• Kiwi: the Real Story

    Kiwi: the Real Story
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    ISBN: 9781869664701
    Title: Kiwi: the Real Story

    While the kiwi is often depicted as an endangered national

    symbol in need of our protection, this book takes a dramatically different route. Kiwi: the real story invites the reader into the secret night world of the North Island brown kiwi, illuminating the facts about its habitat, diet, courting, and parenting. Beautiful illustrations accompany a story

    that can be read on two levels: for young children a bold rhythmic verse describes kiwi in action in the bush, while the non-fiction narrative provides older readers with added insight into kiwi biology and behaviour. The combination of verse, factual text and bold expressive pictures harmonise in a new and intriguing view of a bird we feel we know so well, yet have much still to learn about.

    Format: Paperback
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