• Animals in Combat

    Animals in Combat
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    ISBN: 9781742575131
    Title: Animals in Combat

    Animals in Combat' explores a brief history of military animals throughout the ages, their different roles within this period, what animal warriors are used for today and what future animals have in modern warfare.

    Supported by many color images, the respective service each animals provides in times of war is beautifully covered by author Nigel Allsopp.

    During thousands of years of global wars animals have served alongside man, so what makes animals useful in war? A dog's qualities of loyalty, intelligence and devotion are highly valued in their role as pets, and these traits are also attractive to the armed forces.

    Equines such as horses, mules and donkeys, have literally carried man on their backs and all his military supplies to boot. They have carried ammunition, medical equipment and even our wounded.

    Pigeons performed messenger missions in World War I and II. Some 200,000 pigeons served the colors at this time and they suffered huge losses. Coalition forces in Iraq used pigeons too, as chemical warfare detectors.

    Today Military Working dogs are the predominate animal still used in combat, but marine mammals and equines still hold a position, with the latter having a resurgence in Afghanistan. Coalition Special Forces, including the US, British and Australian Special Air Services.

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