• Ginny's Herb Handbook

    Ginny's Herb Handbook
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    ISBN: 9781869537524
    Title: Ginny's Herb Handbook

    From culinary herbs such as Thai basil and French tarragon to herbs for healing, including comfrey and chamomile, Ginny describes how to propagate, raise and maintain over 60 herbs using organic growing methods. There are tips on how to plan your kitchen herb garden, companion planting, which herbs to plant to attract bees, and which ones repel insect pests. Also included are delicious recipes using fresh culinary herbs that boost flavour and your health, and how to make herb oils, butters and vinegars and relaxing and refreshing herbal teas. Easy to use and full of great advice, this friendly guide to homegrown herbs is all you need to get started on the road to a more herbal, and healthier, lifestyle.

    Format: Paperback
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