• Backyard Bounty: Creating a Local Food System

    Backyard Bounty: Creating a Local Food System
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    ISBN: 9780473226886
    Title: Backyard Bounty: Creating a Local Food System
    Author: LUKE JANET

    It's one thing for an established farmer to live off his land, quite another for a city-dwelling mum of three lively sons to shun the supermarket. But holding grave concerns about chemical use and ethical issues surrounding modern food production, landscape gardener Janet Luke did just that - attempting to feed herself and her family from her average-sized urban Havelock North garden. Allowing herself to barter for produce she was unable to grow, Janet took over every available space she owned - and some she didn't - planting fruit trees and vegetables, and tending goats, chickens, quail and rabbits. In this, her second book, Janet takes readers on her self-sufficiency journey, outlining the trials and triumphs - and providing instruction and valuable insight - as she draws closer to her community and strengthens her commitment to severing ties with commercial food providers wherever possible. She also examines communities both local and abroad changing the way they source food, and poses compelling questions to all of us about the sustainability, or lack thereof, of our convenience-oriented attitude to food.

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