Te Kapua (Tom) Poata, 1936–2005, founded the Maori Organisation On Human Rights in the 1960s to campaign for Maori land rights and social justice, and against the Vietnam War and apartheid. His activities fused with Nga Tamatoa and Te Roopu o te Matakite and culminated in the Maori land march in 1975. Later Tama was a pioneer in the pursuit of Maori intellectual property, as an initiator of the Wai 262 claim.
    Tama had a high profile in HART — Halt All Racist Tours — and coined its name. He ran onto Athletic Park to disrupt the 1970 All Black trials, and during the 1981 Springbok tour was a marshal in the Molesworth Street confrontation with the police.
    As a filmmaker Tama Poata will always be remembered for his 1987 screenplay, Ngati, a landmark in Maori film. He acted in, directed and was involved in many other films, and promoted indigenous filmmaking in Aotearoa and overseas.
    This colourful memoir combines vivid storytelling — tales of growing up in Tokomaru Bay in the 1940s and ’50s — with detail of the campaigns and cultural initiatives in which Tama Te Kapua Poata was a visionary, passionate and articulate leader.

    “one of our quiet revolutionaries who changed our world for the better, in so many different areas … a worker, an actor, a movie-maker, an artist, a unionist, an activist fighting for human rights, a devoted father and a loving grandfather.” ~ Tariana Turia

    Format: Paperback
    Price: $35.00
  • Pull No Punches: Memoir of a Political Survivor
    Pull No Punches: Memoir of a Political Survivor
    ISBN: 9781988547510
    Title: Pull No Punches: Memoir of a Political Survivor

    The most anticipated political memoir of the year. A frank account from National MP Judith Collins of the highs and lows of a political life. From her humble beginnings as the youngest daughter of Labour-voting farming parents, Judith Collins has carved a path to almost the very top of New Zealand politics. Collins grew up in rural Walton, Waikato, on a dairy farm. At the age of 10 she entered politics, running for class president. She won. After a successful career as a lawyer, Collins became the MP for Papakura in 2002, alongside fellow new recruit John Key. When Key and National won office in 2008, Collins became the Minister for Police, Corrections and Veterans. Pull No Punches is the candid story of a determined Minister at the centre of New Zealand political life and of a woman who is always resilient in the face of adversity. Funny, forthright and fearless, Collins reveals what it is like to survive-and thrive-for two decades as a senior female politician.

    Format: Trade paperback
    Price: $37.00
  • Reform: A Memoir
    Reform: A Memoir
    ISBN: 9780864739742
    Title: Reform: A Memoir

    Reform has been a recurring theme throughout Geoffrey Palmer's life, not only during his career in politics as an MP, Deputy Prime Minister and Prime Minister but also as a law professor and law practitioner. In this memoir, Geoffrey Palmer recounts the events and forces that shaped him as well as his many adventures in reforming a wide range of institutions, laws and policies. He speaks of his early life and family background in Nelson and the eventful lives of his pioneering ancestors. He examines the intellectual influences on his thinking, particularly the nature of his education both in New Zealand and the United States. Geoffrey Palmer chronicles his life according to the issues: accident compensation, the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, the Law Commission, liquor law, Maori issues, parliamentary reform, the Resource Management Act, law and order, prisons, and local government reform are all discussed in-depth. International issues also come within the compass of the book, with extensive treatment of New Zealand's anti-nuclear policy, the 'Rainbow Warrior' affair, the Gaza Flotilla incident and Palmer's diplomatic efforts to reform the International Whaling Commission. Meticulously detailed, engagingly written, and covering a wide variety of topics, Reform is essential reading for anyone interested in New Zealand legal and political history.

    Format: Trade paperback
    Price: $50.00
  • Relative Strangers: A Mother’s Adoption Memoir
    Relative Strangers: A Mother’s Adoption Memoir
    ISBN: 9780473481087
    Title: Relative Strangers: A Mother’s Adoption Memoir
    Author: MURDOCH PIP

    In Relative Strangers, Pip Murdoch offers us a raw account of her personal journey – giving birth and placing her child up for adoption in early seventies New Zealand.

    Her frank and gritty portrayal is set against a period of rapid social change within a narrow and judgemental environment.

    Pip gives us intimate descriptions of the challenges she faced. She expresses the fear, shame and trauma of having to part with her baby and demonstrates a tireless determination to make the most of every situation.

    Pip Murdoch has written a searingly honest memoir about growing up in the 1960s and what it was like to give up a child for adoption, in the face of limited choices and moral disapproval of unmarried mothers. The search for her son, years after his birth, is a poignant, often heart-breaking account of a search that reads like a page-turning detective story. Anyone who has been touched by the adoption circle, and there are many of us in New Zealand, will find this a compulsive read, and be touched by its compassionate approach to every aspect of the process and the people involved, whether it be the adoptee, birth parents, or adoptive parents, and the legacy of the practice. Above all, it is an
    extraordinary and vivid testament to an era.

    ~ Dame Fiona Kidman

    Format: Paperback
    Price: $30.00
  • Relentless: How a Mother & Daughter Defied the Odds
    Relentless: How a Mother & Daughter Defied the Odds
    ISBN: 9781925935998
    Title: Relentless: How a Mother & Daughter Defied the Odds
    Author: TAMATI LISA

    When extreme endurance athlete, Lisa Tamati, was confronted with the hardest challenge of her life, she fought with everything she had. Her beloved mother, Isobel, had suffered a brain aneurysm and a stroke, resulting in massive brain damage; she was like a baby in a woman's body. Relentless tells a story of despair, hope, love and the incredible insights found in the darkest of moments. It not only shares the difficulties of going against the medical fraternity, but provides information on the treatments used, expert advice, and key principles in overcoming obstacles.

    Format: Paperback
    Price: $35.00
  • Report on Experience
    Report on Experience
    ISBN: 9780864736192
    Title: Report on Experience
    Author: MULGAN JOHN

    John Mulgan is famous as the author of the novel Man Alone (1939), one of the classic landmarks of a mature and independent New Zealand literature. His second book, REPORT ON EXPERIENCE, published posthumously in 1947, is one of the most clear-sighted and moving memoirs to emerge from the Second World War. From reflections on the New Zealand of his youth, Mulgan moves on to his experiences of the European war and the British army. Barracks life, the battles of El Alamein, and above all his months fighting with partisans in Axis-occupied Greece, are brought to vivid life.

    Format: Hardback
    Price: $40.00
  • Resilient Farmer: Weathering the Challenges of Life & the Land
    Resilient Farmer: Weathering the Challenges of Life & the Land
    ISBN: 9780143770787
    Title: Resilient Farmer: Weathering the Challenges of Life & the Land
    Author: AVERY DOUG

    'I had a destroyed farm, a destroyed bank account and destroyed hopes. I couldn't afford to move, so I decided to make good of what I had.'And so begins Doug Avery's story of emotional resilience in the face of what at times seemed a hopeless situation. The Marlborough-based farmer suffered terribly during eight years of drought. His farm was depleted and so was he. Although he didn't realise it at the time, Doug had severe depression. His story, he says, is common to many in the rural sector who soldier on in isolation, slipping further and further into debt, depression and desperation. In addition to providing people with practical solutions for emotional wellness, he espouses a more sustainable way of farming where soil health and respect for the land is paramount. Doug says the three pillars to successful farming are emotional, financial and environmental resilience. By tackling all three, farmers will prosper and be better placed to weather the inevitable ups and downs that come with farming.

    Format: Trade paperback
    Price: $40.00
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