• NZ Seashells: Hinemoana's Family

    NZ Seashells: Hinemoana's Family
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    ISBN: 9780854671021
    Title: NZ Seashells: Hinemoana's Family

    The islands of New Zealand have been isolated from any other land mass for a very long time and much of the flora and fauna of the country is native to New Zealand. This applies also to the seashells found along the extensive range of the New Zealand coastline that forms a narrow band, sometimes only a few hundred metres across, where dwell the animals that produce the shells. From the isolation of the country has come the unique character of a large number of the endemic shells. New Zealand occupies an individual and special position in regards to the ocean currents that wash the shores and this has a profound influence on the sea creatures that have been able to establish themselves. This booklet descibes and illustrated 150 different seashells to be found around New Zealand's coasts.

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