• Awesome Forces: Natural Hazards that Threaten NZ

    Awesome Forces: Natural Hazards that Threaten NZ
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    ISBN: 9781877385872
    Title: Awesome Forces: Natural Hazards that Threaten NZ

    New Zealand is a long, thin country, situated on the boundary between two of the Earth's gigantic crustal plates. The central ridge of mountain ranges, stretching from Fiordland to East Cape like a knobbly backbone, has been pushed up as one plate collides and grinds against the other. Combine this with a climate of heavy rain and you have a formula for collapse u landslide! The huge faults that run like railway tracks through the central part of the country are also created by the confrontation of the plates, as the Pacific Plate tries to squeeze under the Australian Plate. The result of this: about 17,000 earthquakes each year u of which the devastating Christchurch earthquakes of 2010- 2011 are the latest reminder. The lofty volcanic cones of the central North Island are minor compared with mighty Taupo, one of the most explosive and active volcanoes in the world. Our position in the Southwest Pacific, surrounded by deep ocean, also makes us vulnerable to tsunami u and some rather vigorous weather! Meanwhile, we live in a world confronting one of its greatest challenges: climate change. All New Zealanders will encounter at least one of these hazards in their lives, just by virtue of living here. Awesome Forces is a book everyone needs to read in order to understand the hazards that threaten this beautiful and unstable land u and what they can do to survive them. Informative, colourful and very generously illustrated u and written by some of New Zealand's leading scientists u this massively revised and updated edition of our bestselling title contains all-new sections on climate change and the social and emotional impact of disasters, making it now more relevant than ever.

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