• Aotea Great Barrier: Land & People

    Aotea Great Barrier: Land & People
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    ISBN: 9780473439941
    Title: Aotea Great Barrier: Land & People

    If New Zealand has everything imaginable within a day¿s drive, then Great Barrier Island has pretty much everything within an hour. Rugged basalt bays on the west side, a mountainous interior and white-sand beaches on the east coast, serene one moment, savage the next - it¿s not
    for nothing the island is called Great Barrier. The book consists of five chapters ¿ sea, beach, land, bush and the mountains. Each of these landscapes is explored through the eyes of 12 different locals, who describe a favourite part of
    the island and explain why it has special meaning for them. In the process, they capture the essence of a community that is unlike any other. Perhaps more than anywhere else in New
    Zealand, there is a determination to retain what it is that makes the Barrier special, and discovering, defining what that is, is the theme of this book. Created around Chris Morton¿s spectacular and evocative photographs, and a thoughtful
    and authentic text from Peter Malcouronne, this is a unique and special book, a tribute to this ruggedly beautiful island and the community that love it.

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