• NZ Coastal Marine Invertebrates

    NZ Coastal Marine Invertebrates
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    ISBN: 9781877257605
    Title: NZ Coastal Marine Invertebrates
    Author: COOK STEVE DE C

    Covering nearly 1,500 species, this definitive guide to marine invertebrates found around the coasts of New Zealand is ideal for divers, naturalists, and professional scientists. Each section outlines a major taxonomic group, such as starfishes, crustaceans, and mollusks; describes each animal's morphology, habitat, abundance, distribution, and depth range in accessbile language; and summarizes vital information from the most obscure scientific literature for further research. Beautifully photographed by New Zealand's best underwater photographers, this encyclopedic reference also features an exhaustive array of line drawings for extra anatomical detail. References, a comprehensive glossary, and a full index are also included.

    Format: Hardback
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