• NZ Seaweeds: An Illustrated Guide

    NZ Seaweeds: An Illustrated Guide
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    ISBN: 9780987668813
    Title: NZ Seaweeds: An Illustrated Guide
    Author: NELSON WENDY

    The first photographic identification guide to New Zealand's unique marine algae, this book by a preeminent seaweed expert describes green, brown, and red algae and the approximately 150 genera and 200-300 key species under those three main groups. Each species entry includes information on nomenclature, type locality, morphology, habitat, distribution, and notes on identification and key characteristics. The guide contains approximately 500 photographs, with each entry illustrated by either underwater or coastal photographs and supplemented by herbarium scans, microscopic photographs, or reproductions of celebrated botanical artist Nancy Adams' paintings. Informative introductory chapters and breakout boxes introduce New Zealand's seaweeds, giving an overview of the country's aquatic flora and its unique features, information about the coastal environment, macroalgal ecology, and invasive species, plus material on the uses of macroalgae-particularly in New Zealand by Maori-and the widespread commercial applications of these diverse plants.

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